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Tengaged WAP

This is a group of women who are here to help the users of Tengaged to fight against pedophilia.

Pedophilia is a very prominent issue at and WAP is here to take action to help protect this community from these predators.  Your fears about predatory behavior are valid. Most predators act on their impulses by manipulating and gradually desensitizing you to inappropriate behavior. A small flirtation can escalate into a situation that you did not see coming and are not equipped to deescalate.  This happens because a person is manipulated by a friend or acquaintance they have grown to trust.  Often times, these predators remain anonymous due to fear that can accompany the steps to reporting them. Victim shaming, attacks against the victim because the predator is “popular” are specific reasons for this not being reported. WAP will make every effort to keep the victims that come to us and wish to remain anonymous.  WAP will take action against this predator.  We will contact the site owner as well as necessary law enforcement agencies.  Your report will stay anonymous unless you choose yourself to share with the community.  The women that are a part of this group have been in this community for a long time, you know us (though you may not like us) and we are Mothers & Women that would do everything in our power to protect our children and the children that have fallen prey to these predators.

There are steps you can take to help protect yourself, although these are not always adequate, these are ways you can prevent yourself from being in a situation like this:

Skype & other online chats: Predators find a way to connect with you 1 on 1. Be very careful in conversations. Never give your personal information out, including your last name. No one that you do not know IRL needs this information. Casual conversation can turn into information that you did not intend to give.  Places you are visiting, school mascots, grocery stores, restaurants can all lead to this person finding your location and it can become a very serious situation.  You may feel comfortable talking to someone you have become friends with, but if you feel that they are getting too personal, or pushing for information, ALWAYS trust your gut. You don’t have to give anyone any information and if they make you feel differently, your best option is to block them and move along. 

Online Game Communities such as tengaged are a huge target for predators.  Many teenagers use free time to play games online and it is very easy for a person to fake their identity, as we have seen over and over.  Using a photo that you have also used on a  personal social media, like facebook, on these game sites can be a source for predators.  Reverse image search will tell them your personal information that you have shared on your social media.  If you plan to post photos of yourself on these game communities, always be sure your social media pages are set up for privacy.  Location should NEVER be public, schools should not be listed, and places you have visited should also be kept private.  Photos taken in front of your school sign or photos in a school jersey or extra-curricular shirt can also be a means of locating you. Conversations about a game or competition, where you work, where you like to eat, shop, or a local movie theatre can all lead to this predator locating you.

We understand that you should have freedom to share your life with your online friends, however in this virtual world, you really never know who is on the other side of the screen. While these steps can help to protect you, they are not always adequate and these predators may find a way to get around them.  If you feel you are in danger or you have been a victim of pedophilia, please contact a member of WAP so that we can take action to stop this from happening to anyone else. 

If you are able to contact law enforcement, please follow these links and report all predatory activity ASAP

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