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Random.org Stars Game 1 RESULTS

5 plsnokillme, Jan 5, 2018

Noms for 16: Arris vs Silver09
Arris: 47.6%
Silver09: 52.4% OUT
Noms for 15: #Arris vs Lorenabueri
Arris: 42.1%
Lorenabueri: 57.9% OUT
Noms for 14: ity990 vs eliotwhi
ity990: 49.3%
eliotwhi: 50.7% OUT
Noms for 13: aria_grande vs sosyomomma
aria_grande: 43.9%
sosyomomma: 56.1% OUT
Noms for 12: varlto vs birks4444
varlto: 56.5% OUT
birks4444: 45.5%
Noms for 11: goodkaren vs #aria_grande
goodkaren: 36.7%
aria_grande: 63.3% OUT
Noms for 10: #ity990 vs yasgaga
ity990: 40.0%
yasgaga: 60.0% OUT
Noms for 9: #goodkaren vs #arris
goodkaren: 44.1%
arris: 55.9% OUT
Noms for 8: rascity vs #goodkaren
rascity: 58.4% OUT
goodkaren: 41.6%
Noms for 7: vasquis vs #goodkaren
vasquis: 54.3% OUT
goodkaren: 45.7%
Noms for 6: nathanmb vs chandelier
nathanmb: 43.6%
chandelier: 56.4% OUT
Noms for 5: #birks4444 vs #nathanmb
birks4444: 51.1% OUT
nathanmb: 48.9%
Noms for 4: #goodkaren vs #nathanmb
goodkaren: 49.6%
nathanmb: 50.4% OUT
#goodkaren: nommed 5 times
camell22: unnommed
#ity990: nommed 2 times
3rd: ity990 - 23.5%
2nd: camell22 - 35.6%
1st: goodkaren - 40.9%


PYN for an opinion

41 j0hnnyb0i, Nov 11, 2017

if this flops im deleting this and pretending it never happened
#Arris hi idk you but u seem nice and u have been blogging about taylor swift lately so thats hot...hmu
#scooby0000 please stop replying to my blogs and everyone elses, you’ve been doing it for the past 3 hours
ParvatiS hi hun, i've seen you around and you seem like a sweet gal and just a sweetheart im pretty sure i saved you in stars so thats cute ig
#Mickiejames22 um i know nothing about you except that you put those blogs about that weird guy, he's not even that cute but i saw you give selena some love so ur legendary for that i guess.
Batya wow.. a cutie lol hmu lets make love and think about abortion
#bamold1999 UGH ily i've slowly gotten to know you better and you're the type of person to spill anything that happens to them and i love people like that xx i hope we talk more 💖💖💖💖
ghrocky100 i've seen you tons of times on the blogs and everywhere tbh you seem like a cool dude to talk to yeah idk what else to say
Obstreperous wow another cutie.. i've seen your blogs and they're honestly if im being really very appealing and funny LMAO we need that humor xoxo
immaxyman pretty sure ur the one i was in a call with and stanned ariana grande so congratulations for having unique and iconic taste and tbh you seemed sweet so ❤️
DJ2722 king of being robbed of his account LMAO but idk you seemed great and fun to talk to, however that was really awkward that one hunger with nick and u omg that was messy asjksad
Question hi BABE xx honestly i've talked to you often but not that often!!! you seem sweet and lovable and honest and real and iconic but i want to talk to you more!!!!
Kaylabby UGH MY new QUEEN!!!!! bitch i talk to you sometimes and your just a sweetheart to me and don't give a fuck what people say ugh legend
alanb1 im not writing about you because im not writing a 5 mla format paragraph essay about why ily; but ur ugly sometimes so dont feel too special
GoodKaren heard nothing but nice things about you mayble only that you're TOO nice! but idk you seem kind and lovable and we never have that here so queen
CrimsonEnnui hi babe i want to talk to you more; more than that rat alanb1 because you're fun to talk to
mathboy9 controversial legend; some of your blogs are fun and iconic but ew you have notnicky on your friend list disgusting
Thirteen nothing bad or nice to say about u; i appreciate ur horror aesthetic for what it is!!
paul028 very loyal and nice i remember i used to play frookies and be with u alot!!!
#rfkfdr idk u babe
rellizuraddixion aw you seem really nice and chill!!! LMAO ur cute too so that good!!! idk u just seem the type of person to help others in need..



41 Brandt69, Apr 22, 2017

From me bamold1999 mrorange890
Me = me    B = bamold  O = mrorange
Me - 8/10
B - 4/10
O - 6/10
Me - 10/10
B - 7/10
O - 3/10 he dont know u
Me - 6/10 idk u
B - 4/10
O - 3/10 idk u
Me - 10/10
B - 9/10
O - 8/10
Me - 8.5/10
B - 3/10
O - 9/10
Me - 5/10 idk u !! mail me (:
B - 4/10
O -3/10 idk u
Me - 1000/10
B - 7/10
O - 3/10 idk u
Me - 6/10 idk u!!
B - 6/10
O - 4/10
Me - 9/10
B - 9/10
O - 10/10
Me - 8.5/10
B - 8/10
O - 4/10
Me - 10/10
B - 9/10
O - 6/10 idk u
Me - 10/10
B - 4/10
O - 6.5/10
Me - 8/10
B - 7/10
O - 5/10
Me - 100/10
B - 6/10
O - 6.5/10
Me - 101001202020/10
B - 9/10
O - 9/10
Me - 8/10
B - 4/10
O - 3/10
Me - 9.5/10 bc u shot me
B - 7/10
O - 9/10
Me - 7/10
B - 7/10
O - 5/10 idk u
Me - 6/10
B - 8/10
O - 6.5/10
Me - 10000/10
B - 5/10
O - 7.2/10
Me - 10/10
B - 10/10
O - 7.5/10
Me - 10/10
B - 10/10
O - 8/10
Me - 10/10
B - 9/10
O - 8/10
Me - 8/10
B - 7/10
O - 4/10
Me - 8.5/10
B - 2/10
O - 4/10
Me - 6/10
B - 5/10
O - 4/10
Me - 7/10
B - 10/10
O - 7/10
Me - 9/10 miss u
B - 3/10 idk u
O - 3/10 idk u
Me - 10100110110101010110101010101101/10
B - 5/10
O - 6/10
Me - 5/10  idk if u still hate me
B - 7/10
O - 7/10


Rick's Top 40 Favourite TSC Songs of 2016..

9 ricktworick1, Jan 11, 2017

TSC group link: http://www.tengaged.com/group/3616
- All songs sent in between TSC 226 to 264 are eligible
- This is based on my personal opinion - I mean there's a reason it's MY LIST. Please do not take any offense from what I think of. Strictly my own thoughts
- Contrary to some weird belief, I don't believe that my music taste is better than anyone else's, although I have no idea if it's useful to post that because every year there are some idiots crying about their songs not being appreciated enough. This list is for you all to have some fun and laugh at possible comments I make.
- I also include some of my own entries, but don't worry, I'm not that arrogant to have more than 10 entries about myself
36. Tori Kelly - Hollow - CutieAmy, TSC237, 2nd, 134 pts

Tori Kelly is another artist whose releases completely didn't live up to my expectations, like at all. Nobody Love was just an upbeat version of Alicia Keys' mediocre "Unthinkable," all her self-composed acoustic singles were boring and bland as fuck, and the worst of it all being the coffee-shop quality "Dear No One" that apparently people loved, probably because their lives are as boring as I imagine. Thankfully, "Hollow" breaks the tradition of Tori Kelly's music being reminiscent of every average pop singer thanks to proper buildup that leads to the great chorus. Her one time success at creating good music was more than likely to have been a fluke, but hey, at least the application of Sturgeon's law applies here - 9 shit songs to find 1 good one.
35. Foxes - Cruel - #Arris, TSC238, 8th, 93 pts

Foxes does not have have a single that I dislike. She is continuing to release music that are just great to listen to, and "Cruel" is definitely one of them. Greatly inspired by the 80s synth sound, such use of production is bound to sound fantastic, although I'm not so sure about the repetitive "ah ah ah ah ah" parts, but that's probably the only downfall of this song. It's obviously not as good as brilliant "Youth" or "Feet Don't Fail Me Now," but it's still up there among my favourite Foxes tracks.
34. Feder - Lordly (feat. Alex Aiono) - #onemanarmy, TSC262, 1st, 97 pts

Just listen to the bass in this song. It's pretty much impossible not to be captivated by how different and unique this is. I mean, okay - it is definitely helped by the fact that it's Feder who produced it, but that's also the same person that is responsible for creating a giant smelly turd that "Goodbye" is. At least this time being quirky took him to the right direction - it's always very difficult to fit the dark sound with electronic instrumental the way it sounds acceptable, just listen to will.i.am's shitty "Scream and Shout" to realise how much justice..



38 Spinner554, Sep 6, 2016

And I'll tell you the first word that comes to mind when I read your username/think of you =]
#Arris - Anus
#KatarinaDuCouteau - Loser (idk why lmfao)
#Music - Song
#perfectprizetag - Pricetag
#Utsumi - Asian (lmfao)
#alwaysvictorious - Liar
#Darbe - Rollerblading
#m7md26 - Doctor
#zachboy967 - Annoying (:S)
#acosta1539 - Jacosta
#Deshonbannedisback - devinwithparasites lol idk why
Instagram - Facebook
MrBird - Sesame Street
QueenBec - King
bobrocks333 - Brother
jgoodies - Skype Games
ohheydudeski - Girl
Blujay112 - Toronto
Downeaster - Chill
bambinoswag - Red Sox (puke)
Topazisqueen - Topaz sucks :S
Aintitfun - It isn't.
Guigi - Luigi =]
Christian_ - Friend
Coreyants - Stars
YasGaga - No
Dawson905 - Creek
Deathisgreat - Life
JamieAndre - Wrestlemania
Virgie88 - Virgin
Rawr25 - Hater
Imprincearthur - Egypt
Mexash - Fam
Steven999 - Receipt (lol there's a reason behind this I swear)


<3 Fighterman <3

64 cswaggerr, Sep 5, 2016

And i'll rate your personality. Stealing from ohheydudeski
Sorry im not putting descriptions in all im getting lazy lmfao
#arris - 7, it would be higher if i got to know u better
#2388 - 8, I'm sorry ur original account was hacked i had no idea! Ur a good person tho
#kelly0412 - 4, i do think u have a better personality but i think u should try and work on some of the things u say, because sometimes u cross certain lines that shouldnt be crossed.
#Lana1990 - 5, I dont really know u too well.
#rawr25- 6, We dont necessarily get along but i know that u arent an awful person. U treat ur friends good and i never really see u harassing people on a personal level. Which i respect
#m7md26 - 7, ur a really good game host and u have reached out to me on several occasions to get to know me! We should talk more :D
#Essential - 7, You're really nice and have always been super cool with me
#blujay112 - 8, Very good friend on this site. U have been there for me on multiple occasions and ur one of the good people on this website
#masonx - 4, i dont know u never really did anything to me. But i have always thought u were Halloween. And that association just drops the personality score
#xshift - 6, i dont know u too well. But all the experiences i have had with have been positive. Rate would be higher if i knew u better
#bowkane - 8, You are super kind and caring. You also are loyal af.
#MightyGoober - 10, LMFAO. I almost gave u a one. But u already know ur my dude! We have a lot in common and our friendship is on point.
#spiderboom - 8, you always plussed my spam and uploaded designs for me, and also have been super nice to me. We need to get to know each other better :D
#tryandbeatme16 - 9, one of my oldest friends on this site. I wish we got to talk more and play more games together
#Steven999 - 7, I dont know u too well. But from what i know ur a good person
#imgonnawin - 7.
#virgie88 - 9, you are one of the most loyal people on this site and im happy our friendship has been growing
#ohheydudeski - 8.9, u would be higher. But there was that short period where things were weird with our friendship. i love u tho. and im glad we are talking again
#turkeylover - 7.
#yaddddiggz - 10, bro we have been friends for so long. Just waiting for the day we finally move to Vegas
#Darbe - 9, we need to talk more, but ur an amazing dude
#Teamjacz - 7
#Tboss - 8
#moneyneil - 7
#king_lance - 6, it would be higher but i dont know u too well
lavaworks - 9.8, u know i love u a lot! Even tho u ignore me sometimes lol
jarrett - 8, we used to slay frookz together but i havent seen u much lately. We need to play again soon
petro - 6, u always think i dislike u. Even tho i literally have no issues with u. Although i do think our personalities are really different
galaxies - 9, okay so i used to think u hate me but i..



69 m7md26, Aug 14, 2016

for an opinion brutally honest doing all
did them all, the last ones were mailed privately.
#Arris you love yourself alot but i do think you're cool to talk to and annoy
#Ethan000 you bitching when you were in my group game was extremely annoying. It was like speaking to a child. I used to think you were cool before that
#Tanner_ we don't talk all you say im nice and move on.
#titoburitto you were in my rookies i added you on skype and you ignored me. that was rude
but you got 10th so it was your own fault bro
#IceBeast you are so sweet and you and fighterman were so annoying to watch in my group game cuz you always won. You are both winners grats. Great person
#Crayadian i dont know who you are.
#Rperduex11 i gifted you from Juliann 's shop you're welcome
#liam1 hot as fuck. we should talk more you have my skype ;)
#BluJay112 you blog sometimes, sometimes good sometimes annoying
#Noah77 i don't know you, ur username seems familiar but my mind is blank...
#Maxi1234 i used to talk to you before? then didn't hear from you like ever? good to see you're doing well i think
#_m4rw4n i have no idea who you are other than the fact Katarina hates you
#Juliann my michelle to my natalie. except you died in italy. Noobo.
#KatarinaDuCouteau my main champ in league mastery 7 Kata main < 3 i love you just from your username and you are a fratmate
#Kinggeek familiar username, but no idea who you are
#lionsden121 you're cool. congrats one of the few i didn't slander this pyn
#Smoothstalker12 we talked then you died then we had rookies. i got blackmailed and got 3rd. your spam gets annoying tho.
#ohheydudeski we keep getting together in rookies. every pyn you say the EXACT same thing. ofc we never talk in rookies all you say is "i'm with you bro" or "i'm down" like if you want to have a relationship you gotta put your back into it. its nice you think i'm cool but make a move LOL
#Connor_ i played a few games with you i think. I've supported you in stars when you won. So when i enter vote for me. K ty
#Styxxe you = cool, so awesome since i'm slandering half of tg rn. we played league it was fun we should do it again when im not on tilt so i can shine
#RoboZoe you're famous on tg but idk you dude. hit me up if you want a better opinion LOL
#mradamman12 we have so many memories together. we don't talk anymore but we will be friends for life on tengaged. you have new friends now so yea
#Haileyyy you seem nice, now smile cuz i asked you too. keep smiling its good for you! :)
#koolness234 you are awesome stay how you are and keep slaying with fiora
#kewlguy789isback i stabbed you in fastings and in a group game yup deal with it. that was like 2 years ago? i don't hate you and you hate me which i dont care sorry.
Davey no idea who you are. i'm new school sorry
Carsonl never talked to..


Big Brother Random.org Results!

1 rodrigueseve, Jul 29, 2016

Week 1:
HoH: #Arris
Noms: #turkeylover and #Christian_
PoV: #LoopyCoco1
Used: No
Eliminated: #Christian_ (6-3)
Week 2:
HoH: #tannerandkaleb
Noms: #rory17 and #FloatingToaster
PoV: #Arris
Used: No
Eliminated: #rory17 (4-4, #tannerandkaleb breaked the tie)
Week 3:
HoH: #_m4rw4n
Noms: #Marble and #Danny12
PoV: #LoopyCoco1
Used: No
Eliminated: #Marble (7-0)
Week 4:
HoH: #tannerandkaleb
Noms: #Danny12 and #Arris
PoV: #Danny12
Used: Yes
In: Himself
Replacement Nominee: #BestHeroD
Eliminated: #BestHeroD (4-2)
Week 5:
HoH: #LoopyCoco1
Noms: #Arris and #Danny12
PoV: #Danny12
Used: Yes
In: Himself
Replacement Nominee: #_m4rw4n
Eliminated: #_m4rw4n (3-2)
Week 6:
HoH: #tannerandkaleb
Noms: #LoopyCoco1 and #FloatingToaster
PoV: #turkeylover
Used: No
Eliminated: #FloatingToaster (3-1)
Week 7:
HoH: #RodneyRules1219
Noms: #tannerandkaleb and #turkeylover
PoV: #Arris
Used: Yes
In: #tannerandkaleb
Replacement Nominee:  #LoopyCoco1
Eliminated: #turkeylover (2-1)
Week 8:
HoH: #LoopyCoco1
Noms: #RodneyRules1219 and #Arris
PoV: #RodneyRules1219
Used: Yes
In: Himself
Replacement Nominee: #Danny12
Eliminated: #Arris (2-0)
Week 9:
HoH: #Danny12
Noms: #tannerandkaleb and #LoopyCoco1
PoV: #tannerandkaleb
Used: Yes
In: Himself
Replacement Nominee: #RodneyRules1219
Eliminated: #LoopyCoco1 (1-0)
Week 10:
HoH Part 1: #tannerandkaleb
HoH Part 2: #Rodney1219
HoH Part 3 Winner and Final HoH: #tannerandkaleb
Noms: #Danny12 and #RodneyRules1219
Eliminated: #RodneyRules1219 (1-0)
Finalists: #Danny12 and #tannerandkaleb
And the winer by a vote of 8-1 is...
Congratulations, u are the winner of Rodrigos Random.org Big Brother
1st- tannerandkaleb
2nd- Danny12
3rd- RodneyRules1219
4th- LoopyCoco1
5th- Arris
6th- turkeylover
7th- FloatingToaster
8th- _m4rw4n
9th- BestHeroD
10th- Marble
11th- rory17
12th- Christian_
Potential All Stars:
tannerandkaleb for the good game he played
Arris and LoopyCoco1 for the nominations they survived and comps they won
Danny12 for winning PoV just when he needed it
FloatingToaster for being a good floater


For every 25 points

36 Ashleybabyx3, Jul 20, 2016

I'll tag a tengager I would fuck. Copying #arris
25 - #pegasus1234
50 - etienne
75 - billions
100 - robozoe
125 - yunoloveme
150 - gaiaphagee
175 - jenzie
200 - saraj10
225 - patrick319
250 - lindb
275 - arris
300 - nmh95
325 - Lucinda
350 - Bengalboy
375 - jonob
400 - maxi1234
425 - samhuss
450 - shonaynay
475 - gigi10
500 - gabriel24
525 - tharealmike
550 - jacksonjoseph99
575 - bigbrotherlover7
600 - mickjagger
625 - mtman
650 - ianfitz0012
675 - qwert2
700 - simpizzle
725 - jouix
750 - alaskanfiredragon
775 - vanili


Random.org Stars Day 2

6 ghrocky100, May 28, 2016

arris was evicted by 71.4%
1. levvy
2. pmmguy
3. mchappy
4. notnicky333
5. dane_williams
6. #arris (71.4% to vlad21)
7. loopycoco1
8. haliem24
9. rosemulet
10. jourdanbabyxoxo
11. rawr121
12. xx_legend_xx
13. vlad21
14. darbe
15. smoothstalker12
16. cococolin122
Vote to evict for 15th between
You have 4 hours till this poll ends


pyn and ill rank u

8 Imthtawesom, Apr 23, 2016

~i want to suck ur cock and dominate u/be ur lil bitch~
~i hate u and i hope u get shot~



46 Juliann, Apr 16, 2016

After every 3 people that comment I'll tell you which one I would fuck, which one I would marry and which one I would kill =]
Fuck #Arris
Marry #LeiaSkywalker
Kill #Rawr25
Fuck #XxLoveWakizaxX
Marry #Willie_
Fuck DakotaCoons
Marry Guigi
Kill Levonini
Fuck TheEmpress
Marry M7md26
Kill Eva1
Fuck Jadennator1
Marry AlyssaB
Kill Noah_kondon
Fuck Solesurvivor11
Marry AmandaBynes
Kill Pookiie
Fuck Danny12
Marry Skyler1822
Kill s73100
Fuck RasCity
Marry Galaxies
Kill JennaJeffery
Fuck Koolcoop
Marry Minie
Kill Maturo
Fuck Cornelia
Marry Marwane
Kill Booyahhayoob
Fuck Petro
Marry Christossss
Kill Danielleloves2000
Fuck Carlyjordan14
Marry ItsAustin
Kill SuitMan13


Oh plz

2 Arris, Jan 19, 2016

'#Arris 5.3 inches'
my weiner is so much bigger than that


☆Lewis' Birthday Blog (Part2)!☆

19 Oliviaxoxo, Aug 4, 2015

Here is a little scrapbook of of your birthday celebrations Smoothstalker12 and I managed to put together! Hope it’ll bring back those moments in the night that you have completely forgotten!! ;) http://cliptomize.com/Clipbook/View/92390?secret=cm3n87f46r
FINALLY, After K4r4k did her blog, we really loved the idea of asking  some of your close, longest friends questions about you and thought it would be a fun twist so I hope you enjoy! (Thank you Kara for the idea!!)
BBLOVER96~ I met lewis when Calvin added me to wee wee I think
#ARRIS~ My first casting ever :)
TPIDUDE73~ Omgggggggggggg I met Lewis when we were in a thumbs up casting aka the best casting to ever exist :) Everyone thought I was a little naive child, but I was secretly sending dirty messages to Lewis LOL He always responded the same way tho "You shouldn’t be saying that" or "Kara is not into that stuff"
ORLANDO652~ Well I joined a survivor and he wanted to take me out because I sucked at challenges but then I got added to the survivor chat and he started hitting on me and the rest is history :x
WOEISME~ About 2ish years ago in a casting! or when I gave birth to him ;o
MAGGE555550101~ during that casting almost 2 years ago :) Still the best game ever!
IMGONNAWIN~ 8th july 2013
SMOOTHSTALKER12~ We first officially met in a casting, but I like to think that we were made for each other and we have always had each other in our hearts
OLIVIAXOXO~ In my first ever casting game where he was as sweet as ever and helped mentor me on the site :)
TYLER93~ Our first casting, This was my first ever casting game, and you verbally abused me after I asked you what your deal score was! I was new, but you never let me live it down
MATTHOLDER~  We met in a chat. I dont even remmeber what it was called. But we just instantly clicked.
COFFEYBEAN94~ I think in a game or when I joined Affinity but I made a blog about how excited I was that I made a new friend LOL We connected instantly and adored him ever since.
#BBLOVER96~ The best moment me and lewis have shared together is every moment
#ARRIS~ Too many too tell honestly. We can talk bout everything haha
#TPIDUDE73~ IDK my best memory was when I came back after a while and he was the first person to message me :) It was nice to know I left an impression on him :D  Or maybe he wanted me in his basement because he has a crush on me *blushes*
#ORLANDO652~ Well I gotta keep this pg-13 ;) but I really liked going on call with him and keeping him up till like 4 in the morning.
#WOEISME~ The many games we've played together! I've always enjoyed his sarcastic semse of..


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