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Hopes for Eurovision 2020

3 TheGoodMan, May 19, 2019

I already booked a hotel in Amsterdam lol :S
Norway - Alexandra from Keiino should really go solo with a bop!
Sweden - A FUCKING WOMAN!!!!
France - To get a better televote (Amir?)
Spain - Someone NOT from OT (Rosalia would be fab but its not gonna happen)
Germany - S!STERS
Ireland - Samantha Mumba again
Israel - To stop the occupation of Palestine STILL
San Marino - Valentina and some kinda wacky 1 in 360 nonsense again
Kazakhstan - to debut iconically
Slovenia - Raiven
Austria - Paenda :(
Moldova - um OBVIOUSLY Lidia Isaac
Albania - Jonida with another slay
Belgium - Blanche
Netherlands - To not flop hosting it and send EDSILLA ROMBLEY!!
Denmark - To stop their reign of terror
Iceland - Silvia Night in collaboration with Hatari
Montenegro - Something equally terrible and nonsensical
Latvia - Aminata Savadogo!!
Lithuania - Lolita Zero
Estonia - Getter Jaani Rockefeller Street 9 year anniversary
Finland - Lordi?
Macedonia - Jana Burcescka with STAGING
Portugal- To not flop!
Czech Republic - Gabriela Guncikova
UK - Someone actually talented with a good song?
Italy - To snatch a trophy
Romania - some messy ass national final again with a flop winner
Hungary - Andras Kallay Saunders
Russia - T.A.T.U
Malta - To bring more bops but hopefully not flop televote wise
Ukraine - MARUV!!!
Australia - The Veronicas or Electric Fields
Georgia - Sopho
Cyprus - Eleni
Serbia - Not a ballad
Azerbaijan - something actually azerbaijani
Armenia - Iveta Mukuchuyan



9 hellocat, May 19, 2019

To celebrate Eurovision, we are having a battle between the best of the best. These will be each countries best placement in the contest (with some exceptions as you will soon see). If the country has placed their best result more than once then it will be decided by who received the most points. Their will be two semi finals and in the final we will see who's the best of the best. GOOD LUCK TO ALL COUNTRIES
(I am not including countries that do not participate any longer, exception of Bulgaria and Ukraine).
Albania- Rona Nishliu “Suus”
Armenia- Sirusho “Qele Qele”
Australia- Dami Im “Sound Of Silence”
Austria- Conchita Wurst “Rise Like a Phoenix”
Azerbaijan- Ell & Nikki “Running Scared”
Belarus- Dmitry Koldun “Work Your Magic”
Belgium- Sandra Kim “J'aime La Vie”
Bulgaria- Kristian Kostov “Beautiful Mess”
Croatia- Doris Dragovic “Marija Magdalena”
Cyprus- Eleni Foureira “Fuego”
Czech Republic- Mikolas Josef “Lie To Me”
Denmark- Emmelie De Forest “Only Teardrops”
Estonia- Elina Nechayeva “La Forza”
Finland- Lordi “Hard Rock Hallelujah”
France- Marie Myriam “L’oiseau et l'enfant”
Georgia- Sopho Nizharadze “Shine”
Germany- Lena “Satellite”
Greece- Helena Paparizou “My Number One”
Hungary- Joci Pápai “Origo”
Iceland- Yohanna “Is it True”
Ireland- Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan “Rock N Roll Kids”
Israel- Netta “Toy”
Italy- Mahmood “Soldi” (See Note 1)
Latvia- Marie N “I Wanna”
Lithuania- LT United “We are the winners”
Malta- Chiara “Angel”
Moldova- Sunstroke Project “Hey Mamma”
Montenegro- Knez “Adio”
Netherlands- Duncan Laurence “Arcade”
North Macedonia- Tamara Todevska “Proud”
Norway- Alexander Rybak “Fairytale”
Poland- Edyta Górniak “To Nie Ja”
Portugal- Salvador Sobral “Amar Pelos Dois”
Romania- Paula Seling and Ovi “Playing With Fire”
Russia- Dima Bilan “Believe”
San Marino- Serhat “Say Na Na Na”
Serbia - Marija Serifovic “Molitva”
Slovenia- Darja Švajger “Prisluhni Mi”
Spain- Massiel “La,La,La
Sweden- Loreen “Euphoria”
Switzerland- Celine Dion “Ne Partez Pas sans moi”
Ukraine- Jamala "1944"
United Kingdom- Katrina and the Waves “Love Shine A Light”
If You would like to be a jury member please show your interest (i need at least 18 jurors)
Jurors (9)
People who could be..


Eurovision 2019 - Final Reaction

4 MyMilkshakes, May 18, 2019

I feel a little weird about this actually. I LOVE Arcade and I'm SUPER happy the Netherlands won, especially considering that I'm trying to study abroad next year and would LOVE to be able to watch Eurovision in Amsterdam. However, I also LOVE a good shock winner, and when North Macedonia was in first place for the entire jury voting I was in complete SHOCK. I knew that they wouldn't do as good in the televote, but the fact that I was even under the impression for a SECOND that North Macedonia could WIN blew my mind. Also, as I am trying to study abroad in Italy, it would've been nice if they would've been able to win since it'd be easier for me. But, like I said I'm still VERY happy. This final was EXTREMELY strong and I genuinely enjoyed every performance this evening. Now onto my individual reviews
-TOP 5-
Netherlands - As I said in my intro, I'm VERY happy this won. I was even tearing up by the end of the performance because it's just such a beautiful song and performance. Everything about this worked, and I'm extremely happy that the Netherlands were able to win, especially considering that they have waited such a long time for this to happen again!! And I also LOVE Duncan and I'm so happy for him and the entire Dutch team!!
Italy - Ugh a song I actually like doing really well and being robbed AGAIN!!! Mahmood was REALLY good tonight, and I'm shocked that the press ever wrote this off to begin with. The performance was very slick, Mahmood sounded fantastic, and everything about it was great. Italy remains robbed yet again, as they have been every single year in the 2010s. And while I wish they would've been able to pull out a win, I am still very pleased that he was able to pull out a second place for Italy yet again, and if he was to lose to anyone, I'm glad it's the Netherlands. Italy is going to be hungry for a win now, and I really hope they'll get it soon.
Russia - Vastly overhyped which was expected. I'm a little mad that he got 6th in his semi and then was able to pull out a bronze medal here. However, him getting third again did make me chuckle a little bit. Still not a fan of this song, nor will I ever be, and let's hope we get a new performer for Russia next year.
Switzerland - Ugh SO close to beating Russia, and I really wish it did. While this song did grow off of me a lot, I LOVED the live performance and thought it was just super slick. Luca also sounded great and the song was just so much fun, that it helped reinvigorate my love for this song. I'm SUPER happy that Switzerland has finally gotten a good result again, and I really hope they continue this momentum now that they know what it's like to be back at the top!!
Norway - Still not a fan of this song, but I can't deny that it was VERY good tonight. KEiiNO really sold the song fantastically and even had me jamming along to it for a little bit. It'll take some time for me to see if this song grows back on me. I really don't think this deserved to win the..


Me & my friends screamed so hard

2 Juliann, May 18, 2019

When we won
I will be in Amsterdam next year WOOHOO


Congrats to

1 LoveMeLoveMe, May 18, 2019

The Netherlands
I feel bad for Czech Republic they was like 8th with juries and 25th with Televotes
Iceland lol they bring Palestine flag and they cut it lol



0 LoveMeLoveMe, May 18, 2019

Juries vote are so random anyone from top 8 can win


Top 5 for me

0 g1ng4, May 18, 2019




1 DracoMalfoy, May 18, 2019

France entry looks like a male tengaged avatar, hair and all


If Netherlands don’t win

0 g1ng4, May 18, 2019

I’ll riot, best song this year imo



3 hellocat, May 18, 2019

1- Albania
2- Norway
3- Italy
4- Australia
5- Greece
6- Malta
7- Switzerland
8- Netherlands
9- Cyprus
10- Sweden
11- Russia
12- Azerbaijan
13- Iceland
14- Czech Republic
15- San Marino
16- Spain
17- France
18- Estonia
19- United Kingdom
20- Serbia
21- North Macedonia
22- Belarus
23- Denmark
24- Germany
25- Israel
26- Slovenia



2 LiukBB, May 18, 2019

1 Netherlands
2 Australia
3 Iceland
4 Azerbajan
5 Sweden
6 Switzerland
7 Greece
8 Malta
9 Italy
10 Norway
12 Russia
13 North Macedonia
14 Czech
15 Albania
16 Spain
17 France
18 Serbia
19 Slovenia
20 Belarus
21 Estonia
22 Uk
23 San Marino
24 Israel
25 Denmark
26 Germany
But something inside me is saying that Iceland is winning this :(
And oen of the balkans can get top 10 over Italy


Eurovision 2019 - Final Prediction

3 MyMilkshakes, May 17, 2019

Since I don't have enough time / energy to write about every country, I will write a little blurb about who I think will be in the top 5. At the end, I'll list my full predictions in a list. Also, I'm usually subpar with guessing, but this year literally anything could happen and everything is still VERY open, so please take my predictions with a grain of salt. Anyways, let's start with...
1. Netherlands
Arcade by Duncan Laurence
I still really think this is going to take the victory. No one likes a predictable Eurovision final, but I think Duncan's win is inevitable at this point. He definitely won S2 considering he got a great spot in the running order, his song will appeal to both the juries and the televotes, and I just think this is a very good entry that deserves the win. Yes, people are saying this isn't a *winners* staging, but I think the simplicity will really help it stand out, especially being between Cyprus and Greece. Also, Israel didn't have the best staging last year, yet had the most popular song, which gave it the win. I think the same will be the same with the Netherlands this year, and I really think and hope that they'll be able to win!!
2. Australia
Zero Gravity by Kate Miller-Heidke
I think that Australia is going to be the runner up again this year, sadly for them. I think it may even be a little lower since the Europeans usually don't vote too heavily for Australia, and because juries usually don't rank opera songs too high. Yet, I still see this coming in second because everything about this entry is great. The staging elevates an already great song to be even better, and the running order also really helps this entry. This is definitely getting a deserved top 5 this year!
3. Switzerland
She Got Me by Luca Hänni
This is also benefitting a lot from having a great draw. Luca sounded fantastic last night, and I'm sure that he's going to do great with both the juries and the televotes. A lot of people compare this to Fuego too, and while I don't think it's as high impact which will cost it the win, I still think a lot of people are really going to love this song, and the running order also really helps this one out. While I'm not sure it'll finish this high, I think Switzerland definitely has a top 5 placing coming this year.
4. Sweden
Too Late For Love by John Lundvik
I wasn't really sure where to place this, because I KNOW the juries are going to rank this high. However, I literally just ranked the songs by YouTube views and Sweden is 10th from the semi, being the second lowest of the qualifiers (only higher than Denmark l0l). I feel like there is a very high probability that this will be another Cesar Sampson, where the juries absolutely love the entry, but the televotes don't rank it as high. Sweden should still be receiving a decent result though, and if the statistics of YouTube views don't really mean anything and he ends up being much more popular than it appears, I could see this..


Semi-Final 2 thoughts

4 Patrick319, May 17, 2019

For all the time I spent worrying about this semi-final, the 10 qualifiers ended up being rather predictable. I got 9/10 right, and would have had 10/10 had I followed my gut and replaced Romania with Albania.
I'm actually surprised that televote and jury only agreed on *7* qualifiers, because I was thinking there would be less discrepancy between the juries and public after seeing who got through, so I'm looking forward to the full breakdown.
🇲🇰 : This was expected, but I was still relieved when it got through. I didn't rate the studio version highly, but the live performance gave a whole new meaning to the song. The dress, the vocals, the visuals. Everything about this worked.
🇳🇱 : Winner of the semi IMO. My only problem with the performance were all the wide shots, but other than that perfection. The final minute gave me goosebumps.
🇦🇱 : God is real. You don't need staging when you have a voice like Jonida Maliqi. I'm so relieved this didn't get drowned out by what was around it in the running order, though I assume Albania barely qualified. Deserved.
🇸🇪 : The song has become kind of sterile in my opinion, but vocally this was perfect. Top 5 in the final.
🇷🇺 : I don't rate the song but Sergey sounded great. The visuals also worked better than I thought they would. Deserved.
🇦🇿 : This was a great show closer, though I do think the press over-hyped the staging. I only liked the first minute of staging. The rest felt kind of lost. However, Chingiz's ethnic wailing toward the end of the song was a moment.
🇩🇰 : I still hate it, but I get why it got through.
🇳🇴 : One of my favourites of the night. I thought Tom was a bit shaky vocally on second listen, but their energy was fantastic. They were clearly feeding off the crowd response. Probably top 5 in the televote.
🇨🇭 : This really stood out in what was a rather drab first half. I wouldn't be surprised if this WON the televote. Switzerland are back in it as a contender IMO.
🇲🇹 : There was no other choice for the tenth qualifier. I think the performance looked stunning and Michela was serving attitude which I was happy to see, but some of the camera angles didn't work in my opinion. But still, deserved qualifier.
🇦🇲 : Kind of disappointing to see what happened to Armenia this year. They had a good song, but I don't think it was right for Eurovision after all. Performing first also did them no favours. Something about this wasn't clicking for me, and I think it was the (lack of) staging.
🇮🇪 : The song has grown on me a lot and I thought the performance looked great, but Sarah looked really uncomfortable for some reason. A shame, but not a surprise that this didn't make it.
🇲🇩 : At the end of the day, a crap song is a crap song. Deserved non-qualifier.
🇱🇻 : I enjoyed this, but it was clearly doomed. Potential last place of the semi?
🇷🇴 : One of the biggest losses..


Eurovision 2019 - Semi Final 2 Reaction

3 MyMilkshakes, May 16, 2019

I really think I enjoyed Semi 1 much more than this one. This semi started out REALLY slow and it was also filled with a lot of generic songs which just don't do it for me. I'm quite pleased with the results, but then again, I really didn't care who qualified. The only thing I was stressed about was the possibility of Croatia taking the last spot since the cameras kept panning over to him. Only real failure I'm disappointed in is Romania, but the wide camera angles really took on a life of themselves during her performance. Anyways, here's my country by country reaction -
1. Armenia
Whoever in Armenia's broadcaster decided the best course of action was to have Srbuk standing alone doing nothing on the stage should be fired. This had A LOT of staging potential, but instead, the staging was just boring and fell flat. Srbuk also didn't seem to be hitting the high notes that well tonight either. Can't say I'm all too disappointed or surprised this flopped. I need Iveta back to save Armenia.
2. Ireland
I really love this performance and Sarah, as you all know. She looked a little nervous at the beginning but really improved by the end. I was hoping since she got a lot of camera time throughout the show it'd encourage people to vote for her, but alas, it didn't. I still love this song and I'm really happy with how the staging and the performance were!!
3. Moldova
Yawn. I cackled when she evaporated for literally no reason. "Snow" art was nice, but the song was boring.
4. Switzerland
This song has really grown off of me, but I really enjoyed it tonight!! The staging looked sleek and professional, and Luca performed it very well! I'm happy Switzerland is finally back in the final!
5. Latvia
Lovely song that I enjoy, but it just got swallowed and forgotten in the competition.
6. Romania
Ugh robbed!! Only real song I'm sad about not qualifying. I thought the stage show was really good, and she really stood out in the lineup of all of the songs. The camera angles were horrendous during this song though, which really took away from everything happening on stage. I really hope she got 11th, because this doesn't deserve to be Romania's worst result.
7. Denmark
BORING. WHOEVER voted for this should be ASHAMED of themselves, when there were so many more quality songs in the semi. The performance just came across as creepy and extremely forced. Doesn't deserve the final, but the locals have struck yet again.
8. Sweden
I laughed when this came on, because the production value of the first 5 seconds of this song was better than all of the previous songs combined. John was honestly getting swallowed by his backing vocalists at the end of the song, but it's a deserved qualifier I guess. This really doesn't deserve to win though.
9. Austria
I enjoyed the performance, but it didn't really do anything to stand out from the rest. A nice performance, that just like a lot of other songs in the first half,..


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