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Hello, my name is R(yan)atcole

Group Game History:
Burger Big Brother Burnt Buns: WINNER/15
BENLINUS Survivor Canaima: WINNER/16
Suitmans Flop Nation Cutthroat: Red Team WINNERS/24
Big Brother Erotica 2 Swingers: WINNER/16
BBUN 12 Highstakes: WINNER/18 (Most Improved Veteran)
M&N's Survivor Ethiopia: WINNER/16 (Villain of the Season)
NJ's Survivor Eleventh Hour: WINNER/24
Kara's Survivor Africa: WINNER/16 (Villain of the Season)
Devon's Survivor Indonesia(Skype Long Term): WINNER/16
Zach's Survivor Aral Sea: WINNER/14
Will’s Survivor Japan: RUNNERUP/19 (Villain of the Season)
The Power Struggle FvFvFvF: RUNNERUP/20 (Villain of the Season)
Big Ben's Survivor Macedonia: RUNNERUP/18
Libanz Big Brother 10 Newbies vs. Vets(Newbie): RUNNERUP/18
Kyledd's Big Brother Diamonds Reboot: RUNNERUP/15
Cutthroat Survivor Anambas: SECOND-RUNNERUP/16 (Villain of the Season)
Cutthroat Survivor Spring Break: SECOND-RUNNERUP/16
NJ's Big Brother 2: 3/12
JAR Big Brother 4 The Ancient Artifact: 3/14
Big Ben’s Survivor Vanuatu - Viewer's Choice: 4/18 (Player of the Season, Villain of the Season)
Joey’s Big Brother 4 Dynamic Duos: 4/16
Suitmans Big Brother 8 Blood vs. Water: 4/16
Suitman's Big Brother 6: 5/16
SFCB Tree of Temptation Big Brother: 5/16
Purple’s Survivor El Mirador: 6/16
Julian's Survivor Tuvulu: 6/18 (Villain of the Season, Player of the Season)
Big Ben's Survivor Bali- Hosts vs. Almosts(Almost): 6/18
Turney Time Big Brother 12-This Or That: 6/16 (Player of the Season)
Ryan's Survivor Iceland: 9/16
NJ's Survivor Sri Lanka: 11/18
Julian’s Survivor Archaetype Royale: 14/24 (Best Pre-Merger)
BBUN Season 7: 14/18
BBUN Season 8 Newbies vs. Vets: 16/18 (Most Robbed)
M&N’s Survivor Madagascar HvV: 18/28 (Best Pre-Merger)

My Games 262 games played

19 Jun, 19
14 Jun, 19
10 Jun, 19
2 Jun, 19
1 Jun, 19
1 Jun, 19
27 May, 19

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  1. Why do most people stay on the site anymore vote
  2. Did I really just let vote
  3. I am officially deucing out of this 17th
  4. This season has the potential
  5. U all pansies
  6. Anyone want a gift 14th
  7. Hellloooo
  8. Taylor Swift 6th
  9. Imagine saying I’m obsessed with someone13th
  10. The Barn supports
  11. Imagine blogging talking shit
  12. Love being called a dirty pervert
  13. I will PAY someone 8th
  14. I am shook6th
  15. One sided friendships are the worst 14th
  16. The Barn is a Bully
  17. What’s up party people!
  18. Guess my %
  19. Hey y’all
  20. Can’t fall back asleep now

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