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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Becksta20

The lovely things people have said about me on this site...

75937563748 (Callum) - Becksta20 is a true ray of sunshine and I'm so glad to have met her on this website. She is a lovely, warm incredibly positive person and never ceases to amaze me with the kindness she consistently shows to everyone. I think it's incredible how she is able to give so much to everyone here while being a successful parent and professional. She's a real inspiration! 😊

Lemonface (Becca)- a short and sweet description of you would be BREATH OF FRESH AIR. you are such a genuinely nice person it HURTS ME... you are a great example of someone who can just enjoy this site in a care-free drama-free way and i think everyone (myself included) could take a few notes from you! even though sometimes drama is fun hehe. i'm glad to have met you and hope we can catch up in another game soon! also if you need any true crime podcast recommendations hit me up!!!

tennisplayer963(Tim) - ah! I’ve enjoyed connecting with you since coming back to the site. You’re always so encouraging and positive and pleasant and I love that about you.

Stolen from Kelly2722

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1989 💙

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