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Hello, my name is ℬran (Beef Wellington [Little Joshica {Quinn Pensky |Kathy Santoni|}])

DO!!!! NOT!!!!! DO!!!!! IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fangs up vipers v-v 2011-2011

[10:01:59 PM] *** Brandon removed Thabrina [Sterling] from this conversation. ***
[10:02:03 PM] Brandon: Hmm what was that?
[10:02:17 PM] Nikola!!!!!!!: *the elevator starts to go up again*
[10:02:20 PM] *** austin |-/ added Thabrina [Sterling] ***
[10:02:20 PM] *** Kenneth added Thabrina [Sterling] ***
[10:02:24 PM] austin |-/: stop the bullying
[10:02:33 PM] Kenneth: i cant believe it took two people to add sterling
[10:02:39 PM] isaiah: i can

[12:09:32 AM] Brandon: Honestly Yax run his mouth so much thats why one of his lips ran away

are ur parents proud of u
Sent by Yaxha,Aug 23, 2014
yaxha IDK I'd ask them if they were alive.
Sent by Moonfelar,Aug 23, 2014

i didnt read this but ur stupid as fuck and ur father is ugly like u
Sent by Yaxha,Aug 28, 2015
Yaxha my father is dead asshole
Sent by flamergamer8,Aug 28, 2015

[11:02:32 PM] Kenneth: i had a dream once that i was playing bb
and the week one hoh told me "well the thing is... i dont want to advance in this game with black people..."

[12:04:08 AM] Sterling | Naomi: man: what are you wearing
[12:04:12 AM] Sterling | Naomi: Art: crumbs

[12/13/16, 9:45:09 PM] Nikola: no offense this girl looks like schnitzel from chowder
[12/13/16, 9:45:15 PM] Nikola: u know
[12/13/16, 9:45:17 PM] Nikola: radda radda

[11/26/14, 5:29:43 PM] Sterling.: *al looks at TV*
[11/26/14, 5:29:51 PM] Sterling.: Now lets see whats happening in your neck of the woods :)
[11/26/14, 5:30:02 PM] Sterling.: *tornado whips thru white peoples homes*

[10:08:51 PM] Ben: branden u got rhianna levels of forehead
[10:09:03 PM] Brantoinette: i take pride in my forehead
[10:09:16 PM] Brantoinette: thats the first pic of me ive unveiled in like 2 years thats a milestone for me
[10:09:22 PM] biblegirl666: Branden's hairline more invisible than benry in a staples

[4/25/15, 12:31:38 PM] Thomas: When I find myself in times of trouble
[4/25/15, 12:31:44 PM] Thomas: Stacy Layne Matthews comes to me
[4/25/15, 12:31:49 PM] Thomas: Speaking words of wisdom
[4/25/15, 12:31:52 PM] Thomas: "Henny pls"

[5/2/17, 10:45:04 PM] Benji: actually the best part is when hes like "i should go to sleep its a school night"
[5/2/17, 10:45:08 PM] Benji: after just riding his brother raw

[6/15/17, 2:50:27 PM] aj: Honey please call me ASAP. Our apartment has been robbed. They took everything. I can't stop crying.
[6/15/17, 2:50:43 PM] branbranbran: Let’s play Checkers

[7/2/17, 2:09:29 PM] aj: (")^~^(") paws up little CLATters

[5/3/16, 12:25:27 AM] Survivor233: I'm getting baptized
[5/3/16, 12:25:28 AM] Survivor233: Tomorrow
[5/3/16, 12:25:33 AM] Survivor233: God is real
[5/3/16, 12:27:53 AM] Taylor: Which bathbomb are you going to put in the water?

[12/7/16, 12:17:51 AM] Alaska:
[12/7/16, 12:17:53 AM] Alaska: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[12/7/16, 12:17:56 AM] strolyeon: WHAT
[12/7/16, 12:17:59 AM] strolyeon: DID YOU
[12/7/16, 12:18:00 AM] strolyeon: DO
[12/7/16, 12:18:07 AM] brɑn: its a cape

[6/11/16, 12:57:54 AM] Taylor: Watch Christina's next single go straight to #11

[7/14/17, 7:53:40 PM] Tymler Poirier: Bran was the funniest person on the cast hands down
[7/14/17, 7:53:50 PM] Stephen Lehman (swordfish): Honestly the truth
[7/14/17, 7:54:15 PM] Erik Ward: bran is the funniest person in the world legitimately.
[7/14/17, 7:54:50 PM] Stephen Lehman (swordfish): He's a comedy queen what else needs to be said

Sent by Yaxha,May 7, 2015
Sent by Clone,May 7, 2015
Yaxha What the fuck are you talking about I'm trying to be serious and you're being a goof. I can only be nice for so long.
Sent by Jkjkjk15,May 7, 2015

[5/17/15, 10:36:29 PM] sailor glamtron: Kelly's weight always fluctuates but she's athletic enough to jump 97 spots to #1 in a single week

catch my breath is about her experience walking up a flight of stairs
Sent by obscurity,May 17, 2015

my life would suck without you is about when they discontinued twinkies
Sent by obscurity, May 18, 2015

[7/19/15, 2:51:24 AM] Abel: I don't mean
[7/19/15, 2:51:36 AM] Abel: To sound like a 40 year old white man
[7/19/15, 2:51:48 AM] Abel: But my fave food is the cheeseburger

[11/1/15, 6:15:43 PM] isaiah: this little bitch ass kid
[11/1/15, 6:15:48 PM] isaiah: dressed up as a grape for halloween
[11/1/15, 6:15:56 PM] kola: just 1???

[12:38:25 AM] mario: ew who invited that nasty racist homophobic binky from Arthur shaped bitch in here

[4/18/16, 11:20:39 PM] niko: my grindr profile says "please"
[9/8/16, 10:12:14 PM] nik: one night i spent
[9/8/16, 10:12:16 PM] nik: 2 hours reading
[9/8/16, 10:12:19 PM] nik: the conspiracy theory thread
[9/8/16, 10:12:21 PM] nik: and let me just say
[9/8/16, 10:12:25 PM] nik: selena's dad killed her
[9/8/16, 10:12:27 PM] nik: it wasnt yolanda

[5/2/16, 10:36:27 PM] Mama AJ ♥'s Sim & Sara: i thought i was gonna die
[5/2/16, 10:36:35 PM] Mama AJ ♥'s Sim & Sara: after i had a little taste of my piss

[7/16/17, 10:27:43 PM] nikoola: i have to pass
[7/16/17, 10:27:45 PM] nikoola: a drug test
[7/16/17, 10:27:48 PM] Clara Janine Klum: LOL

you talkin to me
Sent by gibby,Jul 21, 2015

bufufyne 0 min ago
Titty boy your mom is dead because she's a herione addict and your father didn't support you because he drank his hopes and dreams into the bottle so you had to sell ur ass on the streets, don't step to me

[7:31:45 PM] isaiah: i already have
[7:31:48 PM] isaiah: a snatch game character
[7:31:50 PM] isaiah: and its so ugly
[7:31:51 PM] isaiah: and so rude
[7:31:59 PM] Torsa Pino: is it u
[7:32:02 PM] Torsa Pino: are u doing urself

[4/13/15, 6:59:51 PM] Torsa Styles: harry styles looks like a foot

[8/15/15, 12:20:38 AM] torsa ibarra: Billy flay fieri
[8/15/15, 12:20:45 AM] torsa ibarra: I don't know why I thought of that

[8/31/15, 9:25:03 PM] Torsa McGuire: omg shit
[8/31/15, 9:25:04 PM] Torsa McGuire: i sent that
[8/31/15, 9:25:08 PM] Torsa McGuire: to the wrong theater thug
[8/31/15, 9:25:09 PM] Torsa McGuire: i mean
[8/31/15, 9:25:09 PM] Torsa McGuire: person

[9/16/15, 4:45:23 PM] Torsa - Attending Daniel's Funeral: fred fredd and freddie

And why would the furry thing embarrass me? It's like the least weird thing I'm into. I own human bones (legally). Hell, I'm obsessed with bones. I have a realistic skeleton permanently at my kitchen table named Wellington. I did drag. I made puppets for a while. I'm not trying to be unique, I just feel fine being me. So why do I care if people know I'm a furry? There are like 12 heads buried in my front yard right now (don't worry non human I'm not insane, it's just to break down the tissue before the maceration process).

1. Bran getting himself and Nay booted out of Olympics- When someone gets removed from a game it takes a lot of proof and hoping you get a snitch to rat the person out. Well I got the best snitch no money could buy in Bran when he handed over the actual chat logs of him and Nay cheating (after sending me a spongebob picture instead) and getting them both booted out. Ryan and I often have calls when serious shit is going down in our games, and despite making a decision that would end the game for two entertaining players and force a merge I was laughing the whole time. The chat logs on there own were hilarious where Nay states ‘we shouldn’t be doing this it’s against the rules’ and then they both proceed to continue to break the rules, and the dumbest fight ever that occurred in the viewing lounge afterwards.

700 - #Clone & #dak236 & #Slice & #Yaxha: For 700 we have a quartet of cunts! These four bitches are some of the weirdest, grossest, & most cringeworthy clique ever assembled. They're just so.... blagh. I can't deal with them. We all played a Casting together & these 4 along with their actually tolerable other premade members joined too. They literally spent all the DCs attacking me & two of my best friends, JordanLloydFan & Ethan000 for seemingly no reason. They really had nothing better to do than to spam the Casting for Keys by insulting us. Ethan especially did absolutely nothing to them & they still found a way to come for him. Clone, dak236, Slice, & Yaxha truly are the epitome of disgusting trash on this website & I think they all need to see a psychiatrist before joining another Casting.



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