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Fraternity The Minions

we run this bitch now

pres // symmetry888
vice pres // oswordo3
panda control // demgirl6
stolen oranges provider // queenrenge130
panda anti-control // bigdizzleyomama
illegal meme provider // sirniceguy
celebrity cameo // jaxon
eevee collector // scarelet

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Public Comments

  2. ColinCocoLEMME IN
  3. SpiderBoombye ):
  4. OvrJoyedUnicornplease let me in i luv the minons sooooooo much
  5. bigbrotherbakerhow do I star people?
  6. JourdanBabyXoXoRIP Minions. (Inactive Frat)
  7. OvrJoyedUnicornplease let me in
  8. 2hillaireusQUEEN IZZYY!
  9. angelwithashotgunwill u plzzzzzzzzz vote me in?
  10. fcdsoccer7Can u pls let me join? I am obsessed with minions!
  11. Bailey_Puppys159plz let me join
  12. JourdanBabyXoXo:O i miss this frat :O original member right here haha! totaly different people though!
  13. Jacob_CLAST HINT......the 3rd last word of the introduction
  14. Jacob_COKAY HINT.......the VOICE of manny coomes from thi man
  15. Jacob_Cof*

Top blogs from The Minions


8 years on the site

7 bigdizzleyomama, Jan 16, 2022

And 1500+ games is nothing especially when most of those are from when i first started and was depressed as fuck and used the site to deal with that. You ate nothing really, because I don’t care about the site anymore and literally am only on it for the groups I do. Congrats on calling out my..


Sex work

4 bigdizzleyomama, Jan 16, 2022

Is valid work


I just don’t see

2 bigdizzleyomama, Jan 16, 2022

How fun it is to join stars every chance you can when it’s just sit there for 12 hours knowing where everybody is gonna vote. Sorry i’m not gonna waste my time talking to people with the personality of dead fish, just for them to nominate me anyways. I have better things to do with my life.


Bringing up

3 bigdizzleyomama, Jan 16, 2022

A point in my life where I was depressed as fuck is talking about it. Whether it was intentional or not the era where i played so many games was when I was depressed and it was brought up. So no it’s not attention seeking it’s literally just saying that point in my life I was depressed, and..


Its ok

2 bigdizzleyomama, Jan 16, 2022

Because someone is getting a 3 day tengaged ban soon enough

President of The Minions

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Min. votes to continue: 1

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