Fraternity The Minions

we run this bitch now

pres // symmetry888
vice pres // oswordo3
panda control // demgirl6
stolen oranges provider // queenrenge130
panda anti-control // bigdizzleyomama
illegal meme provider // sirniceguy
immoral neck snapper // dawnpeacly
immoral neck snappers assistant // logie56

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  1. SpiderBoombye ):
  2. OvrJoyedUnicornplease let me in i luv the minons sooooooo much
  3. bigbrotherbakerhow do I star people?
  4. JourdanBabyXoXoRIP Minions. (Inactive Frat)
  5. OvrJoyedUnicornplease let me in
  6. 2hillaireusQUEEN IZZYY!
  7. angelwithashotgunwill u plzzzzzzzzz vote me in?
  8. fcdsoccer7Can u pls let me join? I am obsessed with minions!
  9. Bailey_Puppys159plz let me join
  10. JourdanBabyXoXo:O i miss this frat :O original member right here haha! totaly different people though!
  11. Jacob_CLAST HINT......the 3rd last word of the introduction
  12. Jacob_COKAY HINT.......the VOICE of manny coomes from thi man
  13. Jacob_Cof*
  14. totaldramalover3032What?
  15. Jacob_CJacob_C's Whodunnit The voice or Manny comes from this man So go to his Wiki page to unravel The Killer's Plan Third line down, third word from the right That is the word, you'll need to win this fight

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Lets G&G

2 oswordo3, Feb 17, 2020

As in you gift me, and then you gift me again
From any shops馃槉

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