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Pyn and I will simply tell you

11 Arris, Jan 25, 2019

who I would rather marry between 2 ppl who post their names
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Drag Queen PYN All-Stars Cast Decisions

5 Macda27, Apr 5, 2018

Tengaged fam, I’ve had four seasons of Drag Queen PYN where a bunch of queens have played and four winners. But I need your help deciding the cast for All-Stars.
•There must be 4 from each season
•No 2 time players (Latrice, Courtney, Shokan Tell)
•Winners cannot play again (BenDeLaCreme, Katya, Aquaria, Farrah)
•To be eligible, they had to make Final 8 of their season (This is All-Stars not Second Chances!)
•Only 1 queen per tengager (eg #JonMcGillis had Anita and Jenny Sais-Quoi, only one would be able to play)
•VERY IMPORTANT. They have to have more Wins/Highs than Lows/Bottom 2’s
Comment below who you think was robbed and deserves a spot as an All-Star
Season 1:
Season 2:
Season 3:
Season 4:


Gift Game ROUND 6

12 Lol4ever, Dec 18, 2014

From a vote 8-3 #JonmcGillis you are evicted
HOH: #Top20Fan33
Noms (Pre) #ItsAustin #XCountryboyx
POV: #NinJohn (Doesent use it)
Noms (Post) #ItsAustin #XCountryboyx
Please Evict #ItsAustin or #Xcountryboyx
ghrocky100 (Nomed 1)
ninjohn (1 POV)
XoAmanda (1 HOH)
hujain (2 POV) (Nomed 2)
Simpizzle (Nomed 2) (1 HOH)
Kyliejay (1 HOH
GoodKaren (1 POV)
ItsAustin (1 HOH) (Nomed 1)
ElectricCheddar (1 POV)
xCountryBoyx (1 HOH) (Nomed 1)
top20fan33 (1 HOH)
21st #harrywasnak (Vs #Simpizzle 8-3)
20th: #PotatoSalad (Vs #Simpizzle 6-5)
19th: #Jourdanbabyxoxo (Vs #Hujain 6-5)
18th: #Slith (Vs #Hujain 8-3)
17th: #JonMcGillis (Vs #Ghrocky100 8-3)
Please evict #ItsAustin or #Xcountryboyx



35 lacubanita24, Nov 19, 2013

for an honest opinion from cory AND me. Cory being lifer107
jgoodies i saw urs on my other  one so here
[5:03:35 PM] Thałia: btw jgoodies posted on my other one do u want to give him his
[5:04:11 PM] Cory (Lifer107): Fine
[5:04:22 PM] Thałia: GO ON *******
[5:04:33 PM] Cory (Lifer107): I hear he's a ginger and a pretty girl
[5:04:39 PM] Thałia: like pga?
[5:04:50 PM] Cory (Lifer107): No like your mom
[5:04:53 PM] Cory (Lifer107): Duh PGA
[5:05:04 PM] Thałia: cory stop trying to act cool for the blog
[5:05:25 PM] Cory (Lifer107): No this is my personality irl
[5:05:26 PM] Thałia: i saw his photos hes a bit cute but besides the fact that hes a spammer idk anything
chloeox or w.e
[5:12:11 PM] Thałia: SRS CHLOEOX
[5:12:13 PM] Thałia: WHO IS THAT
[5:12:21 PM] Cory (Lifer107): Okay I know her I talked to her while I was trying to rack up stars support but then it went back to gold.
She's nice though
[5:12:59 PM] Thałia: anyways gaiaphage
[5:13:19 PM] Thałia: who i supported 100000000000000 percent in stars and i got to talk to him and hes real hot and nice
[5:13:24 PM] Thałia: plus hes a beast in group games
[5:13:33 PM] Cory (Lifer107): Gay and a Virgin
[5:13:50 PM] Cory (Lifer107): Thalia get off his dick don't turn into one of them
[5:13:55 PM] Thałia: one of who
[5:14:18 PM] Cory (Lifer107): One the "HIS SHIRTS OFF OMG" people
[5:15:04 PM] Cory (Lifer107): I don't think he knows how to make a video while simultaneously wearing a shirt
[5:15:53 PM] Thałia: maxi1235
[5:16:04 PM] Thałia: he's a slut tbh
[5:16:10 PM] Thałia: always asking me to hook him up
[5:16:16 PM] Cory (Lifer107): With drugs?
[5:16:23 PM] Thałia: no wtf
[5:16:26 PM] Thałia: with gay guys
[5:16:37 PM] Cory (Lifer107): Oh I didn't know you knew gay guys
[5:16:38 PM] Thałia: like if i have a sign as my profile pic he demands to know who it is
[5:16:43 PM] Thałia: khy duh
[5:16:56 PM] Cory (Lifer107): Idk who that is.
I have no opinion
[5:17:18 PM] Thałia: how do u not know who maxi is he's always spamming and on the blogs page thirsty for designs
[5:18:32 PM] Thałia: lastly before i spam there's nattie
[5:18:40 PM] Thałia: aka spamming queen
[5:18:57 PM] Cory (Lifer107): wtf she doesn't spam me either what's wrong with me
[5:19:26 PM] Thałia: i meant as in she wont stop spamming in a game
[5:19:36 PM] Thałia: but ya ur a loser
[5:19:46 PM] Thałia: anywho u must have an opinion on her she won hunger lol
[5:20:07 PM] Cory (Lifer107): I don't pay attention to that shit I don't know how to guitar
[5:20:35 PM] Thałia: so u have no opinion on queen nattie? ur so lame
[5:20:52 PM] Cory (Lifer107): Maybe if she was more interesting I would
[5:23:57 PM] Thałia: thumper91
[5:24:04 PM] Thałia: i love..



45 STOKES2009, Sep 12, 2013

And I will say what I think about you !!
faygo Greg, we have been friends forever and I think we will always be good friends , You are really a sweet guy ! Leave me alone about spamming for you lol j/k  ily
Vans  you are such a sweet guy , you are always so nice to me :)
AlanDuncan You seem nice, don't really know you well
#JonMcGillis  sorry I don't know you at all
Regularise don't really know you but you seem nice
#Michaelf1114  don't know you sorry, I think I have played a game with you
#alireza1373    I know you more from scodrek , kinda miss that site some , you seem nice
#Jonny_Algeo  don't know you
RasGrand  You are one of the sweetest people on this site, so nice , hope we stay friends for a long time :) ily
#Funnehliner  you are a really sweet guy and have always been super nice to me :)
Arik2745  I just met you a short while ago and I already feel like I have known you forever, You are sooooo sweet and such a good friend , I think we will become really good friends I hope, ily
#haiiderr  You are really nice
#Webly   such a sweet guy :)
coreyants  when I see your name , all I think of is you in my skype saying frookies frookies frookies lol , Corey you are really sweet and I'm glad we are friends :)
Etienne  I have known you for a long time and you have always been a sweet, nice stand up guy :)
yswimmer96  well well well ,lol  we were friends you backstabbed me, we were friends  you backstabbed me , we were friends again you backstabbed me  lol  no really I like you outside a game and I hope we can be friends I have always thought you were still a nice guy :)
phsdhs93  You are really a good guy and a good friend, I am so glad we became friends , you always go MIA lol  ily
#black0ut247  I don't know you well, I think we have played games before
#aaronstevens4444 really really really a nice person
#Admir  you seem nice , I have played the hunger games with you
BrendonByrne  You are one of my first friends on here and one of my favorite people on this site, you are really a good friend and I love that we are still close friends and always will be !  ily
mercedes415  You are my best girlfriend on this site and I love talking to you and I can tell you anything and you are always there for me, I really miss talking to you and playing games with you late at night because of you have to go to school lol ILY so much girl
#GoodPlay  I really don't know you :)
#Tehblurr  don't know you :)
sdriver999  You are one of my best friends to and you are so sweet and funny , I just love you to death! I don't think anything will get in between our friendship and One day I'm gonna meet you irl.  You will be the first tengager I will meet lol Love you so much girl :)
#BaronDC  you..



31 AustinRules6969, Jan 24, 2013

LittleMix (No one likes you shut up)
Maxi1234 (If you bothered to talk to me it'd be love)
william3 (If we keep talking like we did today it would be Love)
ZimDelInvasor (Talk to me more)
Halloween (You piss me off so much sometimes, so it's not love)
Kristin13< 3
IcyHot (Girl, we haven't talked in forever)
SunnyBunny o
JGoodies (Sometimes I really like you, sometimes I can't stand you, but for the most part I like you)
SSDZ (We've never talked, but I've always liked you)
vh1luvr15 ^^
Foxox  ^^
SashaBaby2010 (my feelings for you are so complex, like, you don't even know, I used to really like you, then you became a Dictador, and I hated you, not really sure why, I think it was about how you would always say you were gonna leave and then not, and then we talked to the other day, and I realized you're pretty cool, so it's complex)
I Don't Know



1 MPKS, Aug 25, 2012

Why you braggin bout blindsiding me? EVERYONE DOES THAT lol fuck you #JonMcGillis

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