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31VENUSVENUSby donaamThe Regulars™106Points8Members
32Tribo das DanadasTribo das Danadasby dayS2Danadinha$103Points10Members
33House LannisterHouse Lannisterby XxLoveWakizaxXEveryone who isn't us is an enemy.98Points9Members
34phUNphUNby OlympiaRepresenting Tengaged since 2009 98Points8Members
35The EpicsThe Epicsby Zedd95Points7Members
36The Click XDThe Click XDby Tigger93Points10Members
37NoobNoobby C00LDUDE1000OOF! We r profeshunal noobs.92Points10Members
38HBICsHBICsby brandonpinzuWe came to slay, bitch.90Points6Members
39LaurismoLaurismoby Laura2190Points8Members
40ashley artichoke sheepashley artichoke sheepby ashszokeJosh Martinez.89Points7Members
41ChristianityChristianityby Christian_Blessed is the Lord89Points8Members
42The lrrelevantsThe lrrelevantsby kasey2011Are you lrrelevant? Then Join :)88Points9Members
43Smash Bros Fan ClubSmash Bros Fan Clubby hayden9102A frat based on loyalty, trust, and love85Points8Members
44Ded RewddDed Rewddby FoxoxAussies + Friends.... 84Points6Members
45#ChemBots#ChemBotsby AllieBoBallieall we do is chemistry, workout, grindr hook up and sleep84Points6Members

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