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Vote on which is the next season

4 Paralox, Aug 25, 2019

Vote out of these. Just for information and I might not even use these do.
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Men Vs. Women
Veterans Vs. Rookies
Allstars |
Fans Vs. Favorites
Redemption Island
Geurnsy Island
Brains Vs. Brawns Vs. Beauty ||           
Vote your favorite


Survivor: 14th Placers BRANTSTEELE

0 survivornerd, Aug 24, 2019

1. Hunter Ellis
2. Richard Hatch
3. James Clement
4. Kelley Wentworth
5. Lyrsa Torres
6. Michaela Bradshaw
1. Chet Welch
2. Russell Swan
3. Cliff Robinson
4. Alecia Holden
5. Monica Culpepper
6. Kat Edorrson
1. Woo Hwang
2. Bradley Kleihege
3. Joe Anglim
4. Maralyn "Mad Dog" Hershey
5. Mikayla Wingle
6. Stephanie Valencia
EP. 1
Levu wins a reward of a firemaking kit, Soko wins flint
Levu and Soko win immunity, sending Yawa to tribal council
At Levu, James and Michaela bond strongly
An alliance forms between James, Michaela, and Richard Hatch
At Soko, Monica and Russell bond strongly
An alliance forms between Kat, Monica, and Russell
At Yawa, Joe and Woo have a minor disagreement
An alliance forms between Bradley, Mad Dog, Stephanie, and Woo
Bradley is targeting Mikayla
Woo is targeting Joe
Bradley/Mad Dog/Stephanie/Woo want to vote out Mikayla, but may split on Joe
Joe and Mikayla voted against each other, and the alliance split their votes 2-2. On the revote, everyone voted against Mikayla 4-0
EP. 2
Soko wins immunity as well as a fishing kit, Yawa wins immunity as well as lines and lures
At Soko, Cliff and Kat bond strongly
Kat leaves her alliance with Monica and Russell
At Yawa, Stephanie leaves the alliance of Bradley, Mad Dog, and Woo
At Levu, Hunter and Michaela bond strongly
James and Lyrsa bond strongly - it has a lasting impact
James, Kelley Wentworth, and Lyrsa form an alliance
Hunter is targeting Richard Hatch
Wentworth is targeting Hunter
James/Michaela/Richard wants to vote out Hunter
James/Wentworth/Lyrsa wants to vote out Hunter
Hunter voted against Hatch, but the rest of Levu remained united against Hunter and voted him 5-1
EP. 3
At Soko, Alecia found the hidden immunity idol
Yawa wins immunity, as well as three hens and a rooster, and Levu wins immunity along with a dozen eggs
At Yawa, Bradley found the hidden immunity idol
Stephanie is impressing the rest of the team
At Soko, Chet and Kat have a minor disagreement - it has a lasting impact
Cliff is targeting Alecia
Monica/Russell want to vote out Alecia
Alecia decides to play her hidden idol
Which proved to be the right choice - Cliff, Monica, Russell, Kat, and Chet all voted against her
Which meant that her sole vote for Chet sent him home, 1-0
EP. 4
The tribes are swapped into three new tribes
Levu: Cliff, James, Lyrsa, Richard, and Stephanie
Soko: Wentworth, Michaela, Monica, Russell, and Woo
Yawa: Alecia, Bradley, Joe, Kat, and Mad Dog
At Levu, James/Lyrsa and James/Richard are aligned
At Soko, Monica/Russell are aligned
At Yawa, Bradley has an idol, and Bradley/Mad Dog are aligned
Levu wins a reward of peanut butter, jelly, bread, and bags of chips
Yawa and Levu win immunity, sending Soko to tribal council
At Levu, Cliff finds the hidden immunity idol
Lyrsa and Stephanie have a major fight
At Soko, Monica finds a hidden idol
Wentworth and Monica have a major..


Survivor: The Gambia Applications.

0 nathorix, Aug 23, 2019

I am starting my very own season of survivor very soon, and am looking for strong players to be in the first season! I am asking you to be in it, if you wish to do so please fill out the following:
Last initial:
Activity level 1-10:
Color Level:
Physical, strategic, or social player?:
Give me a small description of how you play:
Confessionals  are crucial to the game, will you promise to send 1 atleast every round?


Suitman's Survivor: Bahamas - STARTS NEXT..

0 SuitMan13, Aug 23, 2019

Applications are open for SURVIVOR: BAHAMAS - the third season of Suitman Survivor's Third Generation, starting NEXT WEEK.
The season will have 5pm or 6pm EST live challenges, mixed with non-live challenges. Only a few more applications are required!
- - - MAIL TO SUITMAN13 - - -
'Real' Name and Initial (You will be called by this in the game, so proper name please):
Color Level:
Current Residence:
Occupation / Aspiration:
Why do you think you can become the SOLE SURVIVOR?:
Are you ready for twists?:
Time Zone:
Skype Name:
Are you free throughout August/September 2019?:
Are you able to attend at 5pm/6pm EST most days?:



0 noobsmoke13, Aug 22, 2019

for the first season of my SURVIVOR group game!
Please apply! I would like apps MAILED to me! We don't have a tentative start date yet but I will keep applicants updated.
#survivor #shops #tengaged #casting #rookies



4 noobsmoke13, Aug 21, 2019

I am overall pretty excited for the newest season. The first one was an amazing season of college Survivor with an extremely fun cast. Here are the trailers for both seasons if ya haven't checked out this series.



Update on YouTube

4 noobsmoke13, Aug 20, 2019

So I am currently trying to a) find a computer on campus with Adobe products or b) pirate them. Once I get premiere I will probably start recording and editing. They likely won't be the best quality but it is a start.
I am working on several video essays including one showcasing controversies in foreign Survivor


Mmbatalokoa got voted off

0 CalebDaBoss, Aug 17, 2019

Bitches stay pressed


NEVER FORGET -- Eva1996 in 2018 馃槏

5 ParvatiS, Aug 17, 2019

Evaa1996 0 min ago
OMG YES 馃槏馃槏馃槏 Let's win some comps and get the revenge
Tagging people who were there/may remember:
iamremedy 馃槝鉂わ笍


Suitman's Survivor: Bahamas - Applications

0 SuitMan13, Aug 17, 2019

Applications are open for SURVIVOR: BAHAMAS - the third season of Suitman Survivor's Third Generation.
The season will premiere sometime in late August - depending on when a cast is ready and my current season ends - with 5pm or 6pm EST live challenges, mixed with non-live challenges.
- - - MAIL TO SUITMAN13 - - -
'Real' Name and Initial (You will be called by this in the game, so proper name please):
Color Level:
Current Residence:
Occupation / Aspiration:
Why do you think you can become the SOLE SURVIVOR?:
Are you ready for twists?:
Time Zone:
Skype Name:
Are you free throughout August/Septemeber 2019?:
Are you able to attend at 5pm/6pm EST most days?:


Finalists Who Received NO Votes in Survivor

3 survivornerd, Aug 16, 2019

Kelly Wiglesworth (Survivor: Borneo)
Tina Wesson (Survivor: The Australian Outback)*
Ethan Zohn (Survivor: Africa)*
Brian Heidik (Survivor: Thailand)*
Sandra Diaz-Twine (Survivor: Pearl Islands)*
Tom Westman (Survivor: Palau)*
Amanda Kimmel (Survivor: China)
Courtney Yates (Survivor: China)
Amanda Kimmel (Survivor: Micronesia)
Sugar Kiper (Survivor: Gabon)
J.T. Thomas (Survivor: Tocantins)*
Coach Wade (Survivor: South Pacific)
Lisa Whelchel (Survivor: Philippines)
[redacted] (Survivor: Philippines)
John Cochran (Survivor: Caramoan)*
Natalie Anderson (Survivor: San Juan del Sur)*
Mike Holloway (Survivor: Worlds Apart)*
Jeremy Collins (Survivor: Cambodia)*
Sarah Lacina (Survivor: Game Changers)*
Ryan Ulrich (Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers)
Nick Wilson (Survivor: David vs. Goliath)*
Gavin Whitson (Survivor: Edge of Extinction)
*they won the game


Top 11 Most Votes Received in a Single..

1 survivornerd, Aug 15, 2019

7t. Rory Freeman (14 votes, 10th place) - Survivor: Vanuatu
7t. Marty Piombo (14 votes, 11th place) - Survivor: Nicaragua
7t. Abi-Maria Gomes (14 votes, 7th place) - Survivor: Cambodia
7t. Andrea Boehlke (14 votes, 8th place) - Survivor: Game Changers
7t. Kelley Wentworth (14 votes, 10th place) - Survivor: Edge of Extinction
5t. Jonathan Penner (15 votes, 7th place) - Survivor: Cook Islands
5t. Edna Ma (15 votes, 7th place) - Survivor: South Pacific
4. Baylor Wilson (16 votes, 5th place) - Survivor: San Juan del Sur
2t. Phillip Sheppard (17 votes, 2nd place) - Survivor: Redemption Island
2t. Ozzy Lusth (17 votes, 4th place) - Survivor: South Pacific
1. Laura Morett (19 votes, 6th place) - Survivor: Blood vs. Water
Is this an impressive stat because of how long some of them survived while still getting voted for, or entirely unimpressive because getting votes is never a good thing? Laura and Ozzy were both voted out multiple times, so if you don't include them, Phillip would be number one. Phillip is also the only one on this list to not be voted out, is he the greatest player of all time?



0 survivornerd, Aug 14, 2019

Determining which game of Survivor was the most exciting based on what happened each round. I started one of these for Big Brother, but Big Brother isn't nearly as good and honestly I'm not as familiar with every season of Big Brother as opposed to my virgin-like knowledge of Survivor.
Random.org has selected VANUATU and SAMOA.
FINAL 20 - Marisa Boot - Russell Hantz flipped the vote onto her instead of Ashley and Mike Borassi, just because she was weary of him, bad ass. POINT: Samoa (1-0)
FINAL 19 - Mike Borassi Boot - KING, but I can't give a point to a medical evacuation. POINT: Vanuatu (1-1)
FINAL 18 - Betsy Boot v. Brook Boot - Betsy getting the boot for being weak doesn't beat Chris making a fast alliance with the older members of the men's tribe to take out the younger alliance. POINT: Vanuatu (2-1)
FINAL 17 - Ben Boot v. Dolly Boot - Dolly being voted out as the swing vote is better than Ben being voted out for being a douchebag. POINT: Vanuatu (3-1)
FINAL 16 - Yasmin Boot v. John P Boot - Yasmin being voted out for doing nothing around camp is boring, while Chris trying to convince Sarge to vote with the older men is slightly less boring. POINT: Vanuatu (4-1)
FINAL 15 - Ashley Boot v. Mia Boot - Ashley getting the boot for being weak is less exciting than Lisa flipping from the young woman's alliance and getting Mia out. POINT: Vanuatu (5-1)
FINAL 14 - Russell Swan Boot v. Brady Boot - Russell was medically evacuated. POINT: Vanuatu (6-1)
FINAL 13 - Liz Boot v. Bubba Boot - Both were voted out for being untrustworthy, but I'd say with the Liz boot there was more up in the air. POINT: Samoa (6-2)
FINAL 12 - Erik Boot v. Lisa Boot - Ami getting people to vote Lisa out was fun, but the blindside of Erik, a frontrunner in the game, is much better. POINT: Samoa (6-3)
FINAL 11 - Kelly Boot v. John K Boot - John K. was picked off by the older men, while the Kelly boot is iconic. POINT: Samoa (6-4)
FINAL 10 - Laura Boot v. Rory Boot - Julie and Twila sticking with the girls and voting Rory out isn't as good as Russell convincing John to flip on Laura. POINT: Samoa (6-5)
FINAL 9 - John Boot v. Sarge Boot - Sarge was picked off by the women, and John was voted out by Russell because Russell didn't want it getting out that he had an idol, which I think is cooler. POINT: Samoa (6-6)
FINAL 8 - Dave Boot v. Chad Boot - Dave was picked off by the Foa Foa alliance, while Chad was also picked off by the women. But, there were at least talks of a flip when Chad was voted out. POINT: Vanuatu (7-6)
FINAL 7 - Monica Boot v. Leann Boot - Monica getting picked off is nowhere near as exciting as Chris, Eliza, Scout, and Twila managing to pull off the Leann blindside. POINT: Vanuatu (8-6)
FINAL 6 - Shambo Boot v. Ami Boot - Both were picked off. At least Shambo wasn't the planned boot at the beginning of the episode, so I'll give her boot the point. POINT: Samoa (8-7)
FINAL 5 - Jaison Boot v. Julie Boot - Jaison..


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