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The way

3 Tester, Dec 2, 2022

I bought Guatemala before Blood vs. Water, Kaoh Rong, Cook Islands, China, Pearl Islands and the like LMAO after this I'll have 13 Survivor DVDs:
- Guatemala (hasn't arrived yet)
- Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites
- Gabon (hasn't arrived yet)
- Heroes vs. Villains
- Philippines
- Cagayan
- San Juan del Sur (hasn't arrived yet)
- Millennials vs. Gen X
- Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
- David vs. Goliath
- Edge of Extinction (hasn't arrived yet)
- 41
- 42


The irony of Knowledge is Power

0 Tammy2144, Dec 2, 2022

Is it literally states in the name what it is and everyone who’s ever had it has shared the knowledge and handed away the power and been voted out either with it or failing to use it correctly.
Ps I’m really behind on #survivor


RIP Dan Lembo :(

2 Tester, Nov 15, 2022
So sad :(
This now means that thirteen former castaways have passed away, four of them this year. That's heartbreaking. RIP to all of them :(
- Jenn Lyon from Palau (2010)
- B.B. Andersen from Borneo (2013)
- Caleb Bankston from Blood vs. Water (2014)
- Dan Kay from Gabon (2016)
- Ashley Massaro from China (2019)
- Rudy Boesch from Borneo & All-Stars (2019)
- Cliff Robinson from Cagayan (2020)
- Angie Jakusz from Palau (2021)
- Sunday Burquest from Millennials vs. Gen X (2021)
- Ralph Kiser from Redemption Island (2022)
- Clay Jordan from Thailand (2022)
- Roger Sexton from The Amazon (2022)
- Dan Lembo from Nicaragua (2022)


Survivor on YouTube!

0 LGGFAN_123, Nov 4, 2022

Just found the entire Season 6 of Survivor South Africa... cant wait for a binge!


BK’s Survivor Machu Pacchu— Apps Open!

0 CoachWade, Nov 1, 2022

Apps Close Thursday Nov 3rd— 3 Spots Left!
⛰**Welcome to BK’s Survivor S10** ⛰
After a couple months off, we are back from Delos Island after Stoner took home the win in an 8-2 vote, finalizing an epic season. Now, we travel to Machu Picchu with 16 other castaways looking to make their mark on our series after 9 seasons.
**We have**:
**Incredible Hosts**: We are active as much as we can be. We are flexible and help our castaways as much as we can. Our season can be easily played during the school season ( CarolinaSteele)
**Different Challenges**:Our challenges are fun, but also on the easier side. Most won't take much time, and over half will be 24 Hour Non-Lives.
**Fun Postseason Content**: Including episode podcasts, confessional counts and much more!
**Active VL**: The VL is an active, kind and fun group! We have a big draft during the season, and more fun games.
If you apply for the season, I can assure you that you’re likely to get in!
Season starts on Tuesday, November 8th


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