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XMC 9: The Equator



Ali x Nano x Xakim

Songs that cant be used:

Season 1 Winner: Christian_
Runner up: iiGalaxyii

Season 2 Winner: Symmetry888
Runner up: DarkTyphoon23

Season 3 Winner: FighterMan
Runner up: Petro

Season 4 Winner: Petro
Runner up: Symmetry888

Season 5 Winner: Marilise
Runner up: Marwane

Season 6 Winner: PureEssence
Runner up: Allison

Season 7 Winner: hamburgerbunzz
Runner up: DanielKennedy111

Season 8 Winner: top20fan33
Runner up: turkeylover

Season Formats:

S1: Head 2 Head
S2: Battle of Teams
S3: Agent Pairs
S4: All Stars Arena
S5: Big Brother
S6: Blood vs Water
S7: The Guillotine
S8: The Truel
S9: The Equator

15th : Spyder701 (DNS)
14th : FromAWindow (lost against BrittBritt)
13th : Joey65409 (lost against Times_Places)
12th : Vanitysmurf (lost against Times_Places)
11th : Times_Places (lost against LittleMix)
10th: Cheritaisdelicious (lost against Turkeylover)
09th: Littlemix (lost to Turkeylover)
08th: StraightLoonie (lost to Jaxon)
07th: iiGalaxyii (Dqed)
06th: Turkeylover (lost against Oswordo3)
05th: BritBrit (lost against CocoVanderbilt and Jaxon)
04th: CocoVanderbilt (lost against Jaxon)
3rd: Oswordo3
2nd: Jaxon
1st: SjSoccer88

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XMC 9: The Equator

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