Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Garrett

*** I'm not on Tengaged as much anymore because of school and being out and about. I do come on to bet so if you spam me, it will be plussed ASAP.

Kik: SomeGarrettKid

8/6/2014 -- Thank you Jinxh for gifting me, it's my first gift! :D Very appreciated c:
4/4/2015 -- Thanks to LewisC for being a bae and pulling through for my second gift - dem eyes! Thanks Lew, I love yew < 3333.
1/7/2016 -- Anon gifter, thank you so much for the dress! <3.
14/14/2016 -- Thank you Jason_2_12 for hosting quickstars & ty tg for voting me for the win! :)

Also, I suck at games so... that's the overall gist of it.

Group Games:
Crunch Season 4: 1st place with Krrais ( )
100 person Big Brother: 2nd place ( )
WannaBeeFriend's Ultimate Stars 3: 26th out of 52. Awarded with best nominations and Diary Room entries as well. ( )
Survivor Maldives: 3rd out of 18th
This game was rigged af but 7th out of 17th
robbed af
& i won another group game that got me the female lips. (quick stars)
Ultimate Stars 11: 2nd out of 25th.
Cmack's Survivor Borneo: 2nd out of 14
Noah's Survivor Russia: 12 (med evac'd) out of 16

My Games 72 games played

23 Mar, 18
17 Nov, 17
6 Nov, 17
3 Nov, 17
3 Nov, 17
28 Oct, 17
28 Oct, 17

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  1. Can someone find me a fucking link to
  2. I just need the AS4 final lip sync
  3. Hi does anybody have links to the Challenge
  4. Who is taking the crown tonight?
  5. Gays... I need y'all to look @
  6. Tell me :30-:34 seconds in isnt
  7. Wait wtf???
  8. It's my 21st todayyyy
  9. Why the fuck does nobody have
  10. Snatch Game
  11. Fuck. I am SO. BORED.
  12. What games are bangin' on steam rn
  13. My professor wants a 4 pg paper
  14. Tf? Jesse from BBCan6 followed me
  15. Okay weird celeb crush but like...
  16. Deadass pyn for
  17. BB...
  18. I bought a body lotion from Lush
  19. *makes Cardi B noises*
  20. which one of y'all is this

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