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What is

0 Maya10, Feb 12, 2024

A friend
Cause idk what is 🤷‍♀️😮‍💨


Thank you

0 lhooper902976, Feb 1, 2024

For 58.3 percent of saves  for 12th and 48.1 percent of saves for 8th
Going into this I had something to prove after going in 13th for my first stars Target Stars and played the game, even being the person to start to suggest  this set at 8th and making it a reality for 7th. I might not have been the biggest name in the cast but, I left an impact as a wildcard.
So to everyone who kept me thank you for trying to keep me around.
#fasting #casting #rookies #frookies


Nommed for 12th

8 lhooper902976, Jan 30, 2024

This day has been coming since being a counter for 15th. I know what I need to do to change this house up. I promise you'll see much more of me as the house burn. They thought I was timid but, wait until they here my lion's roar.
If I stay I'll have a good shot of changing the game over Nijoco since nobody trusts Nijoco in the game and they've burned too many bridges. 
Also I've played a crucial role in some of these previous sets that wouldn't have happened if I didn't put the work in.
So let this Target Stars rookie continue his redemption tour and burn the house down.
First vlog and not bad for someone with Aspergers.
Click Nijoco's button here
#fasting #casting frookies #rookies



3 austrian_painter, Dec 13, 2023

I know him IRL, this is his mugshot. #fasting #casting #rookies #survivor


Would you believe

2 Maya10, Jul 8, 2023

A fasting of full of inactive, only 3 players played
Me, rare and hennesy
And soon they boot me out, they both go offline and algo is just doing the nom itself lol


Thank you 44.1 percent

4 lhooper902976, Jun 27, 2023

I knew it was going to be a challenge to survive against Damian. I'm proud that I actually fought against the friend group since day 1 , just wish I could've gotten further but what am I supposed to fo against cowards. And Daniel, you better put on a life vest since your days of coasting by with safety is now over because of the Snake reset.
#fasting #casting #rookies #frookies


Nommed for 13th

2 lhooper902976, Jun 26, 2023

Hey tengaged. Someone has been spreading a lie and making my name dirty even though I have been one of the more honest players in this stars. I've been actually trying hard to make a move but, some people like Daniel keep chickening out and instead jeeps making this star fairly predictable.  Let me continue this fight so I can make my first stars memorable and to change this game for the better.
Vote for BBDamien here he's played stars before and it's time for new blood to play and win.
#fasting #casting #rookies #frookies


I cannot believe it

12 lhooper902976, Jun 23, 2023

This is the first time in years I put a t in for the raffle and to get the raffle ticket is just incredible. Hopefully you all support me in my first stars after being on this site for more then five years.
#fasting #casting #Frookies #rookies


When you

0 lhooper902976, Jun 4, 2023

Get the highest score for your tribe for survivor in the first immunity challenge  despite not playing a Survivor in a couple of years and get voted out for 20th because of algorithm for 3 way tie.
#fasting #casting


Lockdown Survivor Now Casting!

0 13bam, May 27, 2023

Now casting for Lockdown Survivor: Skull Island
Application Close June 14th
Season Starts June 16th
Season should last 26 to 30 days
***Cash Prize of $25 USD***
Welcome to the Second Season of Lockdown Survivor! Last season we saw Jasper becoming Sole Survivor by a (5-2-1) vote. This Season we are heading to the Tropical paradise of the Caribbean where 20 Pirates will battle it out to become the Sole Survivor. We promise a month of cutthroat and strategic gameplay that will keep all players on their feet. Which one of yall will battle it to the end and become the Sole Survivor?
Here what we offer on our Server
🏴‍☠️Over a decade of hosting Experience and Dedication within the ORG Community
🏴‍☠️24 hour Challenges and Tribals so that all timezones can participate without any disadvantages
🏴‍☠️ Pirate Theme Tribes, Challenges and Twists, that will make the season fun and exciting.
🏴‍☠️A Non-Toxic and friendly community where rules are enforced.
🏴‍☠️Viewers get access to Drafts, Fan Favorite Voting, Voting Charts and much more with Elite Viewers status for All Alumni


I hate

2 Maya10, May 21, 2023

Finish that sentence



0 13bam, Apr 9, 2023

**Lockdown Survivor: The Forbidden Shrine**
Application Close April 19th
Season Starts April 21st
Season should last 26 to 30 days
Welcome to Japan, where culture is valued deeply within everyday life. For our first Season of Lockdown Survivor, we are casting 18 castaways for a trip into the land of ancient culture of Temples and Shrines. I hope you apply and especially have fun playing!
Here what we offer on our Server
🔰4 Years of Experience and Dedication within the ORG Community
💫24 hour Challenges and Tribals so that all timezones can be accounted for
🌸Japanese Theme Tribes and Challenge
🍡1-On-1 chats in Server
🎮Games you can play on your free time
🎍Elite Viewers status for All Alumni
At the moment we are hosting a BB game, so Server will look a little weird until April 13th
Thank you for showing interest in Lockdown Survivor: The Forbidden Shrine!


PYN - I Will Give You A Drag Queen

13 Luxxx, Apr 5, 2023

Post Your Name and I'll give u a drag queen that matches your profile
Clayton - Detox
milliv - Manila Luzon
Thiii - Marcia Marcia Marcia
mortgy - Morgan McMichaels
Nebula - Kameron Michaels
PenguinOwen126 - Alyssa Edwards
Maxi1234 - Alaska
Lucas_RFS - Raven
Rory17 - Jasmine Kennedie
SexyTex - Kimora Blac
@Scooby 69 - Miss Fiercalicious
#fasting #casting #frookies


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