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The 100 Game - Season 1

Welcome to the first season of The 100, where life and death will have constant meaning. Fend for yourself or fight for those you love. Will you walk out alive? (There will be two gifts as a prize for the winner!)

Here is how the game works:

- After 100 people apply, I will everyone into 4 groups. There will be "The Ark",
"The Mountain Men", "The Reapers" and "The Grounders". Each team will be made of 25 people.

- Every day 4 people from each group will randomly become "injured". And these 4 people will be put into a poll to get supplies. The only problem is each group will only get enough supplies for 3 people to be saved. So the person with the least % from each group will be executed/ or if you are on the Ark group "floated."

- If there is ever a tie in relation to the lowest percentages, both of the tied players are executed and everyone else moves on.

- As the game moves forward there will come a point in which all of teams will merge into what is called "The Construct." This is where everyone from all of the remaining teams "come together" as a whole. Then, 4 people from the group will be "injured" like usual. The process of being eliminated is the same as above.

- During Final 4 and Final 3, everyone will become injured, meaning everyone is up for elimination. As usual, the person with the lowest percentages in each round go home.

- The Final 2 will compete in one final poll to see who can board "The Vessel." The person with the highest percentage will win the game, the other is executed.

- There WILL be a spreadsheet of all this information at the end of the game!






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The 100 Game - Season 1

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