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Can We Please

4 Loopspeare, Feb 16, 2018

Make some regulations on charity games?
It's disgraceful when a charity takes over 24 hours to fill. I think that, after 12 hours, people should be able to ruin it.


I'm Tempted

6 Paris4President, Feb 16, 2018

To join that #rookies charity and ruin it. Charities shouldn't take over 24 hours to fill.



1 BullDogg, Feb 12, 2018

How is the first HoH decided in #rookies? Slow rookies. I want to play one but I don't know how it works yet.


Yellow Belt Get!

1 Flyhntini, Feb 8, 2018

Idling my way to victory in a full game full of multies. Totally engaging to play. Look out #rookies , the 'tini is coming for you


10 posts

0 Macanese, Feb 1, 2018

Who still remember this?


Should we really call a Frookies a charity?

7 turnerpike20, Jan 27, 2018

I mean yeah if you get first place you get more than you would on Rookies. But really I think Rookies should be the only game to be called a Charity so other people can bet on it and your not the only one gaining something. That is just my personal opinion on it. But if you think that it's OK to call a Frookies a charity then really I don't understand why we should. If you think it's OK tell me why in a comment I really want to understand. Also plus and comment if you agree with me or even if you disagree with me but think I have a good thought.



1 Paris4President, Jan 26, 2018

It's fun to see wwemrpeeps call out that dude for spamming.
Keep up the good work, my dude. :)


Your welcome to the people that bet on me on..

3 turnerpike20, Jan 22, 2018

My Rookies Charity game went very well.


Cold Hard Fact!

1 Yoshitomi, Jan 22, 2018

Seeing a post in the previous CGG game I was in, I'm gonna post a lil fact.
Whether or not you use PoV, whoever is in the top 3 can win. Choosing not to use it does nothing to change that.
I have not used final PoV when I was not nominated (because I greedily wanted 2nd), and the nominated guy who got the least votes won (I got 3rd!!)
My point is the worst thing you can do in that situation is:
- Not use final PoV
- Tie the vote
If you don't use PoV and the vote is tied, it's quite literally anyone's game to win.
So that's an important fact of the day to take into account. 馃槉


Negative T$ Theory

1 RobiLee, Jan 18, 2018

The biggest scandal of Tengaged History besides the BioDork rampage, Tengaged.es/.com.br Shutdown that made hundreds of tengaged immigrant refugees that the racists on here want them to leave, and even the infamous Moderation Shutdown. Randomize must of notice a couple years ago that T$ sales went down by hundreds and tried to limit T$ buyer's access by purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of T$ to be unbanned. You think Carlos cares about the site, but if he wasn't for profits he would of resolve these issues now. Thank you for listening to T-Fake News because the truth hurts it must be fake!


I just love how most of yall

3 RobiLee, Jan 17, 2018

Fucking bitch and are disappointed with Randomize for doing nothing. Why would he do anything if you play 5 or more games a week, blog daily, and purchase T$? The site is online and running. You guys are supporting him by doing that.  If I am generating money on a shit site that needs work and make the same doing more work to fix I wouldn't change nothing either. Protest don't buy T$   Which will hurt him a lot.


No title

3 12375i, Jan 16, 2018

There are people who betrayed ...


When Spanish users think they're being..

3 AshlynArehart, Jan 16, 2018

But you're fluent in the language lol :P


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