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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is The masked killer

Tengaged 2023 awards:
Nominated for Best duo. W/ wyatt2001

Peak rank -458
Designs I want:

gift list :
gagaluv- X
Islandman22 x
Bigjon21- X
Wyatt2001- x

772- (first stars) 3rd place 30.1%
Stars 791 (winner) 41.9%

Vivor/ Merge streak - 1

Ghostfacegangsta - Unfortunately our schedules do not match. I wish I could spend more time talking to you. I like the way you treat me and our compliance. I admire your communication. I will never stop saying good morning to you waiting to receive your message. I really like you Derek. Your name is too big haha ​​lol <3 (Beemm)

GhostFaceGangsta - Dereeeekkkkk <33 love your fucking energy. Funny ass guy and I’m so happy we had the opportunity to get to know each other :p love u so much my king. (yoboyy_luke)

Ghostfacegangsta is Scream 7, not on screen but in reality. There may never be a movie about his killings but that doesn't mean they never happened. Ghostfacegangsta puts on the mask and robe and slices the throats of the innocent and the guilty. No one is immune, but he will cut someone's face off and hold it against the Ghostface mask with his hand.

Group games:
Abiotic’s the challenge (4th place)

Adamantium was shot dead by Ghostfacegangsta


2024- (frooks hit list)

My Games 147 games played

12 Jun, 24
27 May, 24
24 May, 24
20 May, 24
16 May, 24
27 Apr, 24
26 Apr, 24

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  1. Today was such 15th
  2. Lost my dad tonight 2nd
  3. I am glad to see
  4. So nervous
  5. Still no power
  6. Do we think Liz
  7. Any tgers ?
  8. Thanks again 7th
  9. Nominated for 13th 3rd
  10. Join castings with me
  11. Best thing I love about my job
  12. Happy 4/20
  13. Seeing a parent 2nd
  14. Hi all!
  15. Hi friends <3
  16. Best friend
  17. Justice needs to be
  18. Finally got feedback
  19. Did the frooks rival
  20. I feel so much

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