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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


20thApr 17, 2024 by bbfan1074
EP 2

Mini Challenge: Act out the emotion you are given
Mini Challenge Winners: RawrXD & Gladus The Fatus
Mini Challenge Prize: Team Captains

Team RawrXD                                Team Gladus The Fatus
Blu Velvet                                        Shaniya Phoenix
Bot Tahm                                        Foxie Rear
Nevah N Dingpastabowl                Ebony Banksy
Tokio Petrova                                Crystal Rose
Gennesis                                        Aishah Ali
Coco De Molle                                Xanax Perscription

For your next Maxi Challenge, you must, as a team, act in two spoof movie trailers. Team RawrXD, you will be acting in “Rest Nearby Camp”. Team Gladus The Fatus, you will be acting in “Wednesday the 11th”. And tonight on the runway, the category is: Camp Couture!

The queens film their trailers and walk the runway

Movie Trailer:

Slayed: Foxie Rear, Tokio Petrova, Xanax Perscription
Great: Bot Tahm, Shaniya Phoenix
Okay: Crystal Rose, Gennesis, Gladus The Fatus, RawrXD
Bad: Aishah Ali, Blu Velvet, Ebony Banksy
Flopped: Coco De Molle, Ebony Banksy, Nevah N Dingpastabowl

Runway Look: Camp Couture

Slayed: Ebony Banksy, Coco De Molle
Great: Tokio Petrova, Xanax Perscription, Shaniya Phoenix, Crystal Rose
Okay: Foxie Rear, Bot Tahm, Gladus The Fatus, Aishah Ali
Bad: Blu Velvet, Nevah N Dingpastabowl
Flopped: Gennesis, RawrXD

You competed as teams…….. and you will be judged as teams……..

Team Gladus The Fatus, you are the winning team of the week! However, only one of you will win the challenge……..

Xanax Perscription, you’re a winner baby!!!! Everyone else, you are safe!

Team RawrXD, I've made some decisions…….

SAFE: Tokio Petrova, Bot Tahm, Coco De Molle
LOW: Gennesis, RawrXD
BTTM 2: Blu Velvet, Nevah N Dingpastabowl

Lip Sync Song:

Ladies, I’ve made my decision…….

Blu Velvet, shantay you stay! However, you need to STEP YOUR PUSSY UP!

Nevah N Dingpastabowl, your Talent, Eccentricity, and Attitude is also never ending! Now, sashay away!

1 Bot Tahm ( BreadNButter)
2. Blu Velvet ( Rebranding)
3. Xanax Perscription ( ZacPed)
4 Shaniya Phoenix ( Cristophibi973)
5. Tokio Petrova ( tokio)
6. RawrXD ( Jakeee1123)
7. Crystal Rose ( Tommy123)
8. Coco De Molle ( Pupdice)
9. Gladus The Fatus ( BigBrotherStan2022)
10. Foxie Rear ( Yonaka)
11. Gennesis ( icyz)
12. Aishah Ali ( rory17)
13. Ebony Banksy ( melindaMrskk)

14. Nevah N Dingpastabowl ( BreadNButter)
15. Tilda Couscomhóm ( brayngela)


#casting #fasting #frookie


Sent by Alisowned,Apr 17, 2024
amazing episode
Sent by ZacPed,Apr 17, 2024
Me being tied for the lead with no wins feels correct. Give me that Marcia Marcia Marcia edit
Sent by BigBrotherStan2022,Apr 17, 2024
omg low again 😭
Sent by icyz,Apr 17, 2024

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