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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Stars 801| Nommed for 13th

Mar 18, 2024 by SoulessGinger
Well tengaged here I sit nominated, for what? Playing the game so no I'm not going to be mad that me being targeted today resulted from me actually trying to play this game! This game has been super quiet almost every day until mid DC or closer to DC, and it's a spinning circle of lies , but I'm here to continue to navigate my through those lies and continue to play this game and make decisions that benefit me most💯

Even though Stars gives me nightmares and makes me get even less sleep than I already do, it challenges me to become a better player! So send me back into the house so I can continue to work my way through this game, and if not then so be it .

Much love from this Ginger ❤️



Sent by niceboy_ed,Mar 18, 2024

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