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''and when I'm gone, just carry on, don't mourn; rejoice every time, you hear the sound of my voice. just know that, I'm looking down on you smiling. and I didn't feel a thing, so baby don't feel no pain; just smile back.'' -Eminem ♡☆

#Acyvia ♡ cos it sounds like a sieve init

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Mexus 1 min ago
olivia u deserved final 3 tbh you played a heck of a game.

Jul 23, 2015 08:00:21
thank you! and thanks for always being here for me to speak to making me smile thinking about you for being nice, ALWAYS making me laugh like your blogs kill me!! you are the nutter everyone needs ♥ :)

[22:47:40] Johnny (LordJza): I lost IQ from reading Olivia's post

Oliviaxoxo Liv I love you, I am so glad you became active again. We represent the girl population in the frat and I love just getting to talk to you. I love that you watch Grey’s, you need to catch up though so I have someone to talk to about the show. If I ever end up back over by you I want to meet up with you, I feel like we would have so much fun together. Oh and you are really pretty - OreoBiscuits

Oliviaaa!! You are like so sweet with people and always see the good in everyone, it remind me sometimes to not be so judgemental/negative towards people and to be a nicer person just like you :$ You really need to keep this attitude even if the world is really far from being positive sometimes !
I wanted to say few things also about you because I feel I could have help you more on survivor than I did or at least invite you on the tribe chat we had with the others, so I kinda wanted to apology to you :c
Love you olivita! -Styxxe

No title
I think of you as like a thumper 2.0 everyone loves you and I can see why you seem like a really nice girl. We havent spoke much but people like you are a pleasure you have on this site <3

Jul 7, 2016 15:23:57
YOU NUTTERRR <33333333333 love you loads and loads hope u had an amazinf day i love u to bits and bobbies!! <333 ur legit my sister we have so much in common you mean so much towards me, i look up to you in so many wyas ur amazing!! ur one of the MOST funniest humans on this planet i love ur sense of humour ur just perfectt!!! love uuuu, sorry this is late had a busy day wit school and athletics but luv uuu x

KBeastW 5 min ago
Confused and weird sounds like the title of Olivia's bio :p

On 25/06/2016, at 14:13, Kent Watson wrote:

useamint 1 min ago
Find the circumference of Olivias donut tits
+4 pointsMusic 2 min ago
the icing on your tits is melting oliviaxoxo

sprtsgy1989 1 min ago
My 3rd place was for oliviaxoxo

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