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Oh hun

0 BillieStylish, Apr 18, 2019

you're bronze on league don't even try it #Minie
I don't even main kata and I can get to gold playing her. It's probs because all ur teammates quit at how annoying u are ingame


Admin, can you explain yourself? (pic)

2 pedalpandora494, Jul 17, 2018

I couldn't plus tonyalbright's blog any faster.
I've been blacklisted on 6 different accounts for "harassment" for merely asking why #Minie isn't banned, when she LITERALLY posted a blog yesterday titled " gagaluv's daughters" lmfao. Lets not forget how I asked you to punish her for posting designs without permission and you said "We cant ban her for confidential reasons".
If you remove this blog, I'll spam-bot mails letting everyone know of this bias. I'm not harassing her, I'm asking why she isn't banned. Admin



51 RawrItsNick, May 27, 2017

And I'll tell you something awkwardly mildly kinda sexual I'd do to you ;)
#Minie - I would brush your nipples at a safe distance using a old fashioned broom.
#Karim - I would lick your left ear lobe once and watch your two ears go to war.
#Phenomanimal - What haven't we done already? ;) ... Jk people, literally all we did was stand outside of a sketchy possibly Chinese? restaurant for like 10 minutes :P ... Now for what I wish I had done at the time ;) ... I would spray you with a super soaker filled with a sticky ambiguous white liquid and let you believe what you want to believe :O
#SexGoddx - I would surreptitiously place my open palm on the chair seconds before you sit down, and pretend like you were making a pass at me!
#_Teemo_ - We would probably get through all the foreplay, but go no further because you tell me you ate a bunch of tacos and burritos beforehand, and you are a good bottom boy, so you wouldn't allow that to happen! Ironically the wall would keep ME out ;) . Sorry this got gross... moving on!
#Funnehliner - We'd have some VERY LOUD roleplaying as I try to replicate german dungeon porn... Then I crack out the bratwurst whip and we both burst out laughing and abandoning the attempt.
#Brandt69 - We'd almost kiss, but then I realize we have the same name so I Spartan Kick you off the bridge instead... THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!
#Mexus - I would put a roofie in your drink and watch you sleep and heavily breathe over you until it wears off, then you are free to go.
#DakotaCoons - If you get me in to see Hamilton, baby you can have whatever you want! ;)
#MelindaMrskk - I would allow you to motorboat my rock hard pecs until you are black and blue, then I'd tell everyone that you fell down the stairs in a tone which suggests that I beat you.
#Danny12 - If the 12 represents your age... I WAS NEVER HERE :|
#christossss - I would tell you to get on your knees, open your mouth and close your eyes... then I'd probably take the opportunity to put gross stuff in your mouth or smack you around with a non-poisonous snake... it'd be a heat-of-the-moment decision!
#m7md26 - I would sit there as you use the cheesiest pick up lines known to man as I act super turned on. Then I would agree to go home with you, but then fake a family emergency leaving you at the bar with the worst case of blue balls.
Druhhbby2 - I would serenade you until you cream your panties... but if that's not enough, I mean 3 kids passed through that baby tunnel! The possibilities are endless! ;)
Z3US - I would introduce you, the god of thunder, to me, god of seduction through musical theatre cast recordings I own ;) .
Thumper91 - I'd probably poke your vagina and say "hehe, ewww it's all squishy!"
LemJam6 - I feel like you like being choked, so I'd begin choking you with a scarf... but then we'd both notice that you really look great in that scarf... so then we would stop what we were doing..



80 Joseline, May 19, 2017

and i will give u a rank out of 10
#minie 9
#arris 10
#littlebrother123 1 and a half jk 10 <3
#stupendous 7
#zachbbs 8
#violets 8
#bowkane 10 when you're not being bipolar <3
#notafraid 10
#s73100 9, would be a 10 but i gifted u n u never wore it wow :(
#vansreborn 10 my favorite gay
#survivorrocks 10
#iivoloxity 9
#fighterman 8.935713
#acyuta 10 <3
#don_draper 1 hunnit :*
#aria_grande 9
#admir 10 x
#bix123 9
#brandonpinzu ten
#chibideidara 9, but a .5 when u sheep marcus oop
#darriusdabest 10 <3333
#robozoe 8 cus u tell me to die everyday
#steven999 8.8
#rawr25 10
#sashababy2010 9
#hisoka 10 <3
allieboballie 10 <3
emmett4 9
michellewilliams 10 :*
blitzsims 1000000 <3333
wpwsers196 8 when youre not being a cunt :X
ivan1234 9
styxxe 10 <33
juliann 9 :)
marietori 8
gigi10 10 :***
bluejay7622 -15 Disgusting. Honestly, truly
haliford 9
vlad21 10 :P
greenranger8 7
kingb24 8
underwzc 10 ;)
eva1 8
katherinepierce 9
willie_ 10
roshy 9.5
dannyjr0587 9
oysterman11 10.1 bcus u must be higher than fifi BTW WHAT POSSESSED YOU TO NAME URSELF OYSTER? HUH? pls i just wanna know
bambino 9
titoburitto 10 <333 im still laughing at you for spelling burrito wrong :$$$$
taybear17 one million :* ily bby
dvs194 10 ily <3
kittykatz553 a solid 5


Top 8 people I hate list

12 SkooterEYZ, Apr 6, 2016

Stolen from The Fabulous Kelly0412
1) Galaxies -- The only thing you enjoy doing more than eating is obsessing over me
2) Streams -- 10 yrs ago your mother made the mistake of giving birth to you
3) #Minie -- I refuse to tag an isis member [srry hun]
4) AshleyD -- ur forehead is way too big for your head hun
5) Tanner_ -- The only thing you'll ever be is a Faggot Icon. Yay! < 3
6) Alanb1 -- https://i.gyazo.com/8e62b0aed5e45e9e618ace46e27c5052.png
7) Halloween - Is it a Truck? Is it a House?
8) Timberlie - Constellations, Brad. Edit : IDK if it's Trollingpenguin or Timberlie, I get them mixed up all the time rofl. Whichever one is brad on skype.
I was gonna do 10 but I can't think of 10 people that I actually hate



3 coreyants, Jan 15, 2015

thumper91 got #minie banned
now how is she supposed to vote for me in finals? :X



2 Valdamien, Jan 14, 2015




13 Lemjam6, Jan 14, 2015

You're welcome tengaged :)


PYN Who you hang out

9 Samhuss, Nov 17, 2014

with in Tengaged and #Minie and I will give you a quotation that fits you!
Mikey_Elite - "believes that true friends are angels sent from God for a reason, they are sent to push you along on through life when it gets hard."
DeshonBANNEDISback - "Nobody is perfect!"
TheUncanny - "hakuna matata"
Don_Draper - (Talktothehand)



0 coreyants, Nov 14, 2014



Stars Save Chain

5 temponeptune, Oct 13, 2014

All the cool kids are doing it tbh so I think itd be fun
so PYN
Goodallan vs Minie: Minie
#Minie vs. Marwane : Minie (really close)
#minie vs. ajg31397 : Minie (close but we havnt talked in awhile)
#minie vs. thesexiestdude990 : Fuck.


Pyn 2 peoples names

9 EliotWhi, Oct 4, 2014

And ill say who i like better
halloween fk u thanos


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