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2 Tester, Oct 2, 2023

Production messed up and actually showed who's going to tribal LMAO


Survivor 45 Brandon

2 NathanDamnit, Sep 29, 2023

Anyone else feel bad for him after he had a panic attack, like for legit reasons we only seen as viewers, where he said his chest was like tight and he felt pangs in his chest? Like it wasn't anything serious, but it was brought on by stressors and all sorts of factors.
He isn't the only one!! Plenty have gone through things like that on reality television and I got nothing but respect for those players because they're brave to go through that on television! I never would have known they were going through things had they not shared about their anxieties after the fact.


Not a great start

2 Tammy2144, Sep 29, 2023


Survival Math Demo

1 Robbie626, Aug 10, 2023

This mini-game will be released sometime Friday evening. This game is a survivor-theme version of Tengaged's Numbers (missing operations problems). If you are not good at Sum me, you can at least make a judgment on which operation (+,-,*, or /) will make the equation true.
This version will include 75 different equations, 25 chests with a random chance of picking one of the 3 equations. Every chance you play, it will not be the same equation every time. There will be 3 parts to this challenge...
Health / Solving Equations / Collecting Wood
You will start with 100 Health and it will decrease every second. The production team has provided crates of apples to consume throughout the map to increase your health by 25 points. Be careful not to eat them when you have more than 75 health (every HP counts!) You are better off eating apples when you are below 40 health. Eating the food wisely will let you stay in the comp for the full 3 minutes. Your challenges end when your health reaches zero also!
Each correct answer will give you +30 points. Incorrect answers will be -10 points and a chance to retry (random chance for the same or different equation). For the OG users, there will be applause and disappointment sounds like the old Macrogames used to do ;).
There is a small portion of luck to give you a bonus to your score, there are 10 piles of wood to collect. You have a chance of earning (20, 40, 60, 80, or 100) points when you pick them up needed to start the fire.
You can role-play in this mini-game for your ORGs/group games in survivor solving as many equations as possible and collecting wood for your tribe's fire to win immunity. Here is some demo play so far:
This will be the 3rd mini-game for TVGS and in future releases, I will be adding more equations and changing existing ones to keep the game fresh. If you have any ideas for future mini-games for me to develop based on big brother or survivor let me know here:
Side Note: Tengaged Group Games qualify to reward users points on TV Game Studio, if you are hosting a group game, you as host, and your Top3/6 can earn points. They just need an account! Soon in order to play the mini-games, you will need an account anyways.


Finished Survivor penultimate episode ranking

1 Tester, Jul 15, 2023

Here it is. All 44 penultimate episodes ranked from best to worst in my opinion.
Tagging the people who commented on the last one:
- Pekka
- woeisme


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