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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is from your envy my fame is born

In a relationship with obscurity ♥
4/4/13 - Forever

Only 5518 more karma to Chromatica 🥲

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  1. It never ceases to amaze mevote
  2. Imagine requesting a ban vote
  3. Anyone else wake up at 5 Am vote
  4. Took like two weeks offvote
  5. My ex is dead vote
  6. Sports geek is one of the reasons vote
  7. Did any of y'all have moon sand growing up?
  8. Finally canceled Netflix 🥰
  9. Not the Amanda redemption arc
  10. Squid game of love song contest.
  11. Why do iPhones have to be rude?
  12. Now if Sam ham sandwich had blogged
  13. why did yall let this flop?
  14. You know Gagaluv got on the phone with Rando8th
  15. All I know is
  16. Could yall imagine
  17. Watching scream 4
  18. Oh it’s J*smina’s ad?
  19. Keep hearing there is mercury in
  20. Concerning that someone has a top blog

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