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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Clowington

Hi, my name is Alex! I regret putting numbers in my username!



Check my blog: http://#teambeckybb17

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9 Apr, 21
5 Apr, 21
1 Apr, 21
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  1. ranking my mario kart tour drivers
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  15. my hunch was correct
  16. isn't it weird
  17. would you guys watch
  19. would anyone else
  20. post your name

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  13. Kiara_xoxo said: ..Ok I do love a nutty brownie @alexclow345..
  14. Trust said: ..You had more keys than me hun, it's not my fault you barely score over the starting 100 points in every challenge. @alexclow345..
  15. donaam said: ..@alexclow345 I told him not to blog about me so he picked you!..
  16. PaulaDeen said: ..when youre waiting..
  17. smi9127 said: ..@alexclow345 tea on voltaggio tho ..

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