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Post what you think I'll get in Stars

24 tyboy618, Nov 1, 2015

And I'll post what I think you'll get :)
brandonpinzu - 4th cuz I'm evil
maturo - 16th (come on, let's be real Joe. I think you're cool now but like, yeah.)
shabootyquiqui3 - 9th
MrOrange890 - 5th
Alaskanfiredragon - 13th
Maxi1234 - 2nd, by .1%
FighterMan - 2nd
alanb1 - 14th :^)
mathboy9 - 15th cuz u DIDN'T FOLLOW MY DIRECTIONS HUN
JasonXtreme - 5th
C_Shizz96 - 3rd
Brandt69 - 2nd
Willie_ - 1st
JetsRock12 - 8th
bamold1999 - 15th cuz u DIDN'T FOLLOW MY DIRECTIONS HUN get it #Irelia
EliOrtiz1234 - 6th
TotalDramaLover1234 - 10th
Thegamingdragon - 12th
neathery - 8th
GoodAllan - 3rd

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