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Cartoon Diva Elimination Chamber S2 Ep.6

14 jussy007, Jun 27, 2019

Thank you for your patience, but without hesitation let’s get back to the game!
18 divas remaining in the game...but only 6 are safe. First, let’s see who’s going into the Elimination Chamber...
Daphne Blake Delights   1 vote + Self vote = 2 votes - 0 saves (needs 6)
Harley Quinn HanaL117   Self vote - 0 saves (needs 3)
Black Widow Marcogr45   2 votes - 3 saves (needs 3)
Aspen Matthews michland143   Self vote - 0 saves (needs 3)
Judy Jetson Munchies   1 vote - 2 saves (needs 1)
Circie Latisha0987   Self vote - 1 saves (needs 2)
Malificent Donuts   Self vote - 0 saves (needs 3)
Tinker Bell SAWCHUK55   1 vote + Self vote = 2 votes - 1 saves (needs 5)
Mystique damo1990   Self vote - 0 saves (needs 3)
Wilma Flinstone greyconverse   Self vote - 0 saves (needs 3)
Princess Jasmine Maliyah   1 vote + Self vote = 2 votes - 0 saves (needs 6)
Remember that the number in parentheses is the number of saves you need from either safe divas/tengagers! Only one vote per person. But most importantly, the last 2 divas remaining in the Elimination Chamber will be eliminated. If there’s more than 2 divas remaining, Random.org will determine the outcome!
Now, a diva who was voted for but is safe due to receiving an advantage earlier in the game...
Rapunzel lhooper902976
And finally, our safe divas...
Lois Lane TMAN54445
Emma Frost adamgrant
Snow White Tester
Cinderella Amnesia_
Megara Coyle14
The first diva to pull herself out from the Elimination Chamber is...
Domino FireX
Eliminated divas...
22. Cecelia Reyes - sk9ergal
21. Princess Peach - Yandereboy12
20. Psylocke - AvrilSexy
19. Adora - Sameed27
Voting closes when there’s only 2 remaining divas or when this blog expires.
Confessional #1
Floaters never win so step it up and put your big girl panties on ladies.
Confessional #2
these bitches think they're :hot and they  are hot shit that is don't fuck with me    u dirty hos
Good luck divas!



0 chandlerbing666, Jun 25, 2019


Survivor Ghost Island

0 lhooper902976, Jun 8, 2019

For the second season of survivor we are traveling to one of the most visited places and that is the beautiful yet deadly Fiji to visit Ghost Island.
It is here that the ghosts of past mistakes reside but, what happens when you are facing my own personal cursed items? Will you be able to use it and reverse the curse?Or will history repeat itself and you become it's next victim.
19 days, 18 people, 1 survivor
Just follow the link
#fasting #casting #rookies


Tengaged rainbow

2 lhooper902976, Jun 3, 2019

I'm currently in glen5544 's survivor and the immunity challenge is to get people to tag themselves  in the order of the tengaged rainbow. Jus don't forget to put @ before your username.
Light green
Dark green
Tv star
Thank you if you do this.
#fasting #casting


Tomorrow is

1 lhooper902976, May 24, 2019

My 2 year anniversary/200th game rookies charity.
The winnings are going to be used to help me buy a gift for the winner of my biggest series, The Clash of the Series.
#Fasting #casting


2 more days

1 lhooper902976, May 23, 2019

Until I do my 2 year anniversary and 200th game combined rookies charity to make it extra special.
Reason behind it is with the ts I'm going to gift the winner in my big series since I'm all for giving and not being greedy.
#fasting #casting


Saw Story pyn

0 ShaneDawson12345, May 20, 2019

So im basing this off from wolven saw stories from a long time ago but anyways
I need to detectives
and 9 victims or players
pyn to play first come first serve


i know you

1 ShaneDawson12345, May 14, 2019

Bluejay7622 you betrayed human mustard and right after that he evicted you on camera with thousands of people who watched it I think it was 5.4k


Chill your titts

3 ShaneDawson12345, May 5, 2019

Don't neg me over the truth I'm no multi how about you go suck up to the other half of tengaged that thinks your a bitch aka tester
Edit: Yandereboy12 did I spell it right hoe


New blog story pyn

1 ShaneDawson12345, May 4, 2019

So I'm actually inspired to do this because of wolven but I'm doing something different and it is made by Joey graceffa or something like that but if you wish to take part at my house party for the night of your lives just pyn your name and role
FireWolf: FIRE the gunslinger


Survivor MultiVerse Season 1: Survivor..

3 opslove, Apr 25, 2019

In this new blog series, it will start off similar to most other survivor based blogs.  However, as the seasons progress we will have unique casts from game shows, television shows, movies, and more. 
Our first season will be quite normal as we will have a cast consisting of Survivor US players, with our own take on Heroes Vs Villains...with a twist of a third tribe, the Wildcards.
Ozzy Lusth
Yul Kwon
Tom Westman
Malcolm Freberg
Kim Spradlin
Amanda Kimmel
"Boston" Rob Mariano
Russell Hantz
Richard Hatch
John Cochran
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Jerri Manthey
Rob Cesternino
Tony Vlachos
Todd Herzog
Spencer Bledsoe
Natalie Anderson
Denise Stapely
Danni Boatwright
Last time on Survivor, the Wildcards continued their winning ways surprisingly led by Spencer while the Heroes beat the Villains by seconds to send them to tribal.  This being the first time the Villains had gone to tribal all season, everyone was paranoid. Cirie and Richard got into an argument after a slightly homophobic remark left her mouth. She apologized but caught the eye of Richard who went to Russell about a possible alliance.  Russell agreed and they brought in Jerri and Cochran for the votes.  Knowing Sandra's dislike for Russell, Cirie went to her and Boston Rob about taking him out.  Cirie tried to convince Cochran, but to no avail as she was voted out 4-3.
Today two tribes will lose immunity, sending two tribes to tribal, the tribe safe is the Villains.  Both the heroes and the wildcards will have to vote someone out. Please vote someone off of both tribes in the comments below.
24th- Stephanie LaGrossa
23rd- Parvati Shallow
22nd- Kelley Wentworth
21st- Tina Wesson
20th- Cirie Fields


Be careful of the rednosed

0 YogscastBigbrother21, Apr 15, 2019

They are either a multi (user) or they got hacked (or still are hacked).


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