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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Ali George

My Games 27 games played

Day 1
5 May, 21
29 Apr, 21
29 Apr, 21
27 Apr, 21
25 Apr, 21
12 Apr, 21
6 Apr, 21

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  1. my version about @yus222vote
  2. my version about #yus222vote
  3. I have not ruined any charityvote7th
  4. EUROVISION 2021vote20th
  5. Next rookies is bonico charityvote10th
  6. My Body super narrowvote17th
  7. false and treacherous obsessivevote12th
  8. my father wants to throw me out of the house5th
  9. help me I am undecided4th
  10. I wish you a magical day11th
  11. I HAPPY I DIVA long live my tits6th
  13. Hi bonicos 馃挅 Selfie10th
  14. My dream 16th
  15. MODS ignore me14th
  16. PYN BONICOS5th
  17. I am sad. I do not understand anything8th
  18. who makes me happy with hair like this 10th
  19. I'm afraid i am being harassed6th
  20. my fat ass HOT1st

Last mentions of AliBonico

  1. kingjames13 said: ..So what鈥檚 the deal ..
  2. Minie said: ..fuck you flat ass bitch @alibonico..
  3. jdog said: ..I Can't Believe..
  4. Letal said: ..When I click bet..
  5. Galaxies said: ..Frookies drama isn鈥檛 interesting anymore ..
  6. Carfz said: ..About the failed charity..
  7. sosyomomma said: ..@Brandonator ugh its so small and blurry, i tried betting on my computer and it wont let me bet on @alibonico..
  8. JeyCeePina said: ..@alibonico desgraciado, deja de joder a la gente, deja de inventarte historias. Que si esas historias de PUTA mierda fueran real..
  9. JeyCeePina said: ..@yus222v no worries, @alibonico is the biggest shit of tengaged..
  10. FighterMan said: ..I stan..
  11. Lauttyy said: ..Fuck you @AliBonico and all the bonicos in this site..
  12. Lauttyy said: ..Reprersentation..
  13. boyfriend said: ..No title..
  14. rohanprabhu said: ..i think we all know by now..
  15. NotNicky333 said: ..FUCK YOU @ALIBONICO..
  16. woah said: ..Fuck you @alibonico!!..
  17. DBonee said: ..@AliBonico is an absolute moron and you shouldn't waste more than half a second worrying about anything they think. ..
  18. yus222 said: ..@AliBonico Can i join..
  19. yus222 said: leave me alone i have been so nice to you on here @AliBonico..
  20. yus222 said: ..My version of events..

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16 to Bluejay7622in #212642now playing
16 to quackattack817in #212637now playing
16 to AlanDuncanin #212632now playing
16 to Uzedain #212617now playing
16 to iGolderin #212613now playing
16 to FireXin #212607now playing
16 to KingB24in #212595now playing
16 to WorkBitchin #212591now playing
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