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The Frat - Oliviaxoxo;
Bros, Hoes and everything in between..

~Created 26/6/2017 at 14:11pm (GMT) as a spur of the moment impulsive decision.~

Want a chilled out laid back atmosphere with plenty of banter, jokes and games?...Don't we all

~OIviaxoxo (miss you babe <3)
~FloatingToaster (what a name!)
~Insanity17 <3
Only serious bit of the frat here; some guidelines...

-Star everyone, be kind to everyone and be yourself!
-If you know an aspirant then just post on the wall or mail
-Aspirants feel free to MAIL ANY OF US!
-A daily joke is mandatory from all members

Stars seat game....

If youre unaware how it works just ask! Ideally give everyone a chance to have a go but no worries if you end up having multiple guesses; just comment what you guessed on the wall!

If we are lucky enough to win then we can either decide amongst ourselves with polls or let Tengaged decide!

Stars seat 1 (15/9/17) = Ronnie336 *8th*

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  1. Carvalho :)) if you want to :))
  2. Oliviaxoxodo the cookies have chocolate chips in them?? wow forest teasing about wanting to join and not giving us the ability to star
  3. Forest_KnightI forgot lmao
  4. woeismeYou actually have to click JOIN first
  5. Forest_KnightMy old frat sucked :( Can I join this one?
  6. woeismeI come with cookies
  7. Dmpwb45Hey you there! Are you any good at group games? If you are, you could win $50 Cash prize or tengaged gift
  8. JasonXtremeHeyo
  10. Yoshitomi馃檵馃徑 Hellooo
  11. Oliviaxoxofeel free to mail us would be easier :)
  12. HarleyStar me in please!!!!!!
  13. Styxxehey :p
  14. ChubbyHuggs1 more!
  15. ChubbyHuggsPlease star me in!!!

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2 christossss, Jan 17, 2018

when @Luikbb said he is glad immigrants from syria drown cause the others go to italy and steal jobs...
Glad to see he still has friends
@Eurobros eliotwhi vlad21 darbe marwane Juliann


Who is gonna win?

4 SmoothStalker12, Jan 17, 2018

Vikings or Eagles?



1 Music, Jan 17, 2018


Me Billy and Eliot

5 christossss, Jan 17, 2018

creating Unnecessary drama to trigger the tengay community
rocker917 eliotwhi (you missed out)


Im bamboozled

9 christossss, Jan 17, 2018

when people like etienne who literally hasn't blogged anything other than the fact that he wants dick for the past two years are SHOCKED and ATTACKED when dav_o_79 , the most savage motherfucker in this bitch, calls them out for being a crackhead

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Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 4

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