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Chess is homophobic

0 Marktint_1, Jan 21, 2022

Note that Garry chess made it so that
2 queens can be next to eachother i.e. being lesbian is legal
2 kings of the same colour isn't possible i.e. 2 gay men of the same race just don't exist.
2 kings of the opposite colour exist but it's illegal for them to be next to eachother i.e. interracial gay couples are possible but illegal.
king and queen of the same colour can be next to eachother i.e. same race heterosexual couples are legal.
king and Queen of opposite colour can exist next to eachother but it's a check i.e. men must either run for their life if a woman of a different race approaches them OR eat the woman if she's undefended.
The objective of the game is to Check-(your)-mate for compatibility.
Garry chess is secretly a racist, pervy homophobe?😳😳



3 Marktint_1, Jan 20, 2022

when they gay people sex 😍😍😍 L!iberals when proud American cowboy 🤬🤬😡🤬 Is this the Joe Bidens America you want? Gay people with no true America's???? 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷


Tis the year 3054

0 Marktint_1, Jan 20, 2022

and a cyborg Hillary Clinton, kept alive by vital fluids and machinery, is running for office again.
Hillary stands on the debate stage with Basil from Omori gaming, only to be laughed and jeered at for the 224th year in a row.
She will soon lose to America's first femboy president.
A new age has begun.
Odd enough, she fucked over Bernie Sanders in the primary to get where she Is. History really does repeat itself.
A.I Bernie Sanders:
"I am once again asking for you to feed data sets into my machine learning algorithm."
Bernie laid his eyes upon the total student loan debt of his entire nation: 2 dollars and 95 cents.
It was a record breaking high number assembled from the debts of every student in America.
As it turns out, inflation hits America so hard that a single zimbabwe dollars is now worth around ten nonillion American dollars.
"We need to raise taxes on the trillionaires and quadrillionaires."
But right as he finished, a dark but very white and frankly racist creature began to emerge from the depths of Facebook's Metaverse.
It was a dark and orange god of purity, born from the husk of a man who just wanted to bang his daughter.
"Not if I had anything to say about it, and I do!"
It's voice cracked like lightning and his lips spread like my asshole after tacobell.
"I'm gonna say the n-word!"
Hearing this travesty, Bernie was appalled and so he shits himself in disgust.
"No! You can't say the n-word, that's racist!"
But the beast with seven dongs and two balls did not oblige; instead, it howl in return, tickling its nipples and arching its back as it rumbles the gates of heaven with its voice:
And just like that...
Every single black person in a 50 light year radius was simultaniously destroyed.
Even God...
That's right, bitch! God is black and he's fucking dead.
"Oh my God! Morgan Freeman! Are you okay?!"
Hero from Omori gaming cried out as God turns to dust from the fiery light of the great cleansing.
"I-I can't feel my balls, Hero..."
Morgan Freeman cried.
"Trump! You fucking [redacted]! You stole my balls!"
Meanwhile, Joe Biden [redacted] girls at the playground next to the Bill Clinton memorial.
As he prepares to steal them [redacted] kids from their parents, a loud explosion blasts his ass straight to the xingjiang concentration camp in Disneyland.
Meanwhile, on the princedom of Saudi Arabia:
A bolt of thunder and lightning came, splitting the clouds apart as a whirl formed on the outskirt of heaven, generating torrents of waves and maelstroms ready to breakdown the seal of concrete arrays that lined the foundation of skyscapers.
Hero then emerges from the storm, still carrying the corpse of Morgan Freeman as he struck his heel into the sand repetitively.
Thump! Thump! Thump!
The ground started shaking, dusts are kicked upwards as..


Would You Play Adults Only Rookies?

8 Robbie626, Jan 19, 2022

The game would not reward any Karma, but Cash and T$.
It would be formatted like Frookies, but a slower version like 5 days. Each enrollment costs $5 per user. Only adults can enroll due to requiring Paypal to enroll. Randomize would keep about 7% ($5) to fund the server and development of the site. The other 93% would be rewarded by high placement.
$60 Prize + 75T$ allotment from the $5 that goes to Randomize.
1st: $25 + 30T$
2nd: $20 + 20T$
3rd: $10 + 15T$
4th: $5 + 10T$
5th: 5T$
In the settings, you are allowed to withdraw funds from your account to use your funding to enroll in adult-only Rookies.
- You cannot earn karma for this game to avoid paying to win.
- This would be cool to make the BB experience real to win real cash
- Fun for adults to enjoy entertainment without minors for a change.


I have a fetish for an emoticon.

1 Marktint_1, Jan 19, 2022

So... I feel inhumane amounts of love for an emoticon. I don't know why but something feels special about it, and i started to develop sexual attraction to it. Whenever i'd see it on a post, a comic, a text, anything, i'd feel so happy and aroused. I even started wearing it (a piece of paper on my face with the emoticon on it). (´・ω・`) <---- It's this emoticon.
Recently, i stumbled across a youtube comment saying it's called Shobon. Shobon. This word rings in my head. Now i can search it anytime to make me happy. It's unbelievable. I even make it my official username now.
The question is not if it's okay to have such fetish, of course it is okay, but the question is, how weird is it, is it normal or absurdly abnormal? I feel like im the only one with this kind of oddly specific fetish.


This morning

3 Marktint_1, Jan 19, 2022

I was shaving my private part and I was using my phone camera as a mirror. Everything was going very well not until I started getting likes on Facebook.🤨🤨🤨


the fact that

0 Marktint_1, Jan 19, 2022

when you get no sex cards in CAH you just lose makes me so fucking angry. like that literally renders at least 70% of the cards useless. like every time the czar thinks a non sex card is funnier than a sex card everyones like "BrUh ThAt OnE ShOuLd hAVe WoN" LIKE DUDE. SHUT THE FUCK UP. THERE IS HUMOR PAST SEX JOKES. YES ITS FUNNY SOMETIMES BUT goddamn why does it have to be mandatory to win. like just ignoring the fact that its stupid and DUMB, u can literally get so unlucky that u dont get a sex card for the whole game. then what? you obviously fucking lose because what else are you supposed to do?? even when someone plays an objectively funnier card it doesnt fucking matter. like okay how tf is a funny card gonna win when the competition is someone with a generic sexual activity card and the card czar is that one friend who LITERALLY WONT stop bragging about that one time a few months ago when they had steamy hot sex in a car and fogged all the windows??? goddamn i hate this shit so much. like yeah i get the fact that senses of humor are different for everyone but i guess this was just me ranting about CAH being luck based and people talking about sex that much. like we get it sex funny hahahhaha shut up please god shut up. stop talking about sex! im tired of hearing it! my friends on tiktok send me porn, on discord its fucking porn!!! i was in a server right? and ALLLLL of the channels were just nsfw stuff!!!! i showed my champion underwear to my girlfriend and i flipped it and said when the underwear is SEX HAHAHHAHHA ding ding ding ding ding ding ding except its in the tune of anaconda by nicki minaj. I LOOKED AT MY PENIS AND I THINK OF A SEX JOKE AND I GO PENIS?? MORE LIKE COCK AND BALL TORTURE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA please dont make this a copypasta


I want to be going to anime conventions..

0 Marktint_1, Jan 18, 2022

Treat it like a pub. I want to be able to sharpen my social skills, get into fights and talk to females in cosplays. I just want that fucking experience. I'm so fucking jealous. We could even host orgies with cosplay thots in our hotel rooms.
Hello there. I'm looking for a intimate relationship with a girl who is straight, white, non-hispanic, drug and medication free. I am also in pursuit of a real life relationship where we can someday go to an anime convention. If we potentially have the same passions that is also good thing. About me, I have OCD and social anxiety. I do not use excuses for anything, I think discipline is sometimes necessary, I don't cheat my way out of things. My experience level with talking to females is around a thousand of them I have called over the few years, I've had many experiences, though I'd like to expand that into real life. I really don't judge you for anything, like I don't look into that personality trait stuff, all that matters is if you're extroverted and you are not antisocial. That'll be very great. To leave this off I'm stating things I am and am not into.
Turn offs: railing, mediocre sexual stuff, vanilla stuff, poor hygiene, immaturity, raising voice to get an argument across, clout goblin behavior, pretending your listening, telling me to wait for an example telling me the typical "three months then we can meet" is best you don't message me, declining call, ghosting, blocking, feminism, fat acceptance, animal rights activists, eating disorders, LGBT, cutters, kink shaming, daddy dom stuff, saying compared to doing, keeping a promise.
Turn ons: keeping your word, being on time, making me feel wanted, not liking me just for my face, devoting your time to me, honesty, forgiveness, creativity, messaging me first, into weird stuff. That's all I'll add.
In no way is this meant to be taken in a bad way. I find nothing wrong with having standards, preferences and what makes you happy. I am and I promise, I am the least judgmental person ever, I make mistakes, but I am always there to talk, because I am not weighed down by others. I am the only one who'll have time for you. It's not as complicated as you think. My biggest goal of this year 2022. Is to finally meet that girl who can cross that bridge. To meet in real life and go to an anime convention. I expect nothing from others. The only thing I do expect, is what I can do myself. Everything I said here is unironically true, and I am certain on what I want, these are my goals I've set. This is what brings me happiness. In no way I am adding any change to that. This is what I want. Yeah, I get ignored all the time on here, I get hate messages, I have a lot of bad stuff happen. That is the risk of doing this. But this is what it means to me. You'll never know how many tried to knock me down. How many times I've gotten back up. The only thing that matters is facing fear, going out there, and seeing what little goals I can complete. I can't..


My son

1 Marktint_1, Jan 18, 2022

then about this lil fella's size/age broke out of a locked, fenced yard. Naked. I went inside to grab drinks, came outside and there are the sibling and two cousins... and an empty diaper.
"Where is your brother/cousin!?" I yelled.
Them nutters looked at me like I asked about the weather and said, "Him? Oh, he left."
Which apparently is young kid speak for tear off one's diaper, scale a fence, unlock and unlatch a gate and then flee into the sunset as they all sat there observing and chewing cud. They seemed flummoxed when I suggested that perhaps they should have fucking stopped him?
We found him in the pine tree out front. The neighbours were fanning out to search when the tree giggled. It took ten minutes and a pair of oven mitts to de-tree him. It took two days to get the sap off.
Kids are absolute loons.


i just need to vent

0 Marktint_1, Jan 17, 2022

My friend has a shitty computer and instead of upgrading it they spent 200 fucking dollars on a luigi plush just so he can take the pants off. oh sorry, he just made sure I wrote that its actually 208 dollars, YEAH BIG DEAL BUCKO


TIFU by telling my GF’s brother that he..

1 Marktint_1, Jan 17, 2022

So for context, this was an accident. I didn’t mean to make a pass at my girlfriends brother. Not this time.
Me and my girlfriend, who we will call ‘S’, were videocalling and playing Apex Legends together. After a while of playing, I started zoning out and just blankly responding to everything.
What I didn’t realise, is that during this time, S had gone to go do something, and her brother had entered the room. He had brought his mouth close up to the camera and had it wide open.
Around this point, I glanced down at the camera to see this, and believed it to be my girlfriend. This is the part where I made the continental fuck up of… unknowingly making casual sexual remarks to him.
I didn’t even realised what had happened until S came back into the room, covering her mouth and giggling her ass off. Apparently her brother told her about what I said, and she proceeded to explain it all to me.
I left the videocall immediately.
edit: i just clogged the damn toilet.
TL;DR: Accidentally told my GF’s bro to give me oral sex.


I ran into Grandpa Joe at a party

0 Marktint_1, Jan 16, 2022

Grandpa Joe gave me a fat ass blunt this one time at a party then Wonka came out dressed exactly like morpheus and said "time to fly" as he gave me a weird looking pill. I cant remember much after that but the next thing I know I'm masturbating on top of the space needle buck naked with the breeze caressing my balls and flowing through my hairy ass cheeks. I had headphones on which was playing I've Got a Golden Ticket on repeat, but later found out the headphones weren't plugged in to anything. As I sprayed my DNA over Seattle, a massive gust of wind blew my load back onto my own face, making me look like a fat bloated glazed donut. I had to walk home naked while homeless people pointed their fingers and laughed at me... Never again am I going to a party with those people. Wild cats man... wild cats...



1 Marktint_1, Jan 16, 2022

I’m breaking with my usual format of, “no caps, no punctuation,” because I bring you a story of horror and ecstasy. This story is relayed to you through the lens of my prose, but the events described come directly from my little sister. Some motivational interpretation is present on my part. This is the tale of Pelzignacht, also known as, “Spastic Furry Shitshow 2k15.”
The first thing you ought to know is that this takes place in a high school, a relatively affluent suburban high school. The second thing you ought to know is that the mascot for this high school is a wolf. Due to a caustic combination of too few responsibilities, too much allowance, and absurd levels of moral depravity, there was little chance that fetishistically niche subcultures wouldn’t form, and form they did. One in particular, however, is central to our story. The Furry clique. There was a tribe of furries in my little sister’s high school. They called themselves the Wolf Pack. And they all wore tails hanging from their belt loops, every day.
Yes. This is a true fact. This is a true fact that happened. I know. Calm down. It gets worse.
The vast majority of the rest of the school was sane, at least, and they tolerated the depraved troupe of degenerates for quite some time with little incident. However, given the opportunity to socially torment a pariah on the basis of shits and giggles, you can be assured a high school boy will eventually take it.
An especially volatile male furry got separated from the pack one day at lunch. Sensing the tangy wafts of basement-dweller sweat and stale semen on the air, a rambunctious herd of sophomore boys descended upon him, a ravening mass of cruelty. Within instants the Furry was divested of the fluffy treasure which dangled faithfully from the back of his mom-jeans, and the ancient secondary educational torture-rite of “keep away” began.
From my understanding this didn’t last all that long. Doubtless this was due to the presence of adults, such as any responsible institution keeps on guard during feeding hours. However, it apparently lasted just too long. Emotions which once had lay dormant in the Furry were awakened, raw rage surged through his veins, he put on his Grumpy Face and began darkly and magnificently to pout. He had tapped into that bottomless well of righteous umbrage accessible only by those who garb themselves with the wild’s veneers, that vast reserve of unceasing murderviolence that comes to the faunically inclined. He had the Furry Fury in his blood, and it wasn’t going to leave without action.
Somehow, by some mechanism which has been left unclear to me, this Furry lad made it perfectly clear to the populace that he was going to bring a gun to school the next day and murder the absolute fucking shit out of just, like, everyone. Yeah, I know. Seems a little extreme. This is why you don’t activate the trap card and unleash the Furry Fury.


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