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The Frat - Oliviaxoxo;
Bros, Hoes and everything in between..

~Created 26/6/2017 at 14:11pm (GMT) as a spur of the moment impulsive decision.~

Want a chilled out laid back atmosphere with plenty of banter, jokes and games?...Don't we all

~OIviaxoxo (miss you babe <3)
~Insanity17 <3
Only serious bit of the frat here; some guidelines...

-Star everyone, be kind to everyone and be yourself!
-If you know an aspirant then just post on the wall or mail
-Aspirants feel free to MAIL ANY OF US!
-A daily joke is mandatory from all members

Stars seat game....

If youre unaware how it works just ask! Ideally give everyone a chance to have a go but no worries if you end up having multiple guesses; just comment what you guessed on the wall!

If we are lucky enough to win then we can either decide amongst ourselves with polls or let Tengaged decide!

Stars seat 1 (15/9/17) = Ronnie336 *8th*

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Public Comments

  1. PoohSnaphey, just left party tutors bc not many were active but this seems like a similar frat that i'd love to join!!!
  2. JamieSayQuaxHey Looking for a good frat and recognize some of yall and think highly of said people it would be a distinct pleasure to be a member of "The Frat" Frat
  3. countrysavagecould yall star me in , ill be damn loyal to the frat, please and ty! I'm always online :D
  4. JiveHi. I would like to have you as my cast! Applications are now open for Survivor Season 2! I would be glad if you join Follow the link to apply:
  5. lionsden121The Frat of all frats stealing my idol how dare they. They passed it off to one of the members, ugh you and me got a lot of searhing to do.
  6. hyperdude13Good Vibes Only <3
  7. countrysavageHey I promise to be loyal and stand our ground as a frat, i got you 1000% I need a frat to welcome me with open arms, xoxoxo I would love to join!
  8. YellowpenguinHi! I think i used to be in this frat but i took a break from tengaged. Star me if you can :)
  9. SharonMaItemsHope I can get starred in <3
  10. zakisaboss1 more star <3
  11. mminervini219looking for a frat. i guess The Frat is a frat right?
  12. patricenka9Is there anyway I could be starred in? :(
  13. patricenka9Could you star me in? I have been in many frats but they were either dead, cancelled or just not fun and really mean, I want a frat that is laid back, chill and a frat that I can call a "Tengaged Family" <3
  14. EmberMoonIf anyone 16+ needs a job these companies are hiring part time and temp jobs only but good pay so check it out!
  15. oreo270miss you guys, hope all is well for you <3

President of The Frat

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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