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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Nommed for 12th

15thJan 30, 2024 by lhooper902976
This day has been coming since being a counter for 15th. I know what I need to do to change this house up. I promise you'll see much more of me as the house burn. They thought I was timid but, wait until they here my lion's roar.
If I stay I'll have a good shot of changing the game over Nijoco since nobody trusts Nijoco in the game and they've burned too many bridges. 
Also I've played a crucial role in some of these previous sets that wouldn't have happened if I didn't put the work in.

So let this Target Stars rookie continue his redemption tour and burn the house down.
First vlog and not bad for someone with Aspergers.
Click Nijoco's button here
#fasting #casting frookies #rookies


Sent by Lucas_RFS,Jan 30, 2024
You were a counter for 15th?
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Jan 30, 2024
The Me and Outrage set Rafo threw , one of the couple he did.
Sent by lhooper902976,Jan 30, 2024
The other being halley and gnome
Sent by lhooper902976,Jan 30, 2024
Gl buddy :)
Sent by joe001,Jan 30, 2024
I'm sorry Logan but I didn't say at any time Halley and Gnome.
Sent by Rafo,Jan 30, 2024
According to my source you were 1 of the 2 who said it.
Sent by lhooper902976,Jan 30, 2024
And deny all you want you were playing scared and tried to get them up after the me and outrage set didn't get enough momentum
Sent by lhooper902976,Jan 30, 2024

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