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Hello, my name is R(yan)atcole

Group Game History:
Burger Big Brother Burnt Buns: WINNER/15
BENLINUS Survivor Canaima: WINNER/16
Suitmans Flop Nation Cutthroat: Red Team WINNERS/24
Big Brother Erotica 2 Swingers: WINNER/16
BBUN 12 Highstakes: WINNER/18 (Most Improved Veteran)
M&N's Survivor Ethiopia: WINNER/16 (Villain of the Season)
NJ's Survivor Eleventh Hour: WINNER/24
Kara's Survivor Africa: WINNER/16 (Villain of the Season)
Devon's Survivor Indonesia(Skype Long Term): WINNER/16
Zach's Survivor Aral Sea: WINNER/14
BBUN 15 GameChangers: RUNNERUP/18
Will’s Survivor Japan: RUNNERUP/19 (Villain of the Season)
The Power Struggle FvFvFvF: RUNNERUP/20 (Villain of the Season)
Big Ben's Survivor Macedonia: RUNNERUP/18
Libanz Big Brother 10 Newbies vs. Vets(Newbie): RUNNERUP/18
Kyledd's Big Brother Diamonds Reboot: RUNNERUP/15
Cutthroat Survivor Anambas: SECOND-RUNNERUP/16 (Villain of the Season)
Cutthroat Survivor Spring Break: SECOND-RUNNERUP/16
NJ's Big Brother 2: 3/12
JAR Big Brother 4 The Ancient Artifact: 3/14
Big Ben’s Survivor Vanuatu - Viewer's Choice: 4/18 (Player of the Season, Villain of the Season)
Joey’s Big Brother 4 Dynamic Duos: 4/16
Suitmans Big Brother 8 Blood vs. Water: 4/16
Suitman's Big Brother 6: 5/16
SFCB Tree of Temptation Big Brother: 5/16
Purple’s Survivor El Mirador: 6/16
Julian's Survivor Tuvulu: 6/18 (Villain of the Season, Player of the Season)
Big Ben's Survivor Bali- Hosts vs. Almosts(Almost): 6/18
Turney Time Big Brother 12-This Or That: 6/16 (Player of the Season)
Ryan's Survivor Iceland: 9/16
NJ's Survivor Sri Lanka: 11/18
Julian’s Survivor Archaetype Royale: 14/24 (Best Pre-Merger)
BBUN Season 7: 14/18
BBUN Season 8 Newbies vs. Vets: 16/18 (Most Robbed)
M&N’s Survivor Madagascar HvV: 18/28 (Best Pre-Merger)

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10 Aug, 19
8 Aug, 19
3 Aug, 19
3 Aug, 19
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1 Aug, 19
29 Jul, 19

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  1. It is that time once again
  2. Never understood people being “unbothered”
  3. Hi
  4. Have they show the jury house
  5. You’re all assholes
  6. Anyone wanna chat on Skype?
  7. I actually made f2 in frooks
  8. As long as Christie is safe
  9. I really don’t understand the Christie hate lol
  10. Someone please tell me
  11. I’m bored
  12. Do I play a group game again?
  13. Two most underrated BB winners
  14. Me always making Marie do frooks
  15. If you still stressing over tengaged drama
  16. Yo
  17. Swapped Bj’s for the first time in months..
  18. Did I really just let
  19. I am officially deucing out of this 17th
  20. This season has the potential


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