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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is CharlieBibi

KIK: Ferny.103 < 333

Michelle Visage for Celebrity Big Brother 2015 < 3

Gif Everyone needs to see --- thx donaam for this gem

Me: Felix are you going to mutiny if Ethan000 is on your tribe?
Me: Felix are you going to suck KidA's dick in LL?

I joke ofc.
No matter what those shit stirrers say, YOU are here, and they AREN'T.... again, in the case of two of you.

It's great that people have fun! I have it too, since the time God healed me of homosexuality. Past was gloomy, true life is awesome.
And all this fun thanks to Jesus and people who, by following Him, ensured that we are free!

This isn't even about Patrick anymore. Felix, I feel sorry for your trailer trash mother for having to put up with you. She gave you a twin size bed and ramen noodles for dinner every night, yet you still turned out to be an asshole. The reason so many people leave this site is scum like you come here to make their lives hell until they become emotional and leave.

--- TSC WINS ---
TSC 221 - Helly Luv 'Revolution'

NJ's Survivor: Cuba - Fans vs Favorites, WINNER (1/20, 5 (4)-4-1 vote)
TTRS: The Challenge - Free Agents. WINNER (1/15)
Suitman's Survivor: Jan Mayen, RUNNER-UP (3/7 votes to win)
Suitman's Survivor: Allies vs Adversaries, RUNNER-UP (2/7 votes to win)
Leli's Survivor: The Azores, RUNNER-UP (2/7 votes to win)
Cmack's Survivor: Cuba, RUNNER-UP (2/7 votes to win)
Link's Survivor: Tocantins, 4TH PLACE (2-2, Lost TB)
KidA's Survivor: Norway, 4TH PLACE (3-1); Player of the Season
Bingo's Survivor: Venezuela, 5TH PLACE (3-2)
Dono's Survivor: The Bermuda Triangle, 6TH PLACE/40 (3-2-1 vote)
Logan's Survivor: Exile Island, 7TH PLACE (4-2 vote)
OhNatalie's Survivor: Costa Rica, 7TH PLACE (5-2 vote)
Winner & Prez's Survivor: Eritra, 9TH PLACE (6-3*)
Bingo's Survivor: Mozambique, 10TH PLACE (6-3-1)
Suitman's Survivor: Last Leap, 12th PLACE/24 (7-4-! vote)

[6:19:54 PM] Patrick: who are brovivors because it sounds awful
[6:20:06 PM] ♛Slutzilla!~: Cole, Rhys, Newz, Derek, Wyatt, Fowler, ethan, Joe, Mickle

[13:44:16] Ethan000: lol research means nothing
[00:55:51] Patrick: ethan I would bang you too but I would bang you so hard in the head that you get brain damage and
cant speak again

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