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31Fine Fresh FierceFine Fresh Fierceby ElectraViv★ Fine, Fresh, Fierce! ★ 129Points10Members
32Black Girl MagicBlack Girl Magicby HalloweenBlack Girl Magicians119Points12Members heatherbearEvery lady needs a latte!!117Points9Members
34phUNphUNby MichelleObamaRepresenting Tengaged since 2009 116Points12Members
35Ded RewddDed Rewddby FoxoxAussies + Friends.... 110Points8Members
36EL HOESEL HOESby Vlad21108Points10Members
37VENUSVENUSby donaamThe Regulars™106Points8Members
38ChristianityChristianityby Christian_Blessed is the Lord104Points9Members
39AnonymousAnonymousby MinieWe are back 100Points7Members
40Stark NationStark Nationby ohheydudeskiThe North Remembers98Points8Members
41The EpicsThe Epicsby Zedd95Points7Members
42Anime ClubAnime Clubby NegaSubFor lovers and followers of Anime! 94Points10Members
43The Click XDThe Click XDby Tigger93Points10Members
44#ChemBots#ChemBotsby Scaleneall we do is chemistry, workout, grindr hook up and sleep93Points8Members
45Conf. Brasileira de Futebo..Conf. Brasileira de 12375iBONDE DAS MELHORES 85Points14Members

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