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Top 15 WORST TSC songs since my start - #13

7 ricktworick1, Nov 13, 2014

[AKF app]
Note: This is based on my personal opinion. Please do not take any offense from what I think of. Strictly my own thoughts.
I've started my journey in TSC in 2011, with TSC 60 being the first contest I appeared in (as a jury member).
I am so dedicated to TSC that I've decided to torture myself into reminding back to the songs from Tengaged Song Contest, that NEVER EVER should have been submitted. I subjected myself to listening to 43 terrible songs that came to my mind, and whilst only 15 will make the cut for the title of the worst TSC song (in Rick's opinion), there will also be honorable mentions on that matter (which will include another 10 disasters).
The very lucky 13th place goes to this...
Jamila B. - Gamers Love
Sent by #Andalarew_2231 in TSC 109, placed 25th with 21 points.
Her awkward dancing moves are one thing, although I must admit she looks so fucking weird throughout the whole video.
The other thing is that she put as much as substance into this song as I do when I shit. Hell, even watching somebody shit is more entertaining than listening to this bland piece of what I should not call "music". She sounds even bored than me when I finish doing homework at 2 AM, and heck that really requires effort. Jamila B. is clearly the queen of what I should call "let's make my voice sound boring and make this song even more boring". It's also quite hilarious how this song imposes rather dancy beats, yet do you feel like dancing to this? Not only that, the production itself sounds off when you put her voice, as she basically just sounds off all the time. Additionally, the fact that this single lasts more than 4 minutes should mean that there should be something that will keep us from sleeping. No, she just decides that it'll be better for the song to pretty much float around and as a result it's another bland mix #49349194194, something you expect from our most mainstream pop singers.
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~ Annual Hunger Games Day 21 ~ *FINALE*

2 CheapCheep, Jun 5, 2014

Day 20 Results:
#andalarew_2231 sponsors #Carlisle with 25 health.
#XavierR83 attacks #Carlisle causing -95 damage.
#Maxi1234 attacks #sahmosean causing -64 damage. #sahmosean dies.
#Carlisle WINS!
20. Carlisle // Health: 41 *WINNER*
21. #sahmosean // KILLED: 2ND
Death List:
24th ~ #Sarah48 was killed in a fight with #bigdizzleyomama.
23rd ~ #CDeal was killed in a fight with #bigdizzleyomama
22nd ~ #bigdizzleyomama is killed by a storm caused by sponsor #Icarus_Mark
21st ~ #XavierR83 is killed by a storm caused by sponsor #andalarew_2231
20th ~ #rawr121 is killed by a storm caused by sponsor #Icarus_Mark
19th ~ #Lynette is killed by a storm caused by sponsor #Icarus_Mark
18th ~ #blakejenkins14 was killed in a fight with #_Adidas_
17th ~ #Maxi1234 is killed by a storm caused by sponsor #bigdizzleyomama.
16th ~ #MrPokeguy9 is killed by a storm caused by sponsor #XavierR83.
15th ~ #DaveLooney is killed by a storm caused by sponsor #hobnobgpro.
14th ~ #EyooMarcus is killed in a storm caused by sponsor #Guigi.
13th ~ #Dalagninja was killed in a fight with #Carlisle
12th ~ #MariahAnn was killed in a fight with #Qwertyioup
11th ~ #tdan13 is killed by a storm caused by #stuartlittle16
10th ~ #StaRfReSh33 is killed by a storm caused by #mikespike
9th ~ #Donutdude556 is killed by a storm caused by #rawr121.
8th ~ #Qwertyioup is killed by a storm caused by #Icarus_Mark
7th ~ #jbshafer is killed in a fight with #SmoothStalker12
6th ~ #austino15fffan is killed by a storm caused by #Maxi1234
5th ~ #SmoothStalker12 is killed by a storm caused by #stuartlittle16
4th ~ #_Adidas_ is killed by a storm caused by #bigdizzleyomama
3rd ~ #Typhlosion37 is killed by a storm caused by #Maxi1234
2nd ~ #sahmosean is killed by a storm caused by #Maxi1234
1st ~ #Carlisle
Most Kills by a sponsor ~ #Maxi1234 and #Icarus_Mark (3)
Most Kills by a live Tribute ~ #bigdizzleyomama (2)
Most Kills Overall ~ #bigdizzleyomama (4)



22 A_La_Fac, Jun 1, 2014

So yeah I got TV Star, surprised I was not permed before getting it.
PYN and I will rank you from people I like to the people I dislike and give a reason for some of them.
The old andalarew_2231
Cocoabean < 3333
Thumper91 (I still do not like people who are happy 24/7 because I think it is fake but you proved to be a really nice person to me)
zachboy967 (We will skype one day I promise I just am super swamped with ym slavery job!)
Steel (I hope sunlight finds you soon Caspar, GL in Stars too even though we all know you won already)
Etienne ( I wish I could grow to be friends with you, I dok not do well with thwe pretty boy scene though)
XoXu < 333
Marwane ( I love ya but it is gross that you are friends with Marcus and AdamPiglett)
smuguy2012 (A good ally but you are kind of predictable in games)
Jumanji (IDK who you are but I like your username too!)
Bigbrotherfan132 (I like your cliche Tengaged Username)
Lucinda (Ehh I am sure you are a decent person)
The new #andalarew_2231



15 DiamondsArentForever, Jan 26, 2013

On 24/12/2015, at 6:17 PM, Calvin ツ wrote:
You're from Aussie land
Yet you are still so grand.
You like smoothies and BrenLa dick,
But you'd take the latter if u must pick.
To get his love, you offered the bum,
Now your gums are infected with cum.
You snap and drive which is bad,
You bully me and make me sad.
You're a real girl I heard your accent,
Now give me money to pay my rent.
The only thing I love more than you
Is that gorgeous hen who is new.
DiamondsArentForever I made you a poem
May 17, 2015 by jethro
of how you make me feel DiamondsArentForever I hope you like it Annika :££%90*
At first a bit gay (bit gay)
but then it made my day (day)
Masturbation and fingering is okay (clunge)
And then I sneezed and started to cry (cry)
I would finger YOUR cream pie (innuendo)
Fingers here and fingers there (there)
Fingers put anywhere (butthole)
You are cool and jelly is excellent (wibble wobble)
Rimming* you would be Sexcellent (made up word)
*Rimming - the act of licking ones sphincter i.e Doug - "Hey Danny, I just rimmed the fuck outta Harriet!"
From Vans
rap city vans rap rap city vans
Nov 21, 2013 22:14:46
to DiamondsArentForever
Log onto Tengaged and what do I see,
a pretty girls asking for some company,
comment on some of her blogs,
nervous to mail her, I'd probably shit logs,
hello there my name is Charlie,
4/20 blaze it like Bob Marely,
IDK how to end this so it'll be with a bend,
I would like to be your friend :))
*Various hookers dancing in the background, a single foghorn is heard in the distance
Annika's a dork
She's way too short
she's always got a mouth full of pork
But she wont use her fork
she uses her hands
but going so fast clams
up her sweat glands
pouring like shes at a concert grand stand.
She doesnt want to stop but how much can she withstand
before she colapses on to dry land.
#andalarew_2231 3 min ago
Annika i love you
Even when my hair isnt Blue
When its Green
You are Less Mean.
But I will always be
Your Canadian 'Green' Tea.
You are always there for me.
Even if i don't need it.
I also have noticed.
You have Real big tits.
Annika is Love.
Annika is Life.
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Stars Cast Assessment Recorded!

1 LeXXXy, Jan 19, 2013

Thanks to Taylorstlouis, #Andalarew_2231 and #Corena for also taking part :)
Will post it later < 3

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