American Horror Story "High School"

The town of Miami Florida has always been full of life and history. In A particular high school, a new year of students is here for their sophomore year. Rumors have always spread around campus about certain disappearances and odd staff, but they say graduating from this school will be recognizable from any job.

Welcome to Dama Private School, a high school education that accepts only the best students who can afford it. Minimal students have what it takes to graduate, and only a few walk out with a diploma in hand and go on to become the richest and best.

Year: 2017
Setting: Miami Florida

- linsdey (WestTemp) (Sophomore)
- Vlad (Bigdizzleyomama) (Sophomore)
- Scarlett (Aria_Grande) (Sophmore)
- Ronnie  (Coolbrandonman) (Sophmore)
- Alex  (WestTemp) (Junior)
- Beatrice (WestTemp) (Junior)
- Serena (Steven999) (Junior)
- Fredward (WestTemp) (Senior)
- Eric (Thirteen) (Senior)
- Amara (RollingDerp) (Senior)
- Terran (noobsmoke) (Senior)
- Danielle (WestTemp) (Senior)
- Warren (Maggiewong) (Senior)

Supporting Cast
Mr Larry Clark (Principal)
Ms Michelle Clark (Assist. Principal)
Ms Cherry (Secretary)
Mr Michael Black (Math Teacher)
Ms Lucy Lain (English Teacher)
Ms Edna Choo (Science Teacher)
Mr Terry Johnson (History Teacher)
Coach Hank (Physical Instructor)
Wendy Carmichael (Art Teacher)
Joe "Buggs" Landon (Janitor)
Ulysses Jones  (Assist. Janitor)
Molly "Cookie" (Lunch Lady)

~Episode List~
Episode 1 "Dama Private School"
Episode 2 "???"
Episode 3 "???"
Episode 4 "???"
Episode 5 "???"

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American Horror Story "High School"

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