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16HuntersHuntersby IceBeastHunt or Be Hunted210Points18Members
Petro's minionsPetro's minionsby PetroHG wins. Gifts. Frookies Wins. Survivor Merges.202Points16Members
18Little Monsters LMLittle Monsters LMby gagaluvLuv Lady Gaga199Points16Members
19#FriendsBeforeWins#FriendsBeforeWinsby YaddddiggzI'll be there for you189Points17Members
20BritsBritsby bibblesIt does exactly what it says on the tin!187Points21Members
21The Dark SideThe Dark Sideby Katherinee_THE BADDEST BITCHES FROM ALL183Points18Members
Mean GaysMean Gaysby titoburitto181Points16Members
The Beer Society!The Beer Society!by StraightLoonieBeer? Yes Please!!!!174Points13Members
24River VixensRiver Vixensby Vanili172Points13Members
2550 Shades of Blonde50 Shades of Blondeby seana86Keeping it Classy .... not Trashy!149Points11Members
Nana'sNana'sby konohavillage1#GETBUNNYCATINTOSTARS147Points11Members
27Noobville!Noobville!by C00LDUDE1000Welcome to Noobville! In this frat, we brag about how noobish we are, we join fastings together in large premades, and we vote out everyone who has a good avatar!145Points17Members
EL HOESEL HOESby Vlad21144Points12Members
The PGAThe PGAby EricCartmanA sorority filled with the finest PGA sisters. 139Points10Members
30Black Girl MagicBlack Girl Magicby HalloweenBlack Girl Magicians138Points14Members

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