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wow wtf jm101?

2 xCelestex, Apr 11, 2013

#xCelestex - You are a boy. Enough said.



2 howiemandell, Jan 27, 2013

I'm bored so yeah.... And this is just my opinion maybe i just don't know you personally
Carlisle moving up fast
I hate you and am not ranking you


*~* Official Gold PYN Blog *~*

69 Teddybear, Jan 15, 2013

I bought gold and this is KIND OF a big achievement for me because even on my past account Pinacolada, I only got to silver. :|
So anyway, post your name and I'll tell you what I think about you. =] THANKS FOR THE CONGRATS. =]]
#xCelestex - Thanks < 3 You seem really nice, I remember you from the nanas search thingy and idek I guess people thought you wouldn't fit in, but clearly no one got to see your true personality shine through. =]
#DarkTyphoon23 - Send me a mail sometime. =]
#Megido - ur ugly and fat
#Lavaworks - You look a bit familiar, but I don't think we've ever spoken before, so hit me up sometime. :)
#Screamfan0061 - Thank you! Idek you but hit me up sometime. < 3
Lemonface - Beccccccaaaaa! :D I used to think you hated me for some reason, but um after the nana search and such, I grew a soft spot for you in my heart. =] It was great interviewing you, I got to know a little more about you and you're definitely a great addition to the nanas. You are a really fun, entertaining, chill person who I look forward to getting to know even better throughout our time on Tengaged. (:
Brandonator/Homonator/Flamboyant Homosexual - Shut up. || LOOOOOOL I love you so much, you are honestly one of my favorite people on this website, if not my favorite person. < 3 Whenever I need a good laugh or just someone to *not care* about my problems, I know I can talk to you. We were first acquainted when Sean added you to the nanas, and honestly you were a "take it or leave it" kind of person for me. We never actually got close until nana bb2, but I'm super glad we did because you're loyal, hilarious, awkward, and just an all-and-all great friend. I love your outrageous opinions, and the fact that you'll always speak your mind and call a bitch out.. You give me all the T and I have to put up with your obsession with drag queens (seriously, how does your dad not know you're gay when you recorded ru paul?!). But anyway, it's definitely worth it because you're super trustworthy and an amazing friend. :)
Inkread - Laura you're a loser < 3 We need to talk more seriously, I love talking to you, you're so awesome. I remember before we became friends, Amy and I would always joke and be like I LOVE HER SO MUCH CAN SHE BE OUR FRIEND? You're sooo sweet, funny, caring, and you and George are honestly the cutest couple I've ever seen. You've made me feel better than I was upset and no matter how obsessed I am with something, I can always be comforted by the fact that you're more psychotically obsessed than I am. ;)
Survivor8 - Mike, I love youuuuuu. :) When you first were on my team for the Nana search, I wasn't sure how to feel about you, because you didn't seem quite as dedicated as some of the others were. Quickly however, you won me over and I knew that you'd fit in perfectly. :) You're such a nice and caring friend who I would neverrrrrr want to give up -..


Stars Predictions !!

7 Lamia, Jan 12, 2013

Day 1
for 16th
brandonpinzu / LucyX3Jean
Brandon : %47.1
Lucy : %52.9 EVICTED
Day 2
for 15th
RiDsTeR / xCelestex
Riddy : %58.3 EVICTED
Celeste : %41.7
Day 3
Monomial / Torimarie
mono : %54.5 EVICTED
tori : %45.5
Day 4 -> for 13th Noms : snoofle %51.4 EVICTED / superman11 %48.6
Day 5 -> for 12th Noms : Kooldude1991 %46.7 / 5651Omar %53.3 EVICTED
Day 6 -> for 11th Noms : torimarie %55.4 EVICTED / jm101 %44.6
Day 7 -> for 10th Noms : corey1 %77.8 EVICTED / RasGrand %22.2
Day 8 -> for 9th Noms : Tabatha %61.3 EVICTED / Fredcrugar %38.7
Day 9 -> for 8th Noms : brandonpinzu %56.4 EVICTED / xCelestex %43.6
Day 10 -> for 7th Noms : panda13 %49.1 / RasGrand %50.9 EVICTED
Day 11 -> for 6th Noms : Kooldude1991 %46.7 / jm101 %53.3 EVICTED
Day 12 -> for 5th Noms : Panda13 %60.2 EVICTED / xCelestex %39.8
Day 13 -> for 4th Noms : Kooldude1991 %48.3 / Fredcrugar %51.7 EVICTED
Final Day
#xCelestex % 47.6 WINNER
#superman11 % 21.5 3rd place
#Kooldude1991 % 30.9 2nd place


Awww is this true?!?!?

5 xCelestex, Nov 18, 2012

#xCelestex - in a year you will have a top exclusive frat and you'll be TV star.you will also win many more stars and you will be close to having the most designs on tengaged


Tengaged Legends (IMO)

13 75937563748, Nov 5, 2012

I have been here 2 years, so I know my stuff!
Random  ordering:
BengalBoy - The original Survivor King and best blogger.
MoooCoww - Tengaged's sweetheart.
SexGoddx - Creator of the Plastics.
Emmaleigh - The Tengaged Queen!
Gagaluv - Lovely Mother Monster and amazing designer.
TrishyTrash - The skin Queen!
NoelSarah - The most popular mod. Period.
BlueSapphire - Cancer faker (alleged).
Zachup - Infamous death.
@MakeThemDieSlowly - Most intelligent controversial user.
Megan and Phanne jointly - Rookies Stars.
Biodork - Most controversial mod; although he has had recent competition.
Genevere - Scandalous user...
Randomize - The KING!
Yoshitomi - Queen of the blogs page - her word is rule!
Jubbzy - The amazing Games Co-Ordinator and founder of games like the RTB.
Diva1 - The nicest user ever!
Future legends....
#Majik (future Queen of designs)


6 Tales of Horror Random.org Season 3

14 Leoma_Agent0, Oct 26, 2012

A small team of 10 scientists travel to Alaska after an unknown virus/parasite almost wiped out a small town where only #xCelestex #skye10 and #devileye1395 survived. With a blizzard rolling in they take refuge in their cabin and continue to study the virus, unaware that one of them is infected. As the storm rages on outside one of the members behavior continues to change, they becomes more violent and his flesh begins to rot. Trapped in the small cabin the team must fight for survival once the full effects of the virus are discovered, and they realize they could all already been infected.
xCelestex -2nd Appearance
devileye1395 -3rd Appearance
skye10 -2nd Appearance
1st Victim- skye10
-Infected. Throat slit with straight razor
-Killed by: #Presumed
2nd Victim- RoboZoe
-Infected. Head bashed in witha fire extinguiser
-Killed by: #Presumed
3rd Victim- pok3rf4ce
-Hacked up with a meat cleaver
-Killed by: #TheMB305(Infected)
4th Victim- obscurity
-Head sliced with meat cleaver, head sliced in half with axe
-Killed by: #TheMB305(Infected)
5th Victim- TheMB305
-Infected. Hooked in hand, chest knifed, hand cut/hacked 14 times with meat cleaver
-Killed by: #xCelestex
6th Victim- Etienne
-Wrapped in plastic sheet, stabbed 18 times in chest, face, and stomach
-Killed by: #devileye1395(Infected)
7th Victim- connorthomson
-Knifed in back, 2 syringes in eyes
-Killed by: #devileye1395(Infected)
8th Victim- xCelestex
-Thrown on saw blade/stomach sliced open/innards ripped out
-Killed by: #devileye1395(Infected)
9th & Final Victim- devileye1395
-Infected. Axed 17 times, shot 3 times in head, light on fire
-Killed by: #Presumed
Survivor- Presumed


6 Tales of Horror Random.org Season 2

13 Leoma_Agent0, Oct 26, 2012

The Gene Complex: 
#xCelestex is an undercover Russian spy who lives in an American suburban town where she makes her civilian living as a substitute teacher at one of the local high schools. When #xCelestex learns she will be taking a few students from her advanced history class to a small town in Alaska she couldn't be happier, seeing as her next assignment is located a few miles from her students destination. A small science compound has been on the brink of discovering a cure for cancer with varying effects, death, disease and even some abrupt psychical and mental changes. As #xCelestex delves deep into the secrets of the base she discovers that there never was a cure for cancer being made, but a drug being tested on the local towns people in order to turn the human body into the ultimate weapon. Action/Suspense and some great battles ensue as #xCelestex's students are put in danger. While there she also discovers #black0ut247, #MoooCoww, & #devileye1395 (The survivors of season 1) locked up in one of the underground labs.
black0ut247 -2nd Appearance
MoooCoww -2nd Appearance
devileye1395 -2nd Appearance
1st Victim- MrPokeguy9
-Throat slashed, Shot in chest, Shot in back, Shot in head, Shot in chest again
2nd Victim- cecumecu
-Burned with flamethrower
3rd Victim- etaco75
-Neck slashed with mini power saw
4th Victim- bellajennaxo
-Impaled by thrown pickaxe, neck snapped
5th Victim- black0ut247
-Stomach eaten/blood loss
6th Victim- Mkhan
-Stomach ripped open/blood loss
7th Victim- Sweet_susan
-Neck bitten, choked, neck pickaxed
8th Victim- Caliboy
-Slammed twice against tree, arm torn off, guts ripped out, torn in half
9th Victim- cubuff2014
-Leg bitten, cut 12 times in half with hatchet
10th Victim- TheSexiestDude990
-Jaw torn off with belt-sander, impaled through back on shovel
11th Victim- Lamia
-Innards ripped out/chokes with intestines/head pops off
12th & Final Victim- MoooCoww
-Hit in forehead/face beaten in 16 times with hatchet, head blown off with shotgun
Survivors- xCelestex skye10 devileye1395


Tengaged Horror Story Random.org Season 4

7 Leoma_Agent0, Oct 14, 2012

It's been 20 years since #xCelestex & #gagaluv went on a brutal killing spree at camp Leafmoore, the only survivor was #Foxox. #Foxox now works as a counselor at Leafmoore High and has put the terrifying murders from her past behind her. But now someone is picking off the students one by one, with her 18 year old daughter #Manda17_xoxo in danger will #Foxox be able to unmask the crazed psychopath before it's too late?
Foxox -2nd Appearance
1st Victim- LeXXXy
-Chocked with a chain, beaten repeatedly with a spike-balled mace
2nd Victim- Kaay
-Covered in alcohol/lit on fire with lighter
3rd Victim- pok3rf4ce
-Impaled by thrown pickaxe, neck snapped
4th Victim- SexGoddx
-Auto antenne in throat, groin hit with hatchet, socks forced down throat/chokes
5th Victim- Foxox
-Hit in both cheek/head with axe, face shot 3 times with revolver
6th Victim- jason_2_12
-Cheek slit with straight razor, hand cut off with hatchet, mutilated
7th Victim- MoreBeastThanYou
-Knifed in leg, neck shot with handgun, face flayed with knife
8th Victim- sw33t
-Head beaten 7 times with handgun, bludgeoned 6 times with thick stick
9th Victim- ea31
-Hung from light fixture by cape, flung out window
10th Victim- Sajanas300
-Foot impaled to roof/hand cut/knife-tipped crucifix thrown into chest
11th Victim- Nikkayy
-Shot in forehead with handgun
12th Victim- AxKxAxBatman
-Stabbed in stomach, rug pulled underneath/neck snapped, slammed against glass case, thrown off 2nd floor balcony
13th & Final Victim- Manda17_xoxo
-Stabbed in stomach, thrown through glass door, stabbed several times/gutted, hung from ceiling fan
Killer- Yaxha
-Survived and pinned the murders on #Nikkayy


Tengaged Horror Story Random.org Season 3

7 Leoma_Agent0, Oct 14, 2012

Five years have passed since #xCelestex followed in #ThatKoolKidOverThere's footsteps and went on a killing spree at the local college. #teamjacz & #peace123 were the only survivors and #xCelestex's body was never found, now the two of them work as counselors at a summer camp located 70 miles outside of town. Things take a grisly turn when the counselors begin getting brutally murdered while getting the camp ready a week before it opens. Has #xCelestex returned to finish what she started 5 years ago? Or is it someone else? One things certain, these counselors are going to regret going to the secluded camp early.
teamjacz -3rd Appearance
peace123 -2nd Appearance
1st & 2nd Victims- turney1805 & _Cote
-Double decapitated with machete
3rd Victim- teamjacz
-Hit with fire poker/ end of gun/ frying pan/ oar/ decapitated with machete
4th Victim- realityfreek
-Throat slit, pinned to door with arrows through groin/chest/throat/eye
5th Victim- gematria
-Hung upside-down from tree by snare, throat slit with machete
6th Victim- Prince_Charming
-Impaled through back with kitchen knife under hammock
7th Victim- DarkTyphoon23
-Head crushed/eye pops out, thrown through window
8th Victim- peace123
-Head bludgeoned 4 times with wrench, hand cut off/hacked 10 times with machete
9th Victim- AustinRules6969
-Hand impaled to counter with corkscrew, face hit with cleaver, hands pinned to edge of door with spikes
10th Victim- MelloJello
-Hacked 8 times/garden claw in throat, thrown through window
11th Victim- Tigger
-Foot/leg slashed/impaled through hand with machete under floorboards, pulled underground
12th & Final Victim- Deceased
-Impaled in back of neck through mouth/beheaded at jawline with scissors
Killers- xCelestex & gagaluv
-Blown up in house
Survivor- Foxox



35 Manda17_xoxo, Sep 28, 2012

And I'll go through my iPod and match you up with a song < 3333333333
Sweetheart95 : All bets on Ace by Ace hood
#xCelestex : Body 2 Body by Ace Hood
Bryce12 : Addicted by Danny Fernandes
hMzz : Set fire to the rain : Adele
Vitamin : Ain't it funny by Jennifer Lopez
wavykidq : Mr.Saxobeat by Alexandra
Jacco : Baby Mama by Lil Boosie
Sweet_Susan : Beamer, Benz or Bentley by Lloyd Banks
Kellyt210 : Back to the crib by Chris Brown
Survivor8 : Like a G6 by Far East Movement
Swifty: Hey lil mama by Khalil feat. lil Twist
#amf7410: Hold it against me remix by Britney Spears
#ToughNubbs : I smoke I drink by Young Bloods
BlueLagoon506 : Walked outta heaven by Jagged Edge
Meyaar : Lets Vibe by yo gotti and pleasure p
Lemjam6 : Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5
#seana86 : Nice and Slow by Usher
andalarew_2231 : Body by Ja Rule ft. Ashley
boomske123 : City of Angels by Red hot chili peppers
DoubleSS : Days of our lives by Juelz Santana
Butcher : Sailing by DJ Icey
BigBrotherFan132 : Dynamite by Taio Cruz
TBIbetch : Freestyle by Cassidy
lonelypuppie : Grindin by Clipse
Jenna2010 : I dare you by Shinedown
BeautifulBones : Like you by Daddy Yankee
PaulaDeen : Keep ya head up by 2Pac
LexiVazquez : Cannonball by Little Mix
Bellajennaxo : Let it slide by Nikki Flores
MoooCoww : Love faces by Trey Songs
Snowflake3 : Novacane by Frank Ocean
Utsumi : Shots by LMFAO


Post your Name.

65 TheGoodMan, Aug 3, 2012

and I'll tell you if you piss me off or not.
#xCelestex You definitely used to, but not any more.
#Xryn0618 Whenever you make blogs with pictures of yourself they came across as attention seeking, but not recently so no.
#Awesomedude Nope.
#brandonpinzu all the time (insert gay slur)
#1Swampy8 no.
#sleeper no
#Mrlincoln2u You used to but not anymore.
Sass21 Likewise, you used to but not anymore.
MickJagger Yep you piss me off.
BengalBoy not even abiv.
sjsoccer88 Yep you have recently.
Kentuckyy Although I see you blog pointless shit, you don't piss me off so congrats (clap)
nmh95 You used to, but not anymore.
Scheuerman14 Not at all.
BrendonByrne Very much so.
Kpnna nope.
Viola No no no.
Imthtawesom No.
iScotty whenever you blog about gifts or designs, yes.
foxox nope.
MyLovelyNothing You definitely used to but not any more.
Trust I think you toned down the l0l shit so Yeah you don't piss me off.
SeaKing you got too mad over games that we've been in so occasionally
AustinRules6969 you're definitely the most tolerable out of your group of friends so no you don't piss me off
Scrafty No.
Survivor8 no.
survivorfan12 not yet but the 1 direction tumblr shit is gonna piss me off soon!
DrPepsi no.
Sweetheart95 when you call yourself ugly i'm like, OBVIOUSLY NOT SHUT UP. but no you don't piss me off.
mattkwon1 no.
qwerky99 no
ridster no
alexryder no
iqura no
slice no
KittyTheEmolga no

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