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16HuntersHuntersby IceBeastHunt or Be Hunted190Points16Members
17The Slay TrainThe Slay Trainby BlueStar1367Don't join to play, join to slay! 189Points20Members
SuperficialSuperficialby Survivor_season1It's all about the money honey!185Points16Members
19Mean GaysMean Gaysby titoburitto183Points15Members
The Game ChangersThe Game Changersby GentlemanGGame changing moves, willing to change the game.160Points14Members
21Petro's minionsPetro's minionsby PetroHG wins. Gifts. Frookies Wins. Survivor Merges.152Points11Members
22HBICsHBICsby brandonpinzuWe came to slay, bitch.149Points10Members
23ashley artichoke sheepashley artichoke sheepby ashszokeJosh Martinez.149Points13Members
Conf. Brasileira de Futebo..Conf. Brasileira de 12375iBONDE DAS MELHORES 145Points23Members
Nana'sNana'sby konohavillage1#GETBUNNYCATINTOSTARS137Points10Members
26The Beer Society!The Beer Society!by StraightLoonieBeer? Yes Please!!!!137Points10Members
50 Shades of Blonde50 Shades of Blondeby seana86Keeping it Classy .... not Trashy!136Points10Members
River VixensRiver Vixensby Vanili136Points10Members
Team LoyalTeam Loyalby Lemjam6Loyalty is everything.132Points10Members
30The Royal PalaceThe Royal Palaceby Kelly2722Feel like a Queen129Points11Members

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