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21 Arris, May 9, 2018

and I'll tell you my favorite song of them
ricktworick1 - omg i needed to think i cant remember but she sang something about plywaniu
NotAfraid - I am going to be basic af and I'll say R U Mine? because I don't know many songs by them
RobertGuajardo - Sorry or Where R U Now. He has a lot of bops tbh.
_Adidas_ - Cheap Thrills / Wild Ones (random choice ik, but this song made me fell in love with her), Kendrick Lamar - Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe
Cardenas98x  - All Time Low! Don't know the rest.
Ametrine - In the Dark, Havana, OMG.
Thirteen - Man in the Mirror
EM002 - Bring Me to Life
Katherinee_  - Depends on mood for her. Rn it's Rock N Roll
MrBird - Little Lies and Seven Wonders.
TheSexiestDude990 -Don't Let Me Down
Amnesia_ - Summertime Sadness (Calvin Harris Remix)
_Aria - Me So Bad. Such a boooop. Should be a smash.
jackyboy - hmm not the biggest fan but Wrecking Ball is good
Jakeee1123 - absolutely none
colehausman271 - Best Thing I Never Had?
PrincessTeePee - #RobertGuajardo already asked that, see above.
PrincessTeePee - hhmmm maybe Like a Prayer


100 Questions

1 RoseMaria, May 8, 2016

100 questions!
taken from Big Bam
1. Real name: Warren
2. Nickname: Bad Bitch with a Butt
3. Favorite color: Yellow
4. Male or female: Male
5. Sign: Aquarius
6. Favorite Elementary (K-8) grade: Grade 3
7. Favorite High (9-12) grade: 10
8. Coke or Pepsi: Coke
9. Hair color: Black
10. Height: 5'5
11. Sexuality: Gay duh
12. Phone or computer: Computer
13. Health freak: if that involves alcohol and potatoe chips.
14. Orange or apple: Apple
17. Piercings: Nah
18. Would you backstab your #1 friend for a stars win: No I already have a stars win
19. Have you been in an airplane: Yes
20. Have you been in a relationship: yes
21. Have you been in a car accident: Yes
22. Have you been in a fist fight: Yes
23. When did you wake up this morning: 5:01 AM
24. Best Friend: Schmooboy
25. Award you'd be given: Most Addicted to League of Legends
26. First crush: konohavillage1
27. Mom or Dad: mom
28. Any talent: I can self suck
29. Last person you talked to: RobertGuajardo
30. Last person you texted: #RobertGuajardo
31. Last person you watched a movie with: My friend Anjanette from work
32. Last thing you ate: bacon egg and cheese bagel from mcdonalds
33. Last movie/ TV show you watched: Game of Thrones
34. Last song you listened to: It's gonna be me 'N SYNC
35. Last thing you bought: RP
36. Last person you hugged: this girl Mercedes at my work
37. Fav Food: Pizza
38. Fav Drink: Coke
39. Art or Science: Science
40. Fave Flower: Rose
41. Fave Animal: elephant
42. Fave Movie: the time travelers wife
44. Top or Bottom: bottom
•Have you? (Put an X in the brackets if yes.)
(Small x=sort of/idk)
45. [X] fallen in love with someone
46. [X] lied to your family about where you were
47. [X] Had your heart broken
48. [X] went over the minutes/ texts on your phone
49. [X] had an enemy
50, [X] been in a life threatening situation
51. [X] had an STD test
52. [] been bullied
53. [X] did something you regret
54. [X] broken a promise
55. [X] hid a secret
56. [X] pretend to be happy
57. [X] met someone who has changed your life
58. [X] pretended to be sick
59. [] left the country
60. [] kissed a straight boy (if gay) or kissed someone of the same gender (if straight)
61. [] cried in the last week
62. [X] ran a mile
63. [] kissed in the rain
64. [X] lost a good friend
65. [X] broken up with someone
66. [X] cheated on someone
67. Eating: nothing
68. Drinking: Baja Blast Mountain Dew
69. Listening to: Bye Bye Bye N'Sync
70. Sitting or laying: Sitting
71. Plans for today: Play League and get drunk
72. Waiting for: Schmooboy to quit fucking ignoring me like a disgusting kyke
73. Want kids: yes
74. Want to get married: yes
75. Want to travel: Ya
•What do you look for in a partner?
76. Lips or eyes: eyes
77. Shorter or taller: taller
78. Younger or older: older
79. Romantic or spontaneous: romantic
80. Trouble-maker or..


The Grey Method. [CLOSED]

5 Lemjam6, Dec 12, 2015

I went 35/35, woo woo, only 34/35 last time. I had so much fun last time so I wanted to go again. Not as stressful as the first time, but still had a lot of anxiety. But it was a blast!
Thanks to everyone who helped gift for me (couldn't have done it without you):
Jenzie (and ty for help)
you're all amazing < 3
Also a big thank you to:
wonderland / shawnpat7
gemma17 /
for designing/ permissions!:)
Once again a big thank you to one of my best friends GentlemanG for helping (did all the work) me get my shop and also #RobertGuajardo for once again helping me be organized and basically the co-owner of the shop!
Hope everyone enjoyed their gifts, it's always a great feeling getting to gift my friends. :)


*Grin Closed*

12 Minie, Oct 11, 2015

33/35 not bad I guess
Sorry instagram and ulicesgreen I'll make it upto you guys.
Anyways I've been trying for this shop forever, even had 2 of my discounts expire.
Which caused me to hire more spammers and gift less people than I wanted to.
Nevertherless, I would like to give a huge thank you to my wonderful spammer gals
jenzie bamold1999 (ill gift u as courtesy soon) and RobertGuajardo
I wouldnt have had this shop without you ladies :* love you all.
Also ulicesgreen and seemlyrough for buying my stuff in auctions
and evilgenious448/ @olivita #robertguajardo zimy and trishytrash for letting me use the designs in auctions x
and the wonderful people who let me post the beautiful things in my shop.
icing gemma17 brookie_cookie / lucinda & jenii_valenta for the permsion
Love you all so much < 3
Last but not least my most trusted gifters that I couldn't do without.
and don_draper
and damo1990 for trying lmao
Thanks for making my gifting chats as fun as it was :*
Hope everyone who got gifted will enjoy their gifts x
Okay sorry if I forgot anyone
And sorry for the poeple I couldnt gift !
there always will be a 11th time ;)
10th shop officially closed~
SHOUTOUT TO Mikeroro xox


Jenny From The Block *Closed*

9 Minie, Aug 9, 2015

(Well though 1 stock was stolen don't need to count it as stolen)
First off, I'd like to thank the people who helped me spam,
RobertGuajardo, Smoothstalker12
Without y'all I wouldn't be able to get this shop!
And my lovely 1k $T buyers
Carleebear Mikey_Elite
And the amazing designers,
#RobertGuajardo, Icing, SexyBanana, TrishyTrash/ _Aria for letting me post the amazing designs in my shop.
and a special thanks to Gemma17 for being and amazing group game host and letting me post the exclusive designs as rewards.
Also, my duo Samhuss for letting me post his reward :*
last but not least, my trustworthy gifters,
aes222aes ak73 Admir bamold1999 , JayElveeIsBack #RobertGuajardo  Cooper,
#Mikey_Elite suzycroatia Electraviv
for making sure all the designs went to right people.
Oh and Lemjam6 for making sure the stock which was going to be a waste didn't :)
And I hope everyone who got gifted will enjoy them :)
LOVE YOU ALL < 33333333333333333
P:S: Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone :D


I'm over it idk why I betray friends

5 Ashleybabyx3, Jul 28, 2015

for wins i'm honestly the worst fakest person ever I really am sorry I like you guys a lot and I wish i could take it back


CYA Chat: Survivor Brantsteele

6 LeXXXy, Jul 27, 2015

Reece ( LeXXXy) & Jasmine - Best Friends
Alan ( macken) & Naoise - Best Friends
Rob (#RobertGuajardo) & Gonzo - Brothers
Jake ( Lemjam6) & Jane - Mother & Son
Eoin ( Eoin) & Niamh - Dating
Joey ( jojo7784) & Elizabeth - Mother & Son
Drew ( sosyomomma) & Warren ( RoseMaria) - Dating
Dylan ( Halloween) & James - Best Friends
Eliot ( EliotWhi) & Josh - Best Friends


is Kechup good on Pizza?

3 jadennator1, Jul 27, 2015

question asked by #robertguajardo



58 IceBeast, Jul 24, 2015

Thank you to everyone who plussed my spam and bid on my auctions < 3
Thank you to all my speedy gifters! ALSO, thank you so much to all the designers!
~ Designers/Permission Givers ~
ohheydudeski / JasonXtreme
~ Gifters ~
MilkIsGood (oops)
Hobnobgpro (oops)
See you all again soon ;)
*Shoutout to CheapCheep for being strong-willed


I never

70 CutieAmy, Feb 23, 2015

done this before. so, pyn for which song you remind me of! :)
#RobertGuajardo - Boy Is A Bottom by Willam Belli.
#TheJoe - Womanizer by Britney Spears.
#smuguy2012 - Flawless by Beyoncee.
#XxLoveWakizaxX - Fighter by Christina Aguilera.
#KyleDile - Your Body by Christina Aguilera.
#lexibear - Holler by Spice girls.
#Orlando652 - Hot N Cold by Katy Perry.
#Magicduck - Old MacDonald Had A Farm by MacDonald.
#MelihV - (You drive me) Crazy by Britney Spears.
#carlab1 - Ugly Heart by G.R.L.
#Mikey_Elite - Brave by Sara Bareilles.
#hobnobgpro - Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj.
#chibideidara - Elastic Heart by Sia.
#thumper91 - Friends by Aura Dione.
#Seapoose - Where Have You Been by Rihanna. (You have seen this coming, lol)
#Moxii - Give Your Heart A Break by Demi Lovato.
#LewisC - Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.
#Streaamm - Live While We're Young by One Direction.
#Arris - Want You Back by Cheryl Lyod.
#christossss - This Is Love by Will.i.am.
#aes222aes - Blank Space by Taylor Swift.
#Lemjam6 - Troublemaker by Olly Murs.
#Macken - Oath by Cher Lloyd.
#Meduncan - Come & Get It by Selena Gomez.
#Dak236 - Roar by Katy Perry.
#Jadennator1 - Something Big by Shawn Mendes.
#jamieAndre -  I Need Your Love by Calvin Harris.
#sosyomomma - You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift.
#temponeptune Happy by Pharrel Williams.
#Harry1210 - Beautiful Sole by Jesse McCartney.
#DiamondsArentForever - Lick Me by Sexgoddx.
#BrendonByrne - Radioactive by Imagine Dragons (One of my all time fav songs)
#AustinRules6969 - Style by Taylor Swift.
#Boots22 - Burn It Down by Linkin Park.
#Coffeybean94 - Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding.
Maxi1234 - Paris by Lana Del Rey.
jojo7784 - I want You To Know by Selena Gomez.
JColeWorld - Champion by Chris Brown.
EliOrtiz1234 - Lick Me by Sexgoddx.
MichelleObama - Hot Sugar by Tamar Braxton.
Nikw98 - Let Go For Tonight by Foxes.
StraightLoonie - Lay Me Down by Sam Smith.
Alanduncan - Hot Problems by Double Take.
NotAfraid - Not Afraid by Eminem (Like, lol).
Vanili - Sugar by Maroon5.
Guigi - S.O.S by Indila.
Guillomouve - Whenever by Shakira.
Arthan - Hero by Enrique Iglesias.
ItsAustin - Anaconda by Nicki Minaj.
Arcaninemaster - How To Save A Life by The Fray.
GrrrImABear - Bounce by Iggy Azelea.
SmoothStalker12 - Talking Body by Tove Lo.
Charliebibi - Feel This Moment by Pitbull.
nathanmizelle - Good Kisser by Usher.
black0ut247 - Black And Yellow by Wiz Khalifa.
Booyahhayoob - Fancy by Iggy Azelea.
BlueLagoon506 - Stronger by Kelly..


19 ElectraViv, Feb 4, 2015

Hello, all! It's time for another one of my tribe's infamous gift giveaways that are always legit & have never been lied about. JourdanBabyXoXo joined the last time I made a blog like this, and won the giveaway, and now she's* getting a gift from my next shop! :)
So anyways, here's how to enter:
1. Pay 20 T$ and enroll into Survivor.
Just spend 20 T$ and you can get a gift. :) Just that easy.
The people that have enrolled/entered to be gifted:
- @JudiCamille
- Hunty
- Crab
- blueu22
- Orlando652 (disqualified for being ugly)
- iiAmazing
- @ElectricCheddar
- BlueBarracuda
- burkett8975
- babiicakes (disqualified for being ugly)
The winner will be gifted from #RobertGuajardo's shop that he's getting within the next week once he is unbanned.
EDIT: Rob just informed me he's letting the winner pick the gift of their choice: a male or female stock.



47 hwest14, Dec 3, 2014

#RobertGuajardo - myself or #DiamondsArentForever
#sosyomomma - #DiamondsArentForever again LOL
SimplyObsessed - connorthomson (Funnehliner is close 2nd)
#SomebodyAwesome - Yours is harddddd... Prolly Halloween or Absol
#ados707 - #amf7410
PurpleCows - Definitely JayElVeeIsBack (2nd is EyooMarcus forsure)
#cfff - #DiamondsArentForever lol
#amf7410 - Dusty12910 then DarkTyphoon23
#EliOrtiz1234 - owlb0ned
temponeptune - #stoopkid95 then annika xoxo
KylieJay - Minie
#bowling4fun - #amf7410
#Thumper91 - #cfff and austino15fffan
baza76 - jtotalturtle and #stoopkid95
devinwithparasites - AustinRules6969 & Dustin
KrisStory - vikejk17 and Vision
#stoopkid95- #AustinRules and meeee :) and #darktyphoon andddd ya
tdiloka - gagaluv
minidude13 - #bowling4fun
#austino15fffan - Tigger
Arcaninemaster - Imthtawesom
sjsoccer88 - AllieBoBallie
m7md26 - NoSuchName2


Happy Thanksgiving ;o

2 PotatoSalad, Nov 27, 2014

Sometimes when I'm browsing around tengaged I find like people that have no one on their friends list and I'm like wtf this site must be so boring for you, why do you even log on? So obvi I'm thankful for all the friends that I've made on here that make this sit like, not boring.
(taggin a few below for plusses)
these are just a few i could think of tht are on my first pg, sorry if ur not tagged xo


Planning on having a 200th charity soon!

5 PotatoSalad, Oct 23, 2014

Tagging ppl who might join, it will be crooks btw =] would any1 else wanna join?
#RobertGuajardo if he gets unbanned b4 i have it =[
and a lot more el em eh oh


How long

1 BigBrotherFan132, Aug 18, 2014

is #RobertGuajardo banned for? Is it permanent?


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