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im so sweaty May 17, 2019
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I need to address May 17, 2019
a couple fake ass scammers...because... they seem to not to want to respond to me. they want to act like i dont exist. they wanna act like "oh i- i don't know- i dont know who this person is. wh- i never talked to this person" like... no... if you aint going to address me privately, i'm going to address you publicly. first scammer, scammer number one: eyoomarcus. where the fuck is my dj sona skin? you promised me a skin. you promised me a cheap skin from league of legend - for league of legends, because i helped you stay alive in hunger or whatever. okay. that was one thing. and then i won 10 dollars for the 10 dollar frookies you hosted. and i was like, can i sacrifice that 10 dollars and you get the dj sona skin for me? and you were like 'oh yeah sure. next friday"- friday roles a- bu- which- by the way wasnt originally friday, you just postponed the hell out of it until friday. and friday roles around. marco? marcus? eyoo? eyoomarcus? i'm hitting your pms. you dont respond? you dont respond. and its the wednesday after last friday. Where is my fucking DJ sona skin bitch?! And i know youre ignoring me because you literally are on tengaged 24/7, or basically whenever youre not working at cumberland farms which you say makes such good money. okay. if you make such good money at cumberland farms, where is it? i want to see your tax returns! because i want my fucking dj sona skin RIGHT NOW! i want it right now or i want you to admit that you lied and that you dont have the money. and dont sit there and make a top blog like "i scammed this bitch! i scammed this bitch! oh! let me post a fricking elsa gif" like... no... you didn't scam me, you just didn't have the money that you said you had. And now that you still don't have the money you're like " oh well i'm- i'm just gonna ignore this person. I'm just gonna pretend like they don't exist. " No... No... If you can't give me a DJ sona skin because you're barely scraping by with your light bill, just be honest about it. Admit youre a liar. okay? second of all, second scammer: maxi1234. you promised a cock picture if i plussed your design. and I didn't believe it at first. cuz i was like... mm this is probably just a joke. they probably are just joking. but i commented on your blog to verify, and you said "yes. i will send you a picture of my penis." and i was like "Okay!" and i plussed 11 both of your designs. WHERES THE PICTURE? CUZ YOU KNOW I PLUSSED IT! and i said that i plussed it. so where's the picture? "oh well... i- i dont know... i dont know you...i'm... i'm just gonna act like... i'm just gonna act like you're not..." NO! Give me what I'm owed! both of you! give me what i'm owed... and while im at it, Marcus, get off my account! thank you! acting like "uh... i can still get on your account if i want to." Bitch, I don't care! get off of it! and if you get on it again i'll just make another account and you can have that one if that's what you want! since you think you own shit! since you think i'm your like little "ohhh i can get zuelke to do whatever if i promise him money..." NO! Give me my DJ sona skin! and Maxi, give me your cock! thank you! thank you! give me what I'm owed. This is America. You pay for things and then you get what you pay for... not.. not like snake, oi- like no! this is not, this is not fricking shamwow. this is not that freaking teavana, true tea- i dont even know what that was. that weight loss tea that people were, like, subscribing to on-... basically stop scamming me snake oil people... okay... thank you.
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Casually listening to an old country song May 17, 2019
and im like damn this is pretty good
then i hear the line "working like a n***** for my room and board"
like... excuse me 1960s country? you can't just say that
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No title May 17, 2019
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FIRE May 16, 2019
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hey May 14, 2019
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