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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is ZEEnon.

Hey, it's ZEEnon! I'm a 28 year old Canadian that was born & raised in Edmonton, Alberta. I'm a huge fan of competitive reality TV shows and Tengaged serves as an outlet for my addiction.

Highest Rank: 32nd β€’ 39th TV Star color level on Tengaged
5x Stars Winner: Stars 82, Stars 120, Stars 131, Stars 182, & Stars 235

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My Games 342 games played

2 May, 21
28 Apr, 21
26 Apr, 21
25 Apr, 21
21 Apr, 21
16 Apr, 21
15 Apr, 21

My Blog Check my blog!

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  15. LOVES DRAMA<3 is RE-OPEN19th
  16. This is my only green clothing item
  17. There are some HOES in this house (VLOG)1st
  18. I'm up for 11th in Stars WaW!6th
  19. Let me reintroduce myself (VLOG)3rd
  20. A wild ZEEnon appears!5th

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  1. fergirona said: ..Shiii ? @zeenon..
  2. Caliboy said: ..I like em sour crisp n sweet @Zeenon red ones are ok but lacking all 3 that grannies gives us :P ..
  3. hayden9102 said: ..6 Days of Kitties [Day 3]-Gift Giveaway..

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  11. ZEEnon bet on AmandaBynes 30T$ in game #212784 1 day
  12. ZEEnon bet on rozlyn 30T$ in game #212785 1 day
  13. ZEEnon bet on rozlyn 4T$ in game #212785 1 day
  14. ZEEnon's bet on ahea7561 won 60.0T$ in game #212671 1 day
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Total donations: 219 (21.9T$)
0 people have donated today (0.0% used)

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30 to rozlynin #212785now playing
30 to AmandaBynesin #212784now playing
30 to _AntonioJ_in #212767now playing
30 to Slicein #212751now playing
30 to Geryonin #212739now playing
30 to FighterManin #212738now playing
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