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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is PAMP LOVER <3

P.S. I love you all
P.P.S. Except Jimbo


On 3/31/16, at 4:29 PM, Andrew [Donaamanda] wrote:
> Austin, you weren’t here for most of the day and are racist sometimes…

On 5/19/15, at 11:38 PM, Donaamanda wrote:
> They are really thin
> I suppose I am thin too
> I’m potato chips

[2/25/16, 4:13:55 PM] Andrew [Donaamanda]: Me: give me a halloween porn aesthetic
[2/25/16, 10:12:53 PM] *Austin MooMoo / SugarQbes*: ill fill ur butthole
[2/25/16, 10:12:57 PM] *Austin MooMoo / SugarQbes*: beautiful pumpkin
Me: perfect

Me: I'm trying to paste something in the chat but it just keeps posting the number 9!!! Is my keyboard broken?
Austin: did you copy the number 9?


Fritzyyyyy 1 hour 9 min ago
I'm here to witness the undeniable sexual chemistry between LittleMix and PaulaDeen, but most importantly, HERE FOR CRISTHIAN.

TolisKalkas: if austin could get his foot even more than 1 foot off the ground then i'd say he'd be able to maybe kick me but he can't


On 6/4/14, at 4:42 AM, Armen wrote:
> fuck

sportsgeek12 0 min ago
I'd rather be fat than gay, at least my family accepts me for who I am

sportsgeek12 0 min ago
Why do gay people always have to ruin everything?

Are you negging me Paula….
Feb 26, 2022 by Times_Places

SuperToday at 3:25 AM
and i was like the people in this trailer park are gonna steal my car, so i folded it up and stored it under the trailer

gray: jealousy is a killer in this industry
me: you put the TRY in industry
@gothiczebra: and you put the DUST in industry

Fritzyyyyy 6 min ago
Such an amputease!
+1 pointsFritzyyyyy 6 min ago
But also kinda hot. Glamputee.

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