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Hello, my name is Zach

Hey my name is Zach

Well you already know your one of my best friends on this site. I tell you all the time how I think your one of the nicest people I've ever met, so I guess me telling you again just reinforces it. Martin Luther King once said "You can never change darkness with darkness, you can only change it with light." You've actually served as like a role model for me to try and not be so personal at people and see the light or something good in everyone. You always stick up for me which is amazing as I would do the same for you, though no one ever writes shit about you cause everyone loves you lol, but keep being you! And please don't quit again lol. <3

Kob3sm1th finally got out of his toliet and stopped cybering people on th eintrnet. Instead he moved on to masturbating to things on the intrnet. Disgusting right? He calls it "studying biology" xD He was last seen on the cover of covergirl with a vry cute pic because he is not ugly=] Last time the news cast and i checked in with him he was making fun of pat, and calling out the slaves, saying they are all fake, and pat is the fakest one of them all=] Zach finds his happiness by insulting pat irl xDDDDDDDDDDDDD (hug)

Man I like your personality too much, because your just a normal guy and sometimes you need that. I was hoping we could reconnect cause you are a cool guy to talk to :")

Probably the most level headed person on this site...
Kob3sm1th, We have always been friends, but it wasn't like any type of close friendship, just mutual with each other. We talked a little bit tonight, and everyone should get the chance to know him, he's a good kid. Who has a good head on his shoulders. Plus he played baseball and I played baseball so that is an automatic A+ in my book. I look forward to talking to you more.

Highest rank: 131st(3/2/12)

stars 98: 8th. went unnommed until 8th (lost to ronron *proudly*)
Stars 117: 5th. nommed twice
first time up: beat bigupboy
second time up: lost to tofutime

Slaves <3 RIP
Nanas <3



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