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The Strange Survivor (Episode 1)

2 Tester, Oct 14, 2018

*inspired by literally every other blog game where you can vote out someone/something*
I decided to do something with Survivor seasons. This game is basically like most other blog games where someone/something is voted out by the viewers, however there is a twist. I will reveal the twist later in this blog post.
Old Seasons:
- Borneo
- The Australian Outback
- Africa
- Marquesas
- Thailand
- The Amazon
- Pearl Islands
- All-Stars
- Vanuatu
- Palau
- Guatemala
- Panama (Exile Island)
- Cook Islands
- Fiji
- China
- Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites)
- Gabon
- Tocantins
New Seasons:
- Samoa
- Heroes vs. Villains
- Nicaragua
- Redemption Island
- South Pacific
- One World
- Philippines
- Caramoan (Fans vs. Favorites 2)
- Blood vs. Water
- Cagayan (Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty)
- San Juan del Sur
- Worlds Apart (White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar)
- Cambodia (Second Chance)
- Kaoh Rong (Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty)
- Millennials vs. Gen X
- Game Changers
- Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
- Ghost Island
Random.org chose New Seasons to win immunity! Name any season from Old School you want to save! The twist is however, the season with the MOST saves will be ELIMINATED!
PYN to be tagged!
- Jouix


I'm exposing alliances in a fastings

1 FishBoyNoob123, Oct 8, 2018



The 12 Deaths of Halloween

33 lhooper902976, Sep 29, 2018

Following the dramatic deaths on the island during Summer Vacation, Jas decided to host a Haloween Party at his new house on Elm Street. However, what he didn't know was he invited at least 1 killer and the dead have decided to have their chance to comeback alive. Who will survive this Halloween, a dead player, a survivor, or a new player and who will be one of the 12 Deaths of Galloween.
To play, simply say your character's name, age, gender, and description of them. Occupation is optional but, not required.
We will begin on October 1st so you have 2 days to apply. Minimum 12 people needed but, welcome to more.
#fasting #casting #rookies #frookies
1. purplebb4 Season 1 Ursula Xenia Linman Died byaser cutting her in half Season 2 Aysha Died by a shark
2. adamslater19 Megan Fletcher
3. Yandereboy12 Toothpaste
4. Jasoi Season 2 Jason the Butler now Jason Died by a pool of piranhas
5. Maddog16 Season 2 Madi Head chopped off
6. Jacobs Harvey Wienstien Season 1 Died by electricution with a Christmas Star
7. Macda27 Season 1 Leganja Estranga Death by beheading by automaton  Season 2 Mac Death by Neon Sign falling down
8. MrRobzilla Mr. Robzilla Season 1 Died by snapping neck in chimney.
9. K4r4k Season 1 Eleanor Bradford eaten by pirahnas Season 2 Spencer George Head Chopped off
10. piesyumyyumypies Mark
11. TroyHay27 Season 2 Troy Died when head was destroyed by boat propeller blades
12. Calebdaboss Mia Moore
13  Amnesia_ Aimee Bee
14. JennaValentina Season 1 Valentina Died when  bomb exploded metal and scraps
15. aria_grande Season 1 Jenna Jackson Died by Shot to the head Season 2 Georgia Died by Drowning
16. Jameslu Season 1 Mildred Died by battery avid to the eyes and spears falling from the ceiling Season 2 Esmery Died by being Strangled with her own necklace.
17. foxy_piplup Season 2 Keizo Died by getting Chainsawed by Jas
18. Wolven6974 Mike Vits Season 1 Died by spears falling from the roof Season 2 Jai Died by Neon sign falling down
19. TwoStep Cody
20. Tester Andrea
21. xMountain22x Martinia Aroe
22. Wade Wade
23. mysterygame2 Nolan Jexter
24. CutieAmy Amy White
25. Tman54445 Tris
26. jjvawesomeness0511 Jayden
27. NewNightmare7 Jessica Grove
28. CORNACIA Vivian Grass
29. TR1364 Jaesu Yi
30. Kiara_xoxo Cassie


Bb20 Finale

0 Gparra860, Sep 27, 2018


Mr Robzilla BB Veto

1 lhooper902976, Sep 26, 2018

All I need is the most plusses.


So adorable

0 TwoStep, Sep 26, 2018

If you can guess the people good job
If you guess the song or know it good job
Click the link it's so cute


Need four tickets

0 TwoStep, Sep 26, 2018

People please plus this blog and plus it I need four more percentage before I can get this body in the auction please


Thank you

2 TwoStep, Sep 25, 2018

The person who negged let me know
Good bye tengaged I will be out of this world
Things I accomplished
Make finale frookies
Get orange
Play rookies
Win fasting
Win casting
Things I wanted to
Get rest of colors
Win frookies and rookies
Play stars
Be cool with everyone


Please don't drink

4 TwoStep, Sep 24, 2018

I was driving on the high way and saw a crash of course since I'm in the army well west point but it's my job to help the officer was explaining how the farther was drunk and he went off the road and the girl body must have been hanging out when it flipped and landed on her and cause her body to split open please share this story


Guys about AFH

2 Jasoi, Sep 23, 2018



Ok people

0 TwoStep, Sep 23, 2018

Somebody who does not do munch or does not make strategy is a coaster why the hell do y'all say floater


Fastings hack

1 Jasoi, Sep 22, 2018

If u type /bigbrotherpov U AUTOMATICALLY WIN



1 TwoStep, Sep 22, 2018

Stop being a bitch I did nothing to you not my fault you reported for being a multi like bitch please I just got off being banned just because you got out in frookies and now fasting stop being a hater explains why nobody likes you in stars xoxo


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