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survivor new predictions

1 CalebDaBoss, Nov 17, 2018

20th Pat
19th Jessica
18th Jeremy
17th Bi
16th Natalia
15th Natalie
14th Lyrsa
13th Elizabeth
12th John
11th Kara
10th Christian
9th Alec
8th Davie
7th Alison
6th Carl
5th Angelina
4th Nick
3rd Dan
2nd Gabby
Winner Mike


DvG rankings:

2 Steven999, Nov 16, 2018


Not been here in a while

5 LeXXXy, Nov 16, 2018

But i am glad i am not the only Angelina stan
Seriously WOW what an icon



7 Darbe, Nov 16, 2018

I think casting Russell Hantz kind of ruined #survivor, despite him being such an infamous player. I'd say him, alongside Ciera Eastin, were the main pioneers of "big move" gameplay, and then the editing team took advantage of that and now all the players seem like robots who just talk gameplay all day. The only time this doesn't happen is when they're reflecting heavily on something in their personal life, such as a sick relative or a past relationship. Meh. I preferred the editing of season 1-18. I'd prefer seeing likeable, genuine characters tbh because I didn't root for anyone in HvHvH or Ghost Island


Dan wasted his idol

3 CalebDaBoss, Nov 15, 2018

If Angelina would not of been saved with the idol she would’ve still stayed as she had 2 votes and John had 3


Survivor DvG Rankings / Thoughts on episode

1 BigBrother_78, Nov 15, 2018

- WHY Mike?!
- Loved the cross-tribed alliance, but Mike kinda fucked that up
- I love the Davids even more now
1. Nick (+1)
2. Gabby (-)
3. Davie (+9)
4. Kara (+1)
5. Alec (-4)
6. Angelina (+2)
7. Christian (-)
8. Alison (-2)
9. Carl (+1)
10. Mike (-7)
11. Dan (-1)
Biggest Rise: Davie (+9)
Biggest Drop: Mike (-7)
Thoughts on John leaving:
- AMAZING tribal
- Didn't expect it at all, loved it, go Davids
- I hope to mf God that Kara flips on Dan next episode


I'm petrified for what the Villain tribe

8 _Adidas_, Nov 15, 2018

Will look like, and the fact that ONLY 5 females could be on it which means a few wont make it crushes my heart
Angelina, Napalm Natalie, Kass, Abi, Natalie Bolton, Nataloe Anderson, Chrissy Hofbeck #survivor


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