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TSC 2019 Ranking + Honorable Mentions

9thDec 5, 2019 by Patrick319
Another year of Tengaged Song Contest (TSC) has come and gone, and it's time for my annual TSC ranking! In this blog series I will be posting a ranking of my top 100 favourite songs that were entered to TSC in 2019.

There have been 42 contests hosted this year, of which 39 had entries eligible for my list. I did not rank any of my own entries, nor did I rank entries that wouldn't normally qualify for a regular edition of the contest.

Therefore, songs from the following editions did not qualify for my ranking:
- any songs that bypassed the usual charting rules submitted to TSC 347, the LGBT-themed contest.
- any songs that were performed at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest submitted to TSC 352, the Eurovision-themed contest.
- all songs featured in TSC 356, the 80's vs. 90's themed showdown.
- all songs featured in TSC 372, the contest in which covers of other songs were permitted.
- any songs that bypassed regular rules that were specifically lifted for TSC 376, the edition of the contest that encompassed all previous themes hosted in 2019.
- all songs featured in TSC 380, the second chance edition of the contest in which old songs that hadn't originally placed in the top 10 were given a second chance.

I shortlisted a total of 246 songs, ten more songs than I had shortlisted in 2018. I sifted through my shortlist carefully, and eventually narrowed down to 100 songs which will be included in this blog series.

Here is a list of how many songs each user had featured in my INITIAL shortlist of 246 songs:

19        Fritzyyyyy
18        CharlieBibi
17        QueenMichelle
15        ricktworick1
14        Eoin
13        Alexeh23
12        Alexito, Insanity
11        rodrigueseve, Talian
10        Catch_a_falling_star, ianfitz0012
9        AlanDuncan
7        TolisKalkas
6        adeleadele, DanielKennedy111, ryan5676
5        Aquamarine, Darbe, PrincessTeePee
4        PennyTrationStan, PoohSnap
3        dragotistic, hellocat, LornaHollas, TheGoodMan
2        bibbles, IceBeast, MISSimogen
1        Arris, DallasAndrew, LiukBB, MvrshmallowCat, Natepresnell, onemanarmy, Saftronbtr999, Tepr, Zurks

If you've been tagged then that means you have *at least* one song featured in my top 100. Congratulations!

I will feature some honorable mentions that did not qualify for my ranking for the reasons specified above.


XX. Britney Spears - Break The Ice // Sent by #Arris
TSC 347 - 1st place, 121 points (12 points given)

This was one of the cheapest wins of the year, but totally well deserved in my book. Not only is Britney one of my favourite artists, but Break The Ice is one of my favourite songs in general. This song felt ahead of its time. It sounds extremely contemporary, and I love the dark disco vibes. I love the vibe of Blackout in general, and Break The Ice completely encompasses Britney's sound from that era.

XX. Tamta - Replay // Sent by #Eoin
TSC 352 - 11th place, 72 points (3 points given)

It's only fitting to include Replay as an honorable mention considering the fact it's my most played song of 2019, according to Spotify. Replay aged like fine wine. I definitely found myself listening to it a lot over the summer. It was never an immediate skip, unlike some other Eurovision songs. Replay is one of those songs that actually gets catchier the more I listen to it. It wasn't one of my top favourites during this years Eurovision, but is easily one of the most memorable tracks following the contest.

XX. La Bouche - Be My Lover // Sent by #Fritzyyyyy
TSC 356 - 14th place, 64 points (12 points given)

Be My Lover is Eurodance perfection. I wouldn't say it's my favourite song from the genre (because Mr. Vain exists), but it's definitely among my most played. It's catchy, infectious, and full of life. The fact that it only qualified to the final that week as a wildcard blows my mind. La Bouche deserves some appreciation hence why I had to include Be My Lover as an honorable mention.

XX. ATC - Around The World (La La La) // Sent by #Fritzyyyyy
TSC 372 - 4th place, 116 points (12 points given)

I was tempted to link the R3HAB mix of this song because that was among my most played songs of the year, but I have to show some respect to the original (cover). I legitimately did not realize that All Around The World was even a cover, so that week was a learning experience. There is clearly an apparent Eurodance theme to my honorable mentions with both All Around The World and Be My Lover being featured. That's the kind of mood I was in this year, and my love for the genre won't be going away anytime soon.

Over the next few days/weeks I will slowly be posting my full ranking, featuring four songs per update. There will be a total of 25 blogs in this blog series. Good luck to all!


love this !!
Sent by 77sparks77,Dec 5, 2019
Replay really is that bitch
Sent by Alexeh23,Dec 5, 2019
I love how much thought you put into it!
Sent by Zurks,Dec 5, 2019
King of Honorable Mentions.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Dec 5, 2019
Oh 6 yas!
Sent by adeleadele,Dec 5, 2019

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