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Liza Minnelli

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Genuinely Nov 21, 2023
imagewhy did I have a spam message form someone asking me to bet on them in Rookies???? Like you don't even benefit from that lmao
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Does anyone do delivery services Nov 19, 2023
like Doordash?

If so is it just like the drivers sometimes are totally incompetent or can y'all not see the same map that the ppl who order see?? BC I will have problems with these ppl finding my apartment and then I will check the map and they are fully like 4 buildings away from mine and the map is super accurate????
Points: 45 3 comments
Is something going on Nov 10, 2023
imageIn Tengaged this week why did BB5 get like 70%
Points: 49 3 comments
Anyways stream BUSTED Nov 10, 2023
imageBy DJ Bowie Jane until she gets her 750k back‼️‼️‼️
Points: 22 1 comments
Join survivor at 5 am EST Nov 9, 2023
imagenot right now
Points: 8 2 comments
I’m guessing someone is banned Nov 5, 2023
imageOr went inactive bc I am somehow back in the top 200 on Tengaged dot com
Points: 33 4 comments