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My baby is 9

3rdDec 9, 2021 by SAWCHUK55
imageToday and acts more mature than 98 percent of this site hahaha!

Happy b day first womb nuggets


Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Dec 9, 2021
Awwh hope he/she/they has a good day
Sent by Chic,Dec 9, 2021
Awee jadine
Sent by BURBERRY,Dec 9, 2021
awww, so cute
Sent by skyler1822,Dec 9, 2021
awe yas
Sent by YasGaga,Dec 9, 2021
Awwwww that’s so sweet and your statement is probably incredibly accurate!!! Much love for you and your family ❤️
Sent by FromAWindow,Dec 9, 2021
Omg my birthday is today too!
Sent by BbDamian,Dec 9, 2021
Happy birthday bbdamian
Sent by SAWCHUK55,Dec 9, 2021
Sent by Cromatique,Dec 9, 2021
Aw happy birthday!
Sent by brightongal,Dec 9, 2021
Sent by J2999,Dec 9, 2021
awww wifey happy birthday to your daughter :)
Sent by Thumper91,Dec 9, 2021
HAHAHA he sure does act more mature than most of this site

happy birthday!
Sent by MikeRORO,Dec 9, 2021
omgggg, cuteee
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Dec 9, 2021
She looks young for 9!
Sent by tonym101101,Dec 9, 2021
Sent by Tyrion,Dec 9, 2021
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