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rp characters:

[character, fc, rp, fate if applicable, love interest]

Madison "Maddie" Barnett - N/A
Village of Death [Survived]

Mallory "Mal" Mackenzie - Karen Gillan
Hotel Of Blood [Survived]
♡ Noah ♡

Viola Collins - Freya Mavor
The Island ~ The Island 2 [Survived ~ Cancelled]

Ridley Becker - Hayley Williams
The Island [Dead]

Owen Embry - Daniel Hamaj
SOTF: Bloody Beach [Survived]
♡ Bridgette ♡

Olivia Embry - Emily Rudd
SOTF: Bloody Beach [Dead]

Jacob Saturn - Max Krieger
Silver Scissors [Survived]
♡ Raina ♡

Cassidy Royale - Brittany Raymond
Silver Scissors [Survived]

Nolan Weaver - Lucky Blue Smith
Dark Days: Sanitarium (S8) ~ Dark Days: Death Row (S9) [Survived]
♡ Florence ♡

Avalon Rowe - Ebba Zingmark
Smalltown, USA [Cancelled]
♡ Noah ♡

Aria Wiggins - N/A
Danganronpa: Island Of The Damned [Survived]
♡ Izzy ♡

Jude Benson - Jordan Fisher
Blood In The Night: Hotel Hell [Survived]
♡ Chloe ♡

Denver Cornell - Mikko Puttonen
Hollywood University S1 - S2

Bentley Cornell - Piotr Wasilewski
Hollywood University S1 - S2
♡ River ♡

Cara Barker - Mckenzie Small
Hollywood University S1

Libby Beckett - Lights Bokan
The Dark Ones: Story 1 [Survived]

Ace O'Donnell - Daniel Howell
Horror Story: Halloween [Survived]

Elias Alarick Edward Bertrand Hulbart Eberhardt LeClercq-Baert VIII - N/A
Danganronpa: Once Upon A Massacre [Survived]

Bridger Devereux - Matthew Clavane
School of the Freaks [Cancelled]

Aspen Bacardi - Nadia Esra
Sunnydale [Cancelled]

Frankie Diaz - London Zhiloh
Hollywood University S2

Jillian Davies - Samantha Ravndahl
Murder Files Case 1 [Survived]

Kendrick Locke - Reece King
Murder Files Case 1 [Dead]
♡ Pepper ♡

Tabitha - N/A
Danganronpa: Revenge Of Tiny Town ~ Tiny Town Remastered [Survived]
♡ Alice...? ♡

Imani Devlin - Kiersey Clemons
The Dark Ones: Story 2 [Dead]

Jasper Augustine - N/A
Ultimates in Despairland [Dead]

Lincoln Provolone - N/A
Logan's DR 1: The MISTake [Cancelled]

Chad Jefferson - N/A
Danganronpa: Talent Removal Program [Cancelled]

Ren Takahashi - N/A
UiD: There's No Place Like Despair [Dead]

Rex Savage - N/A
Zero Escape [Cancelled]

Jemma Reynolds - N/A
UiD: Confectionary Killers [Dead]

Isaac - N/A
Danganronpa: Tiny Town Remastered [Dead]

Jesse "Wild Buckin Jesse" Jeffreys - N/A
Saved By Despair [Cancelled]

Graham Lane - N/A
Despair In The Deep [Dead]

Gabriel - N/A
Danganronpa: Ultimate University [Dead]

Simone Sullivan - Kylie Bunbury
Night World: Season 3 [Cancelled?]

Ava Mancheski - Zella Day
Dark Days The Return: Swamp Country [Dead]

Evan Ward - Logan Lerman
Killer Secrets S1 [WIP]


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Orange Colour Level: August 10 2015
Light Green Colour Level: August 26 2015
Green Colour Level: December 19 2015
Blue Colour Level: February 13 2016
Purple Colour Level: April 16 2017
Red Colour Level: May 14 2017


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