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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Jay, winner of the first mod fast stars

I'm 18 btw hehe

Peak HOF Position: 675th

Current karma/game: 18.04

Best merge streak: 5 (Current: 5)

Total merges: 8

Color levels:

White: 01/22/21
Yellow: 02/03/21
Orange: 02/23/21
Light Green: 04/12/21
Green: 04/20/21
Blue: 04/22/21
Purple: 04/28/21
Red: 05/08/21
Brown: 05/16/21
Black: 05/25/21
Silver: 06/13/21
Gold: 07/11/21
Sky: 07/20/21 - ?

Best Tengaged achievements:

Fasting: Winner (1st) [2]
(Special Fasting 1: 4th place
Special Fasting: The Ruins - 8th place)
Casting: Winner (1st) [4]
Frookies: 6th Jury Member (4th place, voted for runner-up)
Rookies: Winner (1st)
Survivor: 20th place - 2 merges
The Hunger Games: 8th place
Stars: ?
(Fast Stars: Winner [55.9% against Crimsonteer and phonee])

Karma milestones:
100K: 2/28/21
200K: 4/14/21
500K: 5/29/21
1000K: 7/11/21

Group games history:

- Survivor
1. 10th place - Mrkk’s Survivor: Fiji (2nd Jury Member, voted for runner-up) [UND]
2. 15th place - Suitman's Survivor 79: Okinawa
3. 4th place - Gaia's Survivor: Croatia (6th Jury Member, voted for runner-up) [HOTS]
4. 11th place - C&A Survivor: Seven Seas [ROBD]
5. 4th place - Logan's Survivor: Mystery Island (6th Jury Member, voted for winner)

- Big Brother
1. 12th place - Cutthroat Challenge: New York
2. 8th place - JRBB 14: Judgment Day (4th Jury Member, voted for runner-up) [UND]
3. 12th place - Lockdown: First Generation
4. 3rd place - Nano's Big Brother 8 (9th Jury Member, voted for runner-up)

- Others
1. 8th place - Will's One-Off 5: Endurance (Partner: yus222)
2. Winner - Logan Hooper’s CBS Blog Game 3 (4-3 against Jacadeux) [VOTS]
3. 19th place - Noah's The Challenge: The Island
4. 6th place - Crash Pad: Perfect Match (Perfect Match: noobsmoke13) [HOTS]
5. 11th place - Noah's The Challenge: War of the Worlds
6. 6th place - Noah's The Challenge: Free Agents
7. 12th place - Crash Pad All-Stars: Battle Royale
8. 3rd place - Ian's The Challenge: Double Agents (Partner: Mybash_)
9. Winner - Joee323's The Amazing Race 1 (Partner: chibideidara)
10. Quit - Noah’s The Challenge: The Gauntlet
11. Runner-up - Clash of the Series 3: Winner's Invasion (3-8-0 against harrywasnak and Jaybirdnifty) [POTS]

Quotes of 2021:

“4th: jay! king i honestly was so glad u got final hoh bc i wanted u to have some power and i didnt want u to get cut for 5th like that. i had ur back as best i could and always saved u when u were nominated. great game dude, it was a pleasure working with you <3“ - Washed_Ravioli

“9th - we didnt talk you seem nice af” - christossss

"Jay was such a delight to have, definitely my favorite newbie this season. His confessionals were insightful, and despite being seen as an UTR player, Jay had played arguably one of the better games. Jay was very calculated in his gameplay but also just a genuinely good guy. He was loyal and I don’t think anyone has a bad thing to say about Jay" - Gaiaphagee

“I didn’t know what to expect from Jay when we casted him, but he delivered. He wasn’t afraid to play the game, and he played it pretty honestly. He carried Livingston to his first challenge win, and wasn’t afraid to go after both Lexi & Noah. He stepped up to play the elim against Kelly knowing he would probably lose, but he didn’t give up. Jay was a breath of fresh air for Crash Pad.“ - harrywasnak

“thanks for putting up w me in perfect match LMAO i wouldn't want to slay noah kondon w anyone else, ur a king!” - noobsmoke13

“Fucking icon. I raved about you in the crash pad assesment and you also slayed logans CBS game. We may not be bffs but you still hella joined to help me out. I tried to make sure you got far so you could earn some karma. Ty for helping me it meant a LOT.” - FireX

“i hate it when people have good things people have said about me quotes on their profile” - rowjone

“You are such a strong competitor, even though we are not on the same side ever. I see potential in you. Hope this makes up for the 20T you lost.” - Minie

“Honestly? I'm a fan. You mentioned being a fan when I played Suitman's and I'm so glad you enjoyed the season! Definitely a legend.” - (anonymous)

“Jay - We literally did not talk at all but like you were so iconic with those veto wins. I did try to save you in the end just in case, I hope next game we work together!” - Eilish

My Games 80 games played

Day 1
27 Jul, 21
Day 1
26 Jul, 21
Day 7
24 Jul, 21
Day 11
22 Jul, 21
21 Jul, 21
19 Jul, 21
16 Jul, 21

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