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Island Wife

6 Tryphena, Sep 29, 2022

They had the episode name right there.
It rang so true with me
How many of us take an Island Wife when we play games here? 🙋‍♀️
I have a wife for every island, tbh


Suitman's Survivor 26: Qionghai -..

2 SuitMan13, Sep 23, 2022

🏯 Applications Now OPEN to New Players for the 26th Third Generation Suitman’s Survivor Season! Join a series 10 years in the making, featuring 90 historic seasons across multiple platforms since 2011!
🌸 This October, a new group of players land in Qionghai on China’s Hainan Island, to take part in a complex game of intense strategy, social manipulation and physical skill. On this island, the tides of fate can ebb and flow in their favor or play against their every move. Who will ride the waves of destiny to become the Sole Survivor?
Here’s what to expect from our series:
🌴 A fast-paced two-to-three week experience.
🧠 Challenging multi-layered competitions.
🧬 Unique and innovative twists.
🤖 A bespoke advantage hunting bot.
🤝 An experienced Production team.
🎨 Custom graphics and videos.
💥 Live challenges take place daily at 6/7pm EST, with occasional non-live challenges and rest days. Applications close on Tuesday October 11th ahead of the season premiere on Friday October 14th.



What happened to?

6 BlueBarracuda, Sep 15, 2022

That Survivor pre-merge boot you stanned 3 years ago? Do you even remember her name?


Brady’s Survivor S9: Blood vs Water Cast

7 CoachWade, Aug 15, 2022

Brady’s Survivor S9 | 🩸Blood vs Water Cast
My Amazing Co-Host: CarolinaSteele
Akshar/ Jameslu
Bryan/ iTy990
Cody/ kingjames13
Honey/ honeybunch1
Jake C / ouijake
Jake H/ jakehou97
Jay/ Jaybirdnifty
Julio/ OhNatalie
Ryan/ ryan5676
Scott/ gbpackXLVchamps
Tim/ lionsden121
Chris/ Gaiaphagee
Eric/ awwsum11
Jade/ moretimer
James/ PoohSnap
Jayson/ BBlover96
JB/ _JB_
Josh/ Joshbb17
Michael/ stuartlittle16
Pugh/ Reality_warped
Sea/ SeaViper
Tomathan/ tbrown_47
I’m so excited to start this season! I think it has the potential to the be the best yet!


my sister is so dumb

17 ParvatiS, Aug 10, 2022

imagine eating all the food 🍗 without fire 🔥 by accident on the final day of #survivor right before the merge, only to reach 0/0 stats and now, ME aka her very good sister has hunt it back for her to save her from dying at merge 😒🙄🤣🤦‍♀️
yup... she just did. only systrix would


someone do top monthly merge streaks

2 NotNicky333, Aug 5, 2022

before i lose mine 🤭
Idk I feel like one of y’all did it


Survivor S42 Power Rankings (Finals)

0 PowerRankings101, Aug 5, 2022

Well, another week another blindside. Seeing Omar go was tough, but props to Maryanne for really getting the ball rolling and using her extra vote perfectly to pull off that move. The biggest shocker of all came from Lindsay who, upon winning immunity, didn’t use her idol to protect Omar. It was a pretty dumb mistake that I think will hurt her endgame chances. Let’s rank these final five contestants based on how I think they’ll place when all is said and done.
5. Lindsay Dolashewich- Lindsay and Omar were in the best positions to make it to the end. She uses her idol on Omar, and the two are likely to make it to final 3 pending any fire making disasters. It’s just a bit of a shock that Lindsay didn’t play it, considering she couldn’t save it till 5 anyway. Now that she’s vulnerable and seemingly without a super tight ally, I don’t see how she survives UNLESS she wins immunity. Her season long goal has been to get rid of Jonathan, but I do think Jonathan will have the upper hand in the end.
4. Jonathan Young- Picking a fire making loser was difficult. The only reason I settled on Jonathan is not because I think he’s unlikely to win fire, but because of the other options on the table. Maryanne clearly has the biggest winning edit, and Romeo seems like the clear final tribal goat. That means one of them likely wins the final immunity, otherwise I think they’d probably be going against one another, and I just don’t foresee that happening. So between Mike and Jonathan, I needed to pick one for final tribal and one for the fire making loser. Between the two, I just think Mike being a firefighter gives him the upper hand, and the way they’ve been building up Jonathan as the unstoppable challenge beast, it would almost be poetic to see him lose. This is tough because Jonathan could easily win immunity, throwing my whole plan off, but I just don’t see Romeo and Maryanne making fire (assuming Jonathan takes Mike to the end). So my final guess is, Maryanne wins that big final immunity, takes Romeo, and Mike beats Jonathan?
3. Romeo Escobar- Romeo has been the final 3 tribal council loser for weeks now. It seems too inevitable. Of course, we could get a Heather in 41 scenario where he ends up going out in fire should Jonathan or Mike win immunity and take the other. But I really do think he’ll find his way to the end. Everyone would be smart to take him there. For his own personal journey, I think he’s grown a lot and done well, but in comparison to all four other competitors, he’s also played the sloppiest game.
2. Mike Turner- Mike has gotten a good edit, but has way more holes than Maryanne does in terms of his gameplay. He has played super well, but has also seemed to follow more than he has led. I think he could have a shot at winning, but given the overall edit, I just think this past episode cemented who our winner will be.
1. Maryanne Oketch- Maryanne has her idol at 5, which cements her in the final..



9 SurvivorGames, Jul 27, 2022

PREVIOUSLY ON SURVIVOR: Matt breathed a sigh of relief. “I was really worried about that vote flip,” Matt said, “But now that the tribes have swapped, I’m glad I made the move I did, because now I get a fresh start.” Matt talked to Jeff, pulling him aside to apologize, “The girls had me cornered and I didn’t know what do do.” Jeff forgave him, but knew that he couldn’t fully trust Matt in the long haul. Howie realized that none of his comedian alliance were on the tribe, so he decided to make a new alliance with Matt, Vanna, and Jeff. “The fact of the matter is,” Howie said, “I have no ties to Julie or Michelle, and I think it would be fun to shake up the game a bit.” Matt couldn’t believe how willing Howie was to flip so fast, but wasn’t complaining.
At the newly formed Emcee camp, Tyra, Nicole, and Padma were happy that the girls could stick together. “We have the power to run this game,” Padma said. Heidi, Phil, and RuPaul could sense how close the three women were, and realized it was going to be a bit of a split tribe. “The fact of the matter is that we’re tight, those three are tight,” RuPaul said, “So our goal is going to be to try and flip one over.” RuPaul knew that Tyra was the best bet to flip over. RuPaul approached Tyra and asked what her plans were. “I have a tight final three with those girls,” Tyra said, “but I also really want to play with you and Heidi. So Phil would be my preferred boot.” RuPaul heard her out, but also knew that Phil was probably the most physically capable on the tribe.
At the Golden Mic tribe, everyone was starting from scratch, and Ryan and Arielle were extra worried about being in the minority. “Ryan and I didn’t really trust each other,” Arielle said, “So the fact that we’re on the minority already makes me nervous.” However, Steve, Jane, and Sheri (members of the Comedian alliance) had other plans. They pulled aside Ryan and Arielle and said “Gordon is a huge threat, we’ve gotta get him out as soon as possible.” While Arielle loved the sound of that, she was also worried that getting rid of someone so strong was a mistake. Arielle approached Gordon and told him that her three tribe-mates were trying to get rid of him. Gordon was surprised, and upset, but also knew that he didn’t want to blow up the tribe dynamics so soon. “My goal this season was to not be a hot head. To take information and process it. So I will not be confronting them until it’s time,” Gordon said.
At the challenge, the tribes had to build little go karts and then race them through an obstacle track. Quickly, the Emcees fell behind with Nicole and Tyra struggling to get the go-kart parts together. For the Entertainers, Matt and Jeff quickly led their tribe to an early lead, and Gordon seemed to be pulling a lot of the weight for the Golden Mics. Phil decided that he had to try and help his tribe more and decided to take a lot of the weight himself,..


Brady’s Survivor S9 (BvW) | APPS OPEN!

4 CoachWade, Jul 26, 2022

After 8 successful seasons, Brady’s Survivor is returning for its 9th. For this season, anybody can apply including past players and newbies as long as they have a partnership of newbie and past player.
This will probably be the last season we do before going on our biggest break yet so we want to make it a good one! If you haven’t applied yet, there are many great players that you’d have the opportunity to be partners with.
The season will be starting around Mid August and ending in Early September. There will be a variety  of challenges, episode podcasts that production does, exit interviews, etc.
Please mail all applications to CoachWade! I promise that we’ll give you a great season if you do:
Brady’s Survivor History:


Brady’s Survivor S8: One World Cast

13 CoachWade, Jul 12, 2022

Brady’s Survivor S8: One World 🌎 Cast:
Azri/ subfriend
Ben/ BenjaminS
Blu/ VanitySmurf
Chris/ IRandomal123
Coco/ CocoVanderbilt
Cody/ kingjames13
Devyn/ girlinred
Jay H/ teamclay
Jay M/ Jaybirdnifty
Kev/ useamint
Lorenzo/ kingLiam
Luke/ IceBear
Matty/ MrMinaj
Niko/ nhulse19
Ruby/ RubyStretch1
Wender/ icyz
Will/ Willy729
I can’t wait to get this season started!


{M0d] Emojis

2 Marktint_1, Jul 10, 2022

Ok everyone since you don’t listen when I’m nice, I’m going to get mean.
Reacting to messages with a clown (🤡), a skull (💀), or a nerd face (🤓) isn’t funny. It’s not cool, it’s not interesting, it’s annoying.
These 3 emojis in particular aren’t funny, they’re RUDE. We as staff work hard to keep this place safe, and to have you all constantly react to our messages with mean emojis makes me FURIOUS.
STOP reacting to our messages with rude emojis. They do NOTHING but make you look really, really stupid.
It shows you have no rebuttals to our arguments, so you have to use juvenile tactics paramount to terrorism in order to stop us from being able to speak out truth.
This is your ONLY warning. Tread carefully…


Big Brother: Winners at War

3 TreyEcho, Jun 28, 2022

With #survivor doing an all winners season, down the line at some point we're bound go get an all winner season of #bigbrother Who would you be most excited to see and how do you think the season would play out?
Personally, I would love to see Jun Song from BB3 and Nicole Franzel from BB16,18,22 return. I think both are really strong winners that could end up doing well. Winners like Dan and Will would probably be early boots and I think underrated winners like BB3 Lisa or BB17 Steve could sneak their way making it far.


PYN time

7 UsernameThatWasFree, Jun 27, 2022

So.....let's about I tell you what placement you get if you played in the Survivor 41/42 era :)
Absol 6th place. You'd have an invisible edit throughout pre merge. As the big hitters go out we start to see more of you arc shine. Sadly around final eight, you find yourself in the bottom of the vote and go out in Top 6 as you were the last person in the bottom.
systrix 17th place. This one is tricky, because you were a preseason hype. People think you'll slay and do very well. While your game has a promising start, you quickly land in the bottom by this newfound majority and end up blindsided. :/
TDFan99 14th place. Your edit would be similar to players like Anna Khait or Monica Padilla. You're someone the fans wanna know, but they don't see much until your elimination episode. You be getting confessionals out of nowhere and the main talk for no reason. After a failed shot in the dark attempt, you were booted.


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