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31Smile MoreSmile Moreby heatherlumThe Smile More frat is a frat for people who want to make themselves and others smile more. Our main goal is to spread positivity on tengaged threw actions and words. 121Points11Members
32Stark NationStark Nationby ohheydudeskiThe North Remembers121Points10Members
33#ChemBots#ChemBotsby Scaleneall we do is chemistry, workout, grindr hook up and sleep118Points10Members iTy990What makes a Champion?118Points15Members heatherbearEvery lady needs a latte!!117Points9Members
36ChristianityChristianityby Christian_Blessed is the Lord115Points10Members
37On the EdgeOn the Edgeby JackEdgeAKAtheEdgeRaise your fist. Be yourself.114Points15Members
38Church of Katiecatfun8888Church of Katiecatfun8888by maturoHere, we worship the goddess 114Points10Members
39Ded RewddDed Rewddby FoxoxAussies + Friends.... 110Points8Members
40VENUSVENUSby donaamThe Regulars™106Points8Members
41Hilary DuffHilary Duffby nicknack#hilary2016106Points8Members
42EL HOESEL HOESby Vlad21102Points8Members
43Mama ShirleyMama Shirleyby ShirleyTerezinhaLook good.100Points10Members
44AnonymousAnonymousby MinieWe are back 99Points7Members
45Heartbreakers 2.0Heartbreakers 2.0by Wisconsinite96Rule #1: Remember to have fun! 97Points9Members

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