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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Rohan

White: May 31st 2020
Yellow: June 11th 2020
Orange: June 30th 2020
Light Green: August 11th 2020
Green: September 6th 2020
Blue: September 12th 2020
Purple: December 17th 2020
Red: January 8th 2021
Brown: Not acquired
Black: Not acquired
Silver: Not acquired
Gold: Not acquired
Sky: Not acquired
Blood: Not acquired
TV Star: Not acquired

Fraternity:Caluclus Cult since Janurary 13th 2021

I plus all spam

Favorite Shows: Cobra Kai,The Office, Boy Meets World
Favorite Movies: Knives Out, Thor Ragnorok, Little Giants
Favorite Sports:Soccer,Football,Skiing
Favorite Colors:Orange,Green,Pink
Favorite Foods: Tacos,Nachos,Cheeseburger with Pickeles
Favorite Actors: Sylvester Stalone, Chris Evans, Zendaya
Favorite Songs: Story Of My Life, My Lighthouse, Perfect
Favorite Football Teams: Seahawks,Jets,Broncos
Favorite Soccer Teams:Sounders,Liverpool,Tottenham
Favorite Basketball Teams:Pelicans,76ers,Mavericks
Favorite Football Players: Deshaun Watson,Russel Wilson,Peyton Manning
Favorite Soccer Players:Pele,Mane,Salah
Favorite Basketball Players:Joel Embid,Zion Williamson,James Harden

My Games 270 games played

Day 4
4 Mar, 21
1 Mar, 21
28 Feb, 21
28 Feb, 21
27 Feb, 21
27 Feb, 21
26 Feb, 21

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