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Hello, my name is Regina George, and I am a massive deal.
Ugh.. I have so much to say but I'll try not to say a lot.

Frankly, I'm extremely disappointed. This was the theme that was my absolute favorite. I LOVE horror, I LOVE scary scenes in movies and most of these submissions are literally 'wtf"-s to me.

1. "'Songs To Play While You Murder Someone' is your theme this week.

I don't think this theme needs MUCH of an explanation... just submit a song that would be playing in the background of a movie while you were killing someone."

This was your theme?? Even if you don't think of a full horror movie but even if it's just more of a drama or crime show that you think of... i still don't get it. most of these picks absolutely don't fit the theme. like how did you all come up with these?

The theme itself meant the act of you being a character in a movie and YOU killing someone. How would these songs fit the scene where you for example chase the final girl in the woods? or when you silently stab your best friend in the back? I'm not saying there were 0 good picks but most of these picks are absolutely wtfs to me.

This was NOT about you creating a story about a scary story and then making a theme song to it. It's about the SCENE where your character kills someone.

I just wanted to say these because this week was a huge disappointment for me.

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