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2 Finchamct, Aug 19, 2018

Will they have a battle back comp for the jury this year in B.B. 20
Comment yes they will
Comment no they won’t


Lame idea...

3 Robbie626, Aug 18, 2018

this idea is not T$ gifting or a new game. Can we have a tick option under "Send" to send comments in games when we press enter in our keyboard? Would be really easy to add Randomize gagaluv admin


Charities - An Unpopular Opinion

18 Luna_tic, Aug 17, 2018

At the risk of this blog being negged, I still need to say this:
I cannot for the life of me understand charities on here. This is what a charity is defined as, ‘the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need.’
I can somewhat get with the first HoH charities that everyone has equal access to regardless of their status on this website. But when someone with an insane amount of karma and T$ is having a birthday charity or some milestone charity, it really makes me feel uneasy.
What really pissed me off the other day when I was researching what the hell chatities even were, I came across a blog from someone that posted rules for charities, one of them being “ill only join a charity if it’s for a major milestone, don’t have one of its for a red level or something”. I’m sorry? How is this different from the rich getting richer and the poor staying poor?
Like I said, this is an unpopular opinion and not many people (if anyone at all) will agree with me. I still bet on these games out of need but I will never join a charity game if asked.
Before negging this blog just because you disagree I’d welcome a healthy debate as to why people think the opposite. 


[Giftaway] Trapped Game Discord Server

0 Robbie626, Aug 17, 2018

Hi everyone,
I created a discord server for users to play the Trapped game where challenges are similar to this one:

We have a Hall of Fame and each game is considered as episodes! We are trying to grow a community and hopefully host many episodes and seasons! join the server here: https://discord.gg/n9X7gf5
I will post this blog every other day to give everyone a chance! I will select the winner on September 12th and buy T$ for a gift of the player's choice. I would appreciate and hope I can trap some more unfortunates ;)
- Join the Server!
- There is a channel/section as "Tengaged-giftaway" and post your username.


Omarosa vs Wendy Williams!

2 fearlessfoxy, Aug 15, 2018

Who remembers this shade fest! They really came for each others wigs! Who do you think won?!



[IDEA] Trapped Tengaged Slow Game

6 Robbie626, Aug 15, 2018

Enrollment Page:
Level: Yellow
Price: 6T$
Information: Trapped game is based on United Kingdom's game show of 6 unfortunates working as a team to pass the challenges on a 5 story tower. On each floor, one of them is the saboteur and cannot be trusted. Are you a team player or a sneaky saboteur?
Help Page:
Basic Information
You and 9 other unfortunates have joined a game! You have 16 hours to pass each challenge! You must successfully complete two of three parts of the challenge to pass! There 3 part challenge consists of a minigame goal score that all player's scores are added up, keys, and apples.
Mini Games
Each challenge, a random mini-game will be assigned. It is your job to work as a team and get as many points as possible within a time limit. At the end of the time. All points submitted will be taken into account and will be added up as a team score. If the team does not reach an ideal score. The team will fail this portion of the challenge. Watch out for strange scores as the saboteur might be sabotaging the mini-game challenge!
Keys and Apples
Sometimes about every hour, keys and apples will appear in the messages for the team to collect. If there is not much activity, nothing will appear for that hourly moment. Sometimes a key, a couple apples, and some poison bottles will appear and each teammate can collect within 5 mins before it disappears. Hurry! If all the teammates can collect all the keys and apples it will disappear before the saboteur can click the poison.  Only 1 teammate can collect 1 at a time. Depending on the size of the team, there will be a goal of keys and apples that must be collected before 16 hour time is up. Keys are a bit challenging to collect while apples are much easier.  Your team will always have to collect more apples than keys. You must reach the goal for them to get a point. Not reaching both keys or apple goals will result in failing the challenge!
Poison Bottles
Never click on a poison bottle! Unless you are the sneaky saboteur! Clicking the bottles will cast an evil spell that will randomly take away a key or 1 or 2 apples. Don't be the careless teammate that accidentally sabotages the game for everyone else!
Saboteur Black-outs
If you are the saboteur, you have 2 chances,  you will have access to cause a balck-out besides poison bottles to ensure the team fails the challenge. You can create 45-minute blackouts! Which means the page will be inaccessible for everyone but the saboteur. This means that your team might miss collecting keys and apples and even a perfect opportunity to do their minigame! However, it is up to them how they use this blackout as they can be detected and be trapped.
During each challenge, you must vote who you think the saboteur is. You should base your vote on suspicious behavior..


[POLL] Comp Advantages

3 Robbie626, Aug 15, 2018

I want to take a poll on how people think not is better on mobile or on a computer. Even though these comps are computer and mobile friendly. Sometimes one is slightly better than the other.
I vote mobile
Mobile - 1
Computer - 0


The only good thing with the new comps

5 Robbie626, Aug 14, 2018

there is no stress of having to use a computer to do a comp within 12 hours. At least you can do it on the phone at any time with wifi. For those wanting that stress back, everyone would agree with me on this one. I miss the old comps but let's faces it more users use this site on mobile than on a computer now aways. Flash is going to be replaced by HTML5 Games. Adobe said Flash will be obsolete eventually so going back is a bad move, but I would like to see the old comps become HTML5 from Flash. Randomize just keep moving forward with mobile compatibilities, please.


Bought Yellow/Orange PYN

11 Robbie626, Aug 13, 2018

My max color level will be light green since that is my favorite color. PYN and I will write a sweet and inspiring comment for you on this blog. :) you may comments what you need for motivation or simple trouble you been having. 😄😘
Amnesia_ - I hope today goes well for you and always smile because you will feel great and it will make others feel great too!
Foxy_Piplup - Hey dude! You were a great saboteur in my Trapped game. You were sneaky and did not let your perfect chances past you by. I have no doubt that you will miss important opportunities in life.
lhooper902976 - I do not really know you, but you always invited yourself to comment on my blogs and other small acts of kinds. I really appreciate it because it comes from your heart. Your friends are lucky to have a person like you.
dickiomusic2019 - Always believe in yourself even if you doubt yourself. We are all insecure in some aspect, but our souls are curious and confident to achieve goals. It is normal to fear and question things. Just believe hard enough and you will reach your goals.


LOL @ me having 4.7T$

11 fearlessfoxy, Aug 11, 2018

A bitch is broke. Please plus and comment, thank yew <3
#Rookies #Casting


You guys cannot read

4 Robbie626, Aug 10, 2018

admin wants to moderate multiple accounts but Randomize failed to implement a new improved tool for moderation yet. I do recall .es/.br tools to be outdated and useless. Yeah, you can mail a screenshot of people admitting to multi, but at the same time can be faked and no IP detection can prove the reporter or the accused. Tengaged learn from your lesson and respect moderation. They moderate unpaid and for the love of their community. The hate and disrespect can be tolerated for so long before a moderation strike to reoccur again. Not sure if anyone recalls the famous .es moderation strike that they send Randomize into stars to get his attention because he abandoned the site but people complained when tools were limited like admin. Kee0 your recpeints until the tools been added.


They need to lower the price of Rookies

1 fearlessfoxy, Aug 9, 2018

and Frookies. HECK even make them free, cause it's embarrassing (for the site) how long they take to fill up now - they used to be so popular.
#Rookies #Casting


New Rookies Game

8 Robbie626, Aug 7, 2018

Color Level: Yellow
Price: 15T$
Players: 14
Some inspirations from Casting,24/7 from Z site, and The Hunger Gamea.
Health: Your overall Tengaged health when enrolled will determine your time to compete for Veto.
Checks: Determines your overall activity all game and will determine the winner among the Final 3. Updates hourly.
- Assigns randomly among the Top 3 most active users based on checks for that day only.
- Can nominate 2 people for eviction.
- Can be won by earning most points in challenge.
- Time based on 50% strength as in health and 50% on checks. (100 based + 50 (100% health) + 40 (checks) = 190 seconds.
- if won you will lose 25% health.
R O O K I E Game
- Similar to keys in casting, sometimes letters will appear that will spell out R O O K I E. However the same letters might appear or may be different. These letters will be worth T$ when you are evicted from the game. The more unique letters you collect, the more T$ you can earn.
1 letter = 1T$
2 letters = 5T$
3 letters = 10T$
4 letters = 15T$
5 letters = 30T$
R O O K I E = 60T$
Diary Room
- You may speak to Big Brother only once per day change.
- You might get some extra checks (10 - 50) for an extra boost. (Common)
- You might get 1T$ (common)
- You might get a missing letter (rare)
- Nothing (Very common)
Kitchen Poll (like poll bush)
- You need to guess which slop can give you energy or 10 health or get food poisoning and lose 5 health. This is the only source to gain or lose health in the game once a day.  *you cannot die in rookies*
Bets are the same as normal
Game format (Algo noms 2 with lowest checks)
(HoH cannot evict their noms)
Day 1: 14 / Random HOH
Day 2: 14/ HOH/POV/4 Noms/9 voters
Day 3: 13/HOH/POV/4 Noms/8 voters
Day 4: 12/HOH/POV/4 Noms/7 voters
Day 5: 11/HOH/POV/4 Noms/6 voters
Day 6: 10/HOH/POV/4 Noms/5 voters
Day 7: 9/HOH/POV/4 Noms/4 voters
Day 8: 7/HOH/POV/3 Noms/3 voters
DAY 9: 6/POV/3 Noms/2 voters
Day 10: 5/POV/3 Noms/2 voters
Day 7 is programmed as a double eviction day. This game will be 5 real days with 12 hour day changes. I thought it would make Slow rookies more fun :)
1st: 80K-80T$
2nd: 40K-50T$
3rd: 25K-40T$
4th: 15K-30T$
5th: 10K-20T$
6th: 8K-15T$
7th: 6K-10T$
8th: 4K-5T$
9th: 2K-0T$


Something is missing

3 GoodKaren, Aug 7, 2018

Where is the red box around the top 5 designs


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