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31We Are Sisters!We Are Sisters!by EyooMarcus#WAS!104Points9Members
32ChristianityChristianityby Christian_Blessed is the Lord103Points9Members
33Tribo das DanadasTribo das Danadasby dayS2Danadinha$100Points10Members
34House LannisterHouse Lannisterby XxLoveWakizaxXEveryone who isn't us is an enemy.97Points9Members
35Ded RewddDed Rewddby FoxoxAussies + Friends.... 95Points7Members
36The EpicsThe Epicsby Zedd95Points7Members
37The Click XDThe Click XDby Tigger93Points10Members
38Mon DieuMon Dieuby coreyantsFrançais, s'il vous plaît92Points9Members
39HBICsHBICsby brandonpinzuWe came to slay, bitch.90Points6Members
40Frooks NationFrooks Nationby mbarnish1Where only true frooks legends belong90Points8Members
41Saints & SinnersSaints & Sinnersby JordanLloydFan⚜ & ☠88Points7Members
42phUNphUNby OlympiaRepresenting Tengaged since 2009 88Points7Members
43The lrrelevantsThe lrrelevantsby kasey2011Are you lrrelevant? Then Join :)87Points9Members
44#ChemBots#ChemBotsby AllieBoBallieall we do is chemistry, workout, grindr hook up and sleep84Points6Members
45Keeping it RealKeeping it Realby RedWing91Friends Before a Win83Points10Members

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