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Hello, my name is Ika Wong Don't cross me

i'm TOO iconic

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ronnie336 (the best person on this website) 9/23/17
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Group Games (that I was active in) (as of 9/1/17):
Luca's BB Season 1 - 1/12 and Best Player Award Receiver
Julian's Survivor: Tuvalu - 1/18
Big Brother - Power App - 2/18
MrRobzilla's Big Brother Season 1 - 2/14
Cutthroat Survivor: Cordillera Blanca - 3/16
J&J's Survivor: Principe Island - 5/18
Julian’s Survivor: Archetype Royale - 8/24,f_auto,fl_strip_profile.lossy,q_auto:420/v1454535194/kim-kardashian-family-is-more-important-than-money.gif
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"Crayadian's gotta go
He's a ho"
- ronnie336

joneduardo 0 min ago
Stop java

Jmoney23 1 min ago
3 likes and ill put my lizard in the microwave

michelle: java do u think ur going to final 3 ur not
(I actually made f3)

RyanKing 1 day ago
Java you are a. Bitch

CrystalNight98 -
"you're not a a shitty ass tho xD you're like an ass that knows how to be a decent human being xD"

LiukBB: Oh Java Java, what to say ? Villain of the season and iconic personality. In the beginning I picked you as the winner of the game alongside Karmaron. You won like half of the competions and you run the show from day 1. You were the person that tried the most: your confessionals cracked me up every time. It was a plan after plan after plan. That fight with Acosta still is so iconic that everytime it comes up to my mind I kept laughing harder and harder.
Also you were very nice to me and you were quite a rock in this game. If you weren't here this season would have been totally different. In all honeslty, when you went up vs Chicken I thought like you were going but then you stayed : at that point I understood you could have won _(even though i picked you as winner from day 1). Big big thanks for all the effort you made , all your craziness, and all of your sense of humour you brought to this house.
The winner is yours, the gift is yours and a place in all stars is yours .<3

TheChicken -
"I need to backdoor some people im having withdrawals"

\ Java9044
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