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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Almeida008

- I'm not a cool brazilian like Almeida (trickdaddy6)
- Manu this is Caique. a brazillian egotistical asshole with no morals and a lot of claims that he carries a big dick. He is rude, hates black people, a dentist/surfer, and he is currently pale as fuck from not tanning (daveycool) 鈽狅笍
- i work at a place where i change lives! and help people for the better. you work to fix naughty kids teeth that don't deserve it
we literally are not the same
news flash boo.. surfing isn't a job 馃Ζ (daveycool himself again)

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24 Nov, 23
1 Nov, 23
15 Oct, 23
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28 Sep, 23
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6 Aug, 23

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  1. daveycool said: ..please refrain from mailing me ..
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  1. Almeida008 bet on JohnPopper 15T$ in game #225336 1 hour
  2. Almeida008 bet on disneygeek 22T$ in game #225331 1 hour
  3. Almeida008 bet on Machu 22T$ in game #225309 2 days
  4. Almeida008 bet on Machu 18T$ in game #225309 2 days
  5. Almeida008 bet on GiNi 22T$ in game #225288 2 days
  6. Almeida008 added a comment on post "I hate when guys" 3 days
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  9. Almeida008's bet on Robynn won 5.2T$ in game #225236 3 days
  10. Almeida008's bet on WorkBitch won 1.1T$ in game #225236 3 days
  11. Almeida008's bet on Zeptis won 44.0T$ in game #225223 3 days
  12. Almeida008 replied to topic Stars Player of the Year on group Tengaged Award Show - 2023 4 days
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15 to JohnPopperin #225336now playing
22 to disneygeekin #225331now playing
22 to Machuin #225309now playing
22 to GiNiin #225288now playing
1 to biminibonboulashin #225274now playing
22 to FlamingJojoin #225260won: 0.0
22 to CallMeTheGOATin #225237won: 28.6
2 to Marililain #225236won: 2.4
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