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37 Dane_Williams, Jul 15, 2017

For an opinion from outsider's perspective.
#brandonpinzu - Stars genius that got 4th a lot and probably into merging a lot on survivor back in the day.
#rawr25 - Generic twink thats good at survivor.
#Thumper91 - Too much sweetness leads to cavities.
DanielleDonato - I can't tell if you're a hoe or not. I'm 80% sure you are though.
Phenomanimal - You were number 1 on the site once upon time but then you got a life and left for awhile. Came back for the blogs page and the friends you made. Good at tengaged and life.
PureEssence - You've had braces when you were younger which made you insecure, but now you've blossomed into a clubber who drinks a lot. #FuturePrediction
Steven999 - Generic nerd that will the person that bitches about anything I say that is negative towards him via mails.
Hisoka - Stirs the drama pot for shits and giggles then cries about the consequences of stirring the pot. You also know that you can get the boys dicks racing.
KatarinaDuCouteau - You're either a sensible european woman or a weird 15 year old gender faker.
BrainJak - You're too young to have a distinct personality.
Simpizzle - A secret pothead that no one knows about yet. Share the weed please.
JustMe - Part of the mid-west mafia along with gagaluv and Jenna2010.
BB5lover - Somebody's annoying boyfriend.
Lemjam6 - You're basically just another brandonpinzu in my eyes.
AllieBoBallie - I don't know why you exist on le tengaged. Maybe its just to bullying #Bridgette77 Idk.
BengalBoy - The straighest dude alive and is super comfortable with his sexuality. Again, why are you here bruh?
etaco75 - A (TWINK)ie with a heart of gold.
Booyahhayoob - Straight boy troll with a terrible username.
Mexus - You're like the 5th best looking latino on tengaged.
GoodKaren - Congrats you are a girl. Do I care? No. Bland.
lionsden121 - You're a group gamer player so I can respect that but you get lost in the crowd of people who are more memorable.
Jenna2010 - The secret Mafia Queen of the mid-west.
_Ashley - DaniD, DaniD, DaniD. I said that 3 times in front of a mirror and she still didn't come back.
Brandt69 - Either horny all the time or playing roblox.
acyuta - You're too nice to badmouth.
m7md26 - Wants the d and plays league/overwatch in the middle-east.
ghrocky100 - Goodluck with youtube career. Get a better though.
Ashleybabyx3 - HMMMM at the kids table of the cool kids clubs party table.
XxLoveWakizaxX - Probably a secret stud muffin that likes fucking with people.
amf7410 - Save me nurse,..


Stars 377 - Nommed for 11th =( (Vlog)

5 Girllover101, Feb 2, 2016

So I am up today against a good guy, his name is Ryan. Ryan is Shady, Justin, well.. isn't. (LOL LIES) I've played a good game, I stayed off the block 3/4 times after being a counter for pretty much 48 HOURS. This is basically my first real stars and I've been slaying so many people. I am very thankful for everyone who I've worked with so far, but yet again, some of these people can suck my left tit. Everyone has been pissed at me when I split the noms for 15th, so me and BrandonPinzu didn't go up. I mean, it was clearly best for my game, I mean I saved a ally, and me. Like seriously? I've made pretty good friendships in this game and some few I've made rocky friendships with! I've tried to maintain my relationships with everybody, and I have been for every single player in that game. It's very stressful for being known as a shady player in this game, but also that must mean I'm doing something right. I hope you guys save me so I can go back into that stars house and keep fighting, I really don't want my trip to end here. I'm not done, I don't wanna give up!! :( I put way to much time into this game, and I AM HERE TO PLAY. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE SHEEPING, AND THEN THERE IS ME, I MAKE SETS/THEY GO THROUGH. LIKE SERIOUSLY, IF THAT ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH THEN IDK WHAT IS. IF I GO BACK IN, I will make sure, that everyone that put me up, will HAPPILY.. go. up. on. that. block.. LOL!
Ily Ryan gl < 3
So I need you tengaged! PLEASE SAVE ME IN STARS :)
and fyi, goodluck Ryan Typhlosion37
Coming Clean: I will now be revealing who I locked in/my set
16th: BrandonPinzu/ GaiaPhagee
15th: BBDamian/ Typhlosion37 (MY SET!!)
14th: Survivor_Season1/ Dannyjr0587
13th: Faygo/#BrandonPinzu
12th: Willie_/ christossss
11th: #Dannyjr0587/#Zbase4
[6:37:48 PM] Typhlosion 37: I'm not nomming the people who were honest
[6:37:52 PM] Justin ❤'s Lee ❤❤❤❤❤: SAME.
[6:37:56 PM] Justin ❤'s Lee ❤❤❤❤❤: BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER
[6:38:03 PM] Justin ❤'s Lee ❤❤❤❤❤: WHY WOULD YOU NOT NOM PEOPLE WHO NOMMED US
[6:38:05 PM] Justin ❤'s Lee ❤❤❤❤❤: LIKE SERIOUSLY
[6:38:18 PM] Justin ❤'s Lee ❤❤❤❤❤: k
[6:38:26 PM] Typhlosion 37: SAY NOTHING
[6:38:33 PM] Typhlosion 37: I DONT WANNA MAKE MORE ENEMIES
[6:38:38 PM] Typhlosion 37: I WANT TO WIN
[6:38:43 PM] Typhlosion 37: TO GET SURGERY



1 BB5lover, Oct 19, 2015

this is probably the hardest #brandonpinzu got fucked over since he found out volcomvans was straight


All the mods were corrupt

4 ShayyBayy, Oct 19, 2015

but #brandonpinzu was literally the least corrupt and the fact that he got banned because johneh can't deal with some 13 - 19 year olds hating him and trolling him, it sounds like a johneh problem
and then blaming everybody else when you're the one who fucked up, if i was justme i would have been as fed up as Brandon was with being blamed for everything another damn moderator did.
When literally everybody hates you, you need to stop blaming everybody and look at how awful you are yourself cause clearly 99% of tengaged isn't the problem here bud



1 BB5lover, Oct 19, 2015

#brandonpinzu is the fucking man
i dont really like many people on this site, and if i can get along with you, and visa versa... you are pretty cool in my books
also the other 2 are super fucking biased and yeah #BringBrandonBack #GetJohnehOut


Did anyone else

0 mattmon3365, Oct 19, 2015

notice that the mannequin that was tagging me in blogs yesterday isn't here anymore? Kinda liked the dress it was wearing......oh well! Guess they finally decided to get rid of some fake people and throw them in the trash where they belong. Bye, #brandonpinzu!


Me and Halloween

1 mattmon3365, Oct 19, 2015

when we found out that #brandonpinzu was banned and that johneh is getting more hate than ever


Top Grey's Anatomy Moments - #39

5 Lemjam6, Oct 19, 2015

"You're no more than ordinary"
I fucking loved this. Ellis Grey was such a queen and a cunt at the same time. Meredith was such a good child and she was was great and didn't deserve to always be ridiculed by her mother. And this moment was referenced so much in the series after this, Ellis ended up getting to tell Meredith she was extraordinary and yeah Meredith could finally be happy that she made her mother proud. This moment was just so great though by both Ellis and Meredith.
40. Callie sees her baby for the first time.
39. "You're no more than ordinary".
ask if you wanna be tagged


What if its all a plan

1 bigdizzleyomama, Oct 19, 2015

for them to get randomize back to update the site!
like justme is holding the site at gun point till randomize comes back and johneh and #brandonpinzu are probably cackling int he background waiting for the time


I think it's more of a shame

1 wumblebee, Oct 19, 2015

#Brandonpinzu was banned whilst having his avatar looking like that


You know it. I know it

7 SashaBaby2010, Oct 19, 2015

We all know, that #brandonpinzu abused his powers, and banned people with no visible proof, other than here say. Do I think he should be permed? No, but he should be banned, and his powers on this site should be discussed.
You may not agree with me, thats fine. But we all know Tengaged is going downhill, since randomize chooses not to make any updates at all. I think that leaves our moderators handling a very hard job.
So there you go. Comment what you will & plus/neg how you will.



1 Tigger, Oct 19, 2015

i am the games coordinator. i am NOT a mod. i WON'T reply to moderation issues - contact Tengaged_Moderation
* bans #brandonpinzu *
rlly johneh if u arent a mod why do u have MOD POWERS



4 Pieguy555, Oct 19, 2015

As a citizen of the USA #Brandonpinzu has the right to know the accusations that are charged against him and the evidence against him as well. Really, Moderation team, breaking constitutional law? =|


This moderation stuff is crazy

2 CrimsonEnnui, Oct 19, 2015

And what did #brandonpinzu do???


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