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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Chase

If you don't remember me...I was vermills3737 while I was gone!

Discord: vermills#7284

lucy54 0 min ago
Wade, you could take a shit on my rug and I’d keep you safe.
You’re alpha and I’m living for it.

lucy54 0 min ago
If my house was on fire and I could save Wade or my own mother, lord know my mama burning to a crisp.

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Day 7
27 Jan, 23
Day 6
25 Jan, 23
29 Jan, 23
27 Jan, 23
24 Jan, 23
24 Jan, 23
23 Jan, 23

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  1. this weirdo is trying to ruin vote
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  3. STOP
  4. someone gift me the
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  7. Day 3 of trying to get rid of
  8. Plus if James is annyoing3rd
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  11. I hate how on mobile
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  15. Winter Wonderland
  16. With that frooks win
  17. I really hope you thirsty
  18. That guy was chill in frooks sheesh
  19. Last 4 frooks
  20. What did MattM do?

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